Hallelujah, Life is Good

I am so happy!

We, Keith and I, are practising dance twice weekly for a couple of hours, plus we will continue to go to our Sunday social, which provides lots of exercise and floor craft. However, as wonderful as this is, it is not the main thrust of this post.

Mid last year I took piano lessons with a teacher living not far from my home; a lovely woman who teaches from the Western method of piano teaching. Soon, though, I experienced ‘carpel tunnel syndrome’; a painful condition that prevented me from continuing.

This quite devastated me. I absolutely loved and thoroughly enjoyed learning the language of music.

Six months later, when I was almost convinced my piano playing days were through, I was inspired to Google YouTube. I typed something akin to – ‘injuries caused by piano playing’ – into the search window.

To say I was shocked would not be overstating my response to the tons of comments from many hundreds, just like me, who had and were experiencing pain. Many, like me, had given away their practice, but not their desire to play.

Reading through the comments I came across a lone voice, a quiet voice that spoke of her experience of finding a teacher who, with many years of experience, spoke about the painful truth that many undergo caused by being asked to play pieces that were well in advance of their capabilities. Like me, they were also spending many hours playing scales and cords before their hands and fingers were strong enough to do so. These practices brought many painful conditions to naïve creatures, such as me.

Interested, I investigated and found some YouTube videos posted by the teacher mentioned. I was elated with the thought that I still may be able to learn, practice and play the instrument I love. I became an on-line member of her video teachings. Today I am, slowly, learning to play the Nikolaev’s Russian School of Music with this wonderful teacher.

And, just like dance, I am enjoying the journey of learning and developing technique that will hold me in good stead for the remainder of my life.

Hallelujah, life is good.



© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Disclaimer: I do appreciate that many do not, nor have not had my experience. I understand that many teachers of the Western method are wonderful practitioners and teach good form throughout; not expecting unrealistic goals for their students. However, this is purely about my experience. One that I am now eagerly engaged within.


    1. It is, Dorothy!
      I can’t help but correspond my love of music, which extends itself into song, piano and dance with your passion of cookery that extends to food excellence, beautiful combinations, flavours of which have, I’m sure, taken years of trial and error, patience and development to achieve.
      How wonderful it is to have such commitments. A lifetime of love, determination and possibly sacrifice that is part and parcel of self achievement.

    1. I’m tickling away, Lulu! ❤️ Not as often as I’d like. But, the healing taking place, plus the holistic technique offered by my new teacher adds enjoyment and, hopefully, greater time having fun and learning this beautiful instrument.
      I am sooooo grateful… 🐶

  1. How wonderful that you will still be able to play the ivory keys, Carolyn! I didn’t realize you played piano in addition to dancing. Your creative spirit is wonderful ❤️

    1. Hahah… Christy, ❤️ I love to sing, play piano and dance – anything to do with music! I’m hoping, one day, to be able to accompany myself singing whilst playing the ivories.. How wonderful that would be!!
      I bought a ‘keyboard’ when I was ill a decade past, but was too ill to play it. I always knew that, during the latter part of my life I would take up piano. Last year I was inspired to purchase a beautiful piano and go to the teacher I mentioned in the post. What a sad time when, after a few months and hours of ‘scales’ (and little else) I found my hands and arms extremely painful. There was nothing for me to do but stop! I was truly devastated. I know that everything happens for a purpose! But, still felt quite sad and sorry for myself… 😩
      Then, back in March, I found that ‘lone voice’ on one of the message boards on YouTube. I couldn’t look for the teacher fast enough. The pain had subsided tremendously and I, once again, felt inspired to continue; particularly with the wonderful Ilinca @ Piano Career Academy. I haven’t looked back.
      I’m just a beginner, Christy. However, I love learning this fabulous instrument, and have the rest of my life to enjoy it… Such fun! 😊
      I do recall your love of ‘movement’… 🙂
      xoxoxo ❤️

    1. ‘Fun’ is the word. Enjoy away! And to think it also helps to keep us fit without even trying.. Hahah…

      Now that’s the type of exercise I like… 💃🕺

    1. Yes, it would have been quite miserable otherwise!
      Music continues to occupy much of my time and enjoyment. I’m surrounded, it would seem, by it in one way or the other. Hahah… I’ll never complain about that, for sure!
      Thank You for your comment; and welcome!

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