Back to Work!

We have a tale to tell, Dear Hearts. Our dearest Carolyn and Dear Heart Keith are back to work. ‘Work’ you may say! Yes indeed; work.

You see, Dear Ones, it is our Dear One’s work of dance that we refer.

Work of dance? Yes indeed; work of dance.

Once again, Dear Hearts, we remind you that work comes in all shapes and sizes, means and guises. For one, dance may be a joy and an exhilarating experience. However, to our Dear Hearts, dance is not only a joy and an exhilarating experience, it is also work. For how are our Dear Hearts to find their footing on the dance floor without the accompanying work?

And this is the case, Dear Ones. Our dearest Carolyn and Dear Heart Keith will be working harder than ever as they ‘work’ toward the goal of competition.

They began this work this day, yes indeed. They began the continued journey toward dance excellence once more.

Excellence, we hear you say.

Yes indeed, excellence. They will grace the dance floor, the competition dance floor with grace, elegance and love.

May we all embrace their journey; their journey that is a part of their life plan.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. It is wonderful, Dorothy, and such a surprise too.
      K has worked so hard to regain strength and flexibility after the knee surgery. However, when we attended a dance social last weekend everyone, including me, was absolutely blown away by him. He danced up a storm – a little tentatively in some of the faster paced dances, but so much better than any of us expected. One friend said he’d given her the courage to investigate the surgery for her much needed injured knee!
      He is such a treasure… And dancing with him is something I love to do.

    1. When we first started dancing, back in 2006, I had no idea it would become the love (for both of us) that it has. Keith had balance issues back then and would become dizzy after any turning figure; it took a couple of years before his balance became stable. However, this shows the enormous benefits of dance. Not only the wonderful social interaction and the confidence that improving brings, but also the health benefits too. I couldn’t recommend dance more, especially the ballroom style for couples. 💕 I do hope it is in your future!
      Lovely to welcome you, Tanya; I do enjoy your heartwarming blog! 🤗

    1. Mahalo… 🤗
      Yes, it is wonderful. It seems as though we can now ‘get back into life’…
      It’s been a long pause with ‘Covid’ and Keith’s knee problems. Hopefully now we can enjoy what we love best.. dancing and the social life it brings! 💕

  1. Charlee: “What fun! Congratulations and enjoy your work!”
    Lulu: “Dada agrees that dancing can be work but he also claims to be ‘notoriously lazy’ when it comes to doing it. Given how much everybody at the studio used to like dancing with him, we’re not sure we believe him …”

    1. Charlee, we will definitely enjoy our ‘work’. It’s truly a bit hard thinking of our practice as ‘work’; even though it is. We sure have a lot to remember and new routines to create. But, we’ll have lots of fun doing it, I’m sure! And, once again, we’ll be able to be with our dancing friends, many of whom we’ve both missed enormously. So, fingers crossed that all goes full steam ahead.. 😎
      Lulu, give Dada a little push for me. I know he’ll be being missed at the studio – for sure!

    1. We will… Thank You so much. 🤗
      Today we had a second practice session! Oh boy, we have a lot of ‘work’ to do. But, because we love to dance we really don’t see it as work. Just a means to a great end…

    1. Hahah… The tiger is one of my most favourite animals, Barbara; and I know just what to do.. lol
      In fact, we’ve had two short practice sessions, one Wednesday and one on Thursday (yesterday) this week – K wants to do three! He is super enthusiastic. Just cross your fingers for us that there’s no more covid shutdowns or injuries to stop us.. Hahah.. Full steam ahead.. But… cautiously…

  2. How wonderful that you’re back on the dancefloor, Carolyn! After Keith’s operation and the challenges of COVID, it’s been quite the journey to get there. ENJOY xo

  3. Hi Christy, 🤗
    It has been ‘quite the journey’ as you’ve said. A journey that held little promise a couple of years past. However, here we are eager to practice and looking forward to this adventure!
    So lovely to see you…

  4. This is EXCITING news, Carolyn. You and Keith inspire me with your positive attitude and enthusiasm for living boldly with great expectatio. I’m dancing with you on my side of the world. I will be thinking of you on this amazing adventure.

    1. Hello Rebecca,
      Forgive my late response! We have just returned from the most wonderful comp, which, hopefully, we’ll participate in next year.
      I am still on a little ‘high’ from the mere excellence that was on show; from the youngest littlies of seven and eight to a couple, the male of whom is in his eighties (who, incidentally, flew down from Queensland to be a part of this magnificent event). The first thing she said to me was – “You are well, that is so lovely.” (We became friends all those years past before my illness in 2013.) Dance people are just the best people!
      Continue dancing with me, Rebecca. All going to plan we are in for an exciting ride! 🤗

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