Episode 34 – Throw Caution to the Wind

Once upon a time there was a need for extreme caution. However, dearest, now is not that time. Now is the time to throw caution to the wind, as is said, and allow the beauty of creativity to be yours.

We confuse our dearest, Dear Ones, in order for her to lose the inhibitions that currently surround. And what do we mean by this?

What we mean, Dear Hearts, is that there is a time for all things. At times, there is the need for caution, for restraint; and at other times there is the need to relax and allow the innate creativity to flow freely without inhibition. This relaxation, in regard creativity, is somewhat new to our dearest. Is it not?

Yes, I believe so.

Can you elucidate, dearest?

I do believe I have always been somewhat inhibited; somewhat unable to throw caution to the wind.

And why is this, dearest?

I daresay it has had to do with not wanting to be negatively judged.

Can you elucidate, dearest?

I am having memories of being told to be quiet; to not make noise.

Memories of early childhood, dearest?

Yes, I do believe so. I thought I had dealt with those energies, and yet they are still affecting me, it would seem.

Indeed so, dearest. The affect upon you is slight, however, they still linger.

As we speak, I am realising that to be free and uninhibited there is the need to totally free myself of any and all energies that would see me limiting myself.

Indeed ’tis true, dearest. The slightest lingering negative must have its limitation.

Many Blessings, dearest

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

We would be pleased, Dear Hearts were you to take advantage of our three Free Books. Should you be interested you will find our reasoning behind our purpose here upon Earth, to the proposed future happenings available for us.

First, Dear Ones; we are the first to record the truth of our lives as souls, or consciousness.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones. Many Blessings to All

Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness


    1. Yes indeed, Barbara.
      It is amazing how layers keep shedding throughout our lives. It wasn’t until recently, when playing the piano, I realised how uncomfortable I was ‘making noise’! Dancing is a wonderful outlet for me, yet I also appreciate there too I haven’t been totally at ease being my creative little self. Hahah.
      However, now that I am aware I’m hoping to see progress in ‘throwing caution to the wind’. How exciting!!!

    1. Oh, Thank You, Tanya, I’m so pleased you think so. 💕
      Just now I played for a half hour on the piano learning the next little exercise in the on-line course I’m doing. After a short while I realised I wasn’t thinking about the possibility of disturbing the neighbours (which is usually the case). This left me free to place all my concentration upon the task at hand; i.e., enjoying the piano and the wonderful energies I receive whenever I play.
      So, here’s hoping this is the beginning of a freer creative me… Hahah… I do hope so!

  1. Charlee: “That’s right! Throw caution to the wind!”
    Chaplin: “Race right up that cat tree!”
    Charlee: “Jump from that one post on the wall to that other post on the wall!”
    Chaplin: “Jump down to the floor from the very top of the fireplace!”
    Lulu: “Hey now, there’s throwing caution to the wind, and then there’s just being crazy. And that last one is crazy.”

    1. And yet, Lulu, I’m quite sure that as crazy as it sounds, Chaplin jumping from the top of the fireplace to the floor is easy smeezy!
      Ahhh, to be a cat – so inspirational… 😻

  2. I enjoyed your voice sharing your message, Carolyn – you have lovely phrasing. I love the thought “there is a time for all things.” A great way to begin my day – a reminder that the slightest lingering negative must have its limitation. Sending hugs!

    1. Now that’s an unexpected compliment, Rebecca. I could say the same of you! 💕

      Yes, this was a timely chat with The C.C.
      I had only just begun to appreciate my reticence regarding ‘making noise’ when they advised we were to write. Since then I do believe I’m making progress.
      Awareness is indeed the first step!

  3. Rebecca, I know this is slightly ‘out of the norm’ (posting/commenting well after the post has ended, so to speak). However, we have arrived home from the hall where we have our dancing practice sessions. I have just realised that I didn’t concern myself with the neighbourhood reaction, or not, to the music being played.🤫 This I have done (ad nauseum) until now!
    I would not be so thoughtless as to play the music at its highest level. On the other hand they, the neighbourhood, have had various dance groups, Scottish, Tap, Ballet, Jazz groups, etc., utilising the hall for many years! There’s would have been far louder than the music we play! No, it was just my reticence to ‘make noise’. 😳
    What a difference this has made to our practice. I am now totally ‘in the moment’; not just part of me. The layers keep releasing!
    As you often say – I continue to learn!

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