Episode 33 – A ‘Hair’ Dilemma

Our dearest has a problem, Dear Ones. And what is the problem our dearest has?

The problem is all about ‘dance’.

You see, Dear Hearts, our dearest is not content to be a ‘social dancer’. No, Dear Ones; our dearest wishes to grace the competition dance floor; yes indeed. And this she will do, in time.

For now there is ‘getting competition fit’; as the saying goes. Along with this there are new routines to create and learn. As if this wasn’t enough, there is work regarding her appearance.

And this, Dear Hearts, has become a serious concern for our dearest; in particular, her hair. Or put another way, the style of hair our dearest wishes to portray on the dance floor.

Our dearest has type 1b hair; mostly straight with waves beginning mid length to the ends. Short hair and very short hair suit our dearest’s face shape, and up-styles enhance her face frame too. Is she to keep her hair short, or allow it to grow? This is her dilemma.

Should we offer advice? Yes indeed we shall.

It is all about convenience, dearest. Which of the two styles is more convenient? In this answer lies the resolution!

Many Blessings, Dearest

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Music Credit:  Rafael Krux – One Step Closer


    1. It is, Dorothy, yes indeed it is.
      I have been cutting and styling my own hair now, on and off (mostly on) for as long as I can remember – probably way back in my twenties. So, keeping it styled this way is the most convenient for me. My dilemma was that, years past, I let it grow for a few years whilst comping, and loved being able to ‘play with it’. But, for me, it meant a lot of work!
      So, short it is!!!

    1. Hahah… Tanya, I would luv, luv, luv to have thick curly hair. I would play with it to my heart’s content, for sure! 💕 However, my medium thick, almost straight hair is easier to manage when it is short to very short. So, convenience wins the day.
      Now, I just have to think about the ‘colour’… Hahah.. Does it ever end when being a woman?
      I hope not – it can be so much fun!

  1. Charlee: “Ooh! These are decisions that Dada never has to make when he dances!”
    Chaplin: “Because he hasn’t got long hair and can’t style it?”
    Charlee: “Well, yes, he would get funny looks if he did that. But I was thinking more along the lines of he never competes, so …”

    1. That’s an image, Charlee and Chaplin, I can’t let go! – Dada with long styled hair prancing onto the comp floor! And you two, plus Lulu, Bean and the whole gang sitting and supporting Dada and Mama from the best seats in the house. What a special event that would be.
      Oh well, it’s not to be. But, it was fun while it lasted…. 💕

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