Episode 41 – Do Not Look For The Changes, Dear Ones. However, Do Know They Will Be Occurring

Our dearest has had an epiphany. And what epiphany is that? The epiphany our dearest is currently experiencing is the transformation from the ‘work’ of the past number of years to the sense of the rewards to come. We shall explain:

It has been some years that our dearest has been consciously working toward overcoming the negatives carried; those created, and those imposed upon her. Since overcoming many of them she has found her life becoming easier and more pleasurable. None, though, as welcoming as the changes of late.

It seems to our dearest that our Dear Heart of the Negative value, her life partner Keith, has acquired many of the rewards spoken of within our writings. The rewards have been evident to our dearest and our Dear Heart Veronica (the daughter) over the past number of weeks.

We hasten to advise our dearest ones that the changes seen within the behaviours and attitudes of our Light Worker of the Negative (Keith) have been crystallising for a period of a much longer duration than witnessed.

And this is the point of this writing:

You, dear Light Worker of the Positive, may not be cognizant of the changes occurring within your partner of the negative. However, Dear Ones, do know that if you have been following our dearest’s writings, and have been practising the suggestions, you will be having an affect upon those within your circle.

Do not look for the changes. However, do know that they will be occurring. As our dearest can now attest:  Although it may not be openly obvious, changes will be the order of the day. Eventually, the partner of the negative will showcase the changes, bringing many surprises.

Do not, however, count your chickens. As our dearest knows: 

Rome was not built in a day. And neither will you or your partner be.

Many Blessings Dear One. Many Blessings to All

© 2023 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Music Credit: Esther Abrami – No.10 A New Beginning


  1. Charlee: “Sounds like patience is the key. I am good at being patient.”
    Lulu: “Okay but I don’t think we’re talking about how you sit motionless waiting for a mouse to come out from behind the stove, though.”
    Charlee: “Patience is patience, grasshopper.”

    1. Oh wow, Charlee, you sure know a lot about patience… Sitting motionless waiting for a mouse to come out from behind the stove must take a huge helping of patience; for sure!
      Lulu, you and I have got a lot to learn!!!

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