Platypus Reflection

Platypus (A Monotreme)

When up close this magnificent animal looks to be a combination of many animals. Does it not?

Yes indeed it does. And this, Dear Hearts, is the reflection for the Platypus; an Australian.

We emphasise the word ‘Australian’, Dear Ones, as this distinction is very important. Nowhere in the world, other than Australia, is this animal a native. True, this enormously lovable animal can now be found in zoos around the globe. However, Dear Hearts, it is a true Australian.

There are a number of ‘true Australians’, so to speak. But few, if any, have the distinction of bearing many familiar animals within one.

Dare we say, Dear Ones, that this distinction is indicative of the ‘true Australian’. A fanciful mob; a creative; a lover of wearing many guises.

Oh yes, Dear Hearts; do not underestimate the Australian character.

A truer, more versatile mob cannot be found.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Pixabay

Music Credit: Visit


  1. Lulu: “They have platypus here at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park now!”
    Charlee: “Yeah, Mama and Dada went to see them way back before the pandemic. Dada even stood in line for it, and Dada hates line!”
    Java Bean: “What did he say about them?”
    Chaplin: “That they’re a lot smaller than he thought they would be! Of course, when Dada was little, he had a big stuffed platypus that was made of orange felt and had green feet, so maybe he was expecting to see that …”

    1. Chaplin, their tiny size was the first thing that struck me about them all those years past when I was a very young girl seeing them for the first time. Also, their ability to move so quickly under water was amazing! What a treat it was to see them.
      I agree with Dada. Standing in a line to see them is absolutely worth it…

  2. Wonderful and insightful reflection… makes me brain reflect on things I may have heard over the years.

    Tell me, Carolyn, is it true that Australia is a free floating land? As opposed to being a “mountain top” island? If so, how can that be??

    And is it also so, that no major war battles have ever been fought on your land there? Where as both my questions, if true, makes Australia an amazing, unique and perhaps a very sacred land?

    1. Ren, Australia is an island continent. Meaning we are surrounded by seas (water). We are approx. the same size as the USA; really quite large in the scheme of things.

      Yes, that is true, Ren, that no ‘major’ battles have been fought here. Some skirmishes during the second world war with some lives lost. But very little when seen in context with most countries and their inner and outer battles.

      There were, however, major deaths of the indigenous population when the British first settled in the 18th century and into the 19th – a rather ugly part of our history! There is, thank goodness, a healing taking place. One that will probably take some decades (generations) to fully heal. But one that is definitely taking place.

      All of those human errors aside, Australia is certainly a unique land.

    1. I love watching the Kangas as they graze in the paddock across from us. Of course, they are wild and approaching them is at your own risk. Those in zoos, though, are hand reared, generally, and very friendly!
      Yes, they are an unusual animal, seen in the context of world animals. However, Michael, like the platypus, echidna, wombat, etc., they are as normal to me as is grass… Hahah.
      Now, to have ‘deer’ roaming around my home would be quite special. Except for their habit of eating one’s plant life… 🙂

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