Episode 32 – The Adventure of Life as a Human

We are off on another adventure, dearest. Do you want to come along?

Of course, yes, I’m willing and, hopefully, able!

Aha, yes dearest; we are sure that you are most able indeed.

You have surprised me with this suggestion. I’m all ears.

Good dearest, this is good as we are certain you will enjoy the ride.

Well then, off we go.

This adventure dearest will take you to the inner recesses of your mind. It will be a certain mind bending experience that will take all your nerve, all your desire, all your energy should you want to be successful. Are you getting the drift?

I do believe I am, yes. I think you may be referring to the experience of life as a human. Is this so?

We cannot hide from you, dearest. This is our goal, yes.

Well, I am having that experience now. And yes, it has taken all the qualities of which you speak. Nerve, desire, and all my energy has been a prerequisite for the experience.

And much more, dearest; it takes endurance, persistence, a reliable mindset, and grit if the end goal is to be achieved.

I do believe I am achieving the end goal. Only recently, when in quiet reverie, I pondered the state of my life.

And the conclusion, dearest?

I came to the conclusion that were my life’s course be at an end, I would leave the experience happy and content.

By this you mean, dearest?

I mean I do believe I have achieved the goal I set out to achieve. I don’t believe I could have done any better than I have, and I don’t believe I have left any stone unturned, so to speak.

You are pleased with your experience?

Yes, I am. I believe that I have offered to the world the writings I agreed to write. I continue to be willing, more than willing, to do as I agreed to do in being the channel, the mouthpiece for the understandings of our lives as souls or consciousness, to become public knowledge. In short, my work, my spiritual work, which has been my top priority for some decades, I believe, could not have been handled with greater honour, respect, and love.

Indeed, dearest; we know this to be true. However, we assure you dearest, your ‘work’ is not halfway done.

Many Blessings, dearest

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I do hope that you feel the same in regard your experience, Christy. I love to read your ‘work’. As once The C.C. said of you – You have chosen a rather difficult path.
      However, I do believe, even though I’m sure we both, occasionally, doubt ourselves; our ‘work’ is being done as intended.
      Different paths, yet each valued for the upliftment of man.
      It is a pleasure to know you.

  1. I am excited that the adventures continue and there is more to come, to experience as we evolve and gain greater understanding. Sending many hugs. The road is ahead and what better way to take the journey than with a kindred spirit.

    1. Such a compliment, Chaplin, Thank You so much.

      I must admit I would never have thought of it quite as you’ve put it. But, yes, of course your feline wisdom is omniscient and, therefore, unquestionable!

      Bowing as I leave, Dear One… Throwing kisses and rose petals…. 🌹
      Is this too much?
      Noooooooo…. 😉 😉

    1. I have thus far, Michael… 🙂
      I often wonder, though, if there will be an end to the spiritual work I do. However, whenever I have those thoughts, The C.C. come along with a communique such as this one, to dispel those thoughts.
      We humans are a funny mob. When I think about this logically, so to speak, I then appreciate the common sense behind it.

    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this, Anita.
      I am enjoying your presence here on my page. It is good to welcome you after your short break.
      Many Blessings to You

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