Episode 40 – Emotional Command For The Two

It never ceases to amaze our dearest – the constant flow of change that occurs over the course of an hour, a day, a week. What is comprehended as being a certainty one moment is, at another, a completely different set of values. And this, Dear Ones, is the way of life – a constant flow of change.

We speak of the emotions, Dear Ones. Indeed we do. The emotions hold the key to change. Without emotions we would remain stagnant; yes indeed. It is the emotions that befuddle us, that beguile us, that lead us, eventually, to the truth of a matter.

Indeed, the emotions lead us a merry dance; as the saying goes. However, given time and a desire for truth, the emotions will ultimately, should we allow, bring us to the highest set of values available to us.

Our dearest is somewhat confused by this statement. She has believed the emotions are the cause of great distress; and indeed this can be truth for some. However, the truth of the matter is determined by the script you wrote before entering the fantasy. This, coupled with the personality you chose within the script determines whether or not your character, within your storyline, will have command over the emotions, or not. We will explain:

As a consciousness wanting to enter a fantasy, in particular this fantasy; the Earth Fantasy; you have many choices available to you. Depending upon the experience needed will determine whether or not you will have command over the emotional state. Some do, and some don’t; it being entirely dependent upon the experiences pre-determined by you in conjunction with others who will share experiences with you within the fantasy.

In order to continue we have need of a premise. Let us suppose that your script, or storyline, is to have a happy ending; an ending of, shall we say, success. Should this be the storyline; i.e., to end in success; a narrative of growth is needed. That is to say:

There must be a continual maturing of emotion throughout the experience. Without a constant maturing of the emotional value there could not be a successful outcome.

This, as we have stated, is dependent upon the storyline and the experiences within the script.

Light Workers, for instance, seek constant progress within their storyline. This is a part of the Light Worker’s experience; to mature and gain command over the emotions. We speak in regard all Light Workers; those of the Positive and those of the Negative value.

Our dearest believes the Light Worker of the Positive has an inbuilt desire for advancement in the emotional stakes, and indeed she is correct. However, what our dearest has failed to appreciate is that the Light Worker of the Negative, once overcome, has, at the deepest level of consciousness, a desire for full command over the emotional state of human consciousness – there being very little difference between the two.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones. Once the Light Worker of the Negative has been overcome by their partner of the Positive, comes, amongst many changes, the desire for command over the emotional body.

We shall leave this here for now, dearest.

Many Blessings. Many Blessings to All

© 2023 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Music Credit: Esther Abrami – No.10 A New Beginning


    1. Your examples of happy endings are wonderful…
      Not that I’m wanting a ‘treat’ or, for that matter, a ‘belly rub’.
      However, I can certainly see, from your point of view, Chaplin and Lulu, how absolutely dreamy that would be.
      Purrs and tail wags to you both…
      xoxoxo 🐶 🐾 🐾 😸

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