Love & Perfection Series ~ 3

Part 3. The Releasement of Fear

We have spoken of this many times, over the past few years, Dear Ones:

Love & Perfection Series ~ The Releasement of Fear

The releasement of fear.

For this, Dear Hearts, as mentioned in our last post (The Light Worker’s Creed), is your mission to which you agreed before entering the fantasy.

And how are fears released?

This is an easy question to answer. Fear is released firstly by becoming aware that fear is present.

Some may see this as an easy equation. However, Dear Ones, this is not always the case. No, Dear Hearts; fear does not succumb so easily; no indeed.

What is meant by this, Dear Ones, is that fear is a past master of disguise. Yes indeed, this is true. And why is this? We shall tell you:  This is as we have arranged, Dear Heart.

Did we say releasing fear was to be easy? No we did not.

Our dearest smiles within as she dutifully types the words we relay. Indeed, our dearest knows, from first hand experience, the tricks and subtleties by which fear lives. Oh yes, Dear One, fear lives and breathes, conquers and controls your thoughts.

You think this is not the case? Yes? No? Indeed, dear brave hearts; with further investigation and an open mind you will indeed find this is the case. Fear is the number one energy with which we have imbued man. He is eternally subject to fear; until he isn’t.

Confused? Some are confused, whilst others are not. This is good, Dear Hearts; this is good. Whilst ever confusion reigns there is the possibility of change.

And this is what is needed if fear is to be recognised as the number one energy with which man is imbued.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings

Continue to Part 4 – Maintaining a Lack of Fear

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  1. A fear and present danger … this play on “Clear and present danger” just popped into mind.

    It was a doctrine adopted by the Supreme Court of the United States to determine under what circumstances limits can be placed on First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, or assembly.

    Fear places limits on what we say, write or do. Fear hinders our personal freedom.

    Confusion causes fear, as much as fear causes confusion. Either way, changing sounds like a possible path to ridding oneself of fear.

    1. I love your voice, Resa!
      “Fear places limits on what we say, write or do. Fear hinders our personal freedom.”

      In a sense, it has taken many years for me to ‘publish’ many of the writings The C.C. have given without a little tinge of fear as to the possible consequences; I have baulked at clicking the ‘send’ or ‘publish’ button many a time. Now even this is not a part of my life these days – another victory in a long line of multiple victories; great and small.

      I realise this has been a very personal aspect that relates to me; yet I know there will be many such experiences for each of us that pertain to what we say, write or do. To have the freedom to be myself, more and more, and to accept and envelope myself in my truth, my purpose, my mission; brings that sense of ‘personal freedom’ of which you speak.

      Thank You for your support; I truly admire, honour and respect you, your truth and, may I say with some light heartedness – your immense talents…

  2. Recognising fear and its grasp on us isn’t always easy, I think it can be so pervasive and insidious that is sleeps alongside us without us even realising a lot of the time.
    PS. I nearly fell asleep to your voice, in a good way. You have such a soothing, melodic way of talking. Ever thought of making a relaxation or meditation CD? I think you’d be good at it 🙂
    Caz xx

  3. I agree, Caz; fear is such an insidious companion – yuk!
    (I love your description!)
    Knowing this is the beginning of the end for it!!! 😎

    Caz; during the nineties I taught meditation in my home and made a number of CDs, which I gave to those attending.

    If I’m inspired to, I’ll make another and place it in a post… 🙂

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