Episode 31 – DNA and Genome Sequencing – A Medical Tool

We are once again at the keyboard, dearest. You are wondering what we are here to do. Yes?

Yes, that is true. There are a number of issues on my mind currently. I am indeed wondering what it is we are to write about.

Yes, indeed, dearest, you have been pondering many issues of late. One of which we would like to discuss in further detail. Yes?

Yes, please go ahead.

Right dearest, we shall go ahead, as you say. We would like to continue our discussion regarding the health aspect of being human. When we last spoke of this we confirmed the fact that all engaging within the fantasy of being human share many similar experiences. However, this is where the comparison ends.

What precisely do you mean by this?

We mean, dearest, that as a human experiencing the fantasy of Earth you experience similar experiences. However, the similarities can be greatly similar or quite dissimilar. In other words, the degree of similarity can be great or small or non-existent. And this is the point of our discussion:  The degree of similarity of experience.

We refer, at present, to the degree of similarity between each individual in regard the health of the organism. As we have spoken and written, this may be large or small and is dependent upon the decisions made before entering the fantasy.

You, dearest, for example have experienced many illnesses throughout your time as Carolyn. Have you not?

Yes, I have experienced quite a number of illnesses.

Did you expect to be ill, dearest?

No, I did not expect to be ill. However, there is little one can do when illness strikes, but to accept the situation and bear with it as best one can.

Precisely, dearest; this is precisely the best course of action. However, not all illnesses are illnesses.

You will need to explain this further. I don’t quite understand your point.

Indeed we shall endeavour to elucidate further, dearest. Illness can, at times, be an opinion; an opinion based upon what is thought to be the norm.

Can you give some examples of this?

Indeed we can, dearest. One example is the simple blood pressure reading. Man has, over time, decided upon a certain figure needed to be considered a normal or acceptable blood pressure reading. If this reading is not the case the individual whose reading lies outside of this accepted reading is considered at risk of ill health. In general, they are given pills to force the blood pressure within the so-called acceptable reading.

For some this is highly recommended, depending upon the decisions made before entering the fantasy. For others, being placed upon blood pressure changing medication can be the cause of ill health.

This is one example, dearest. However, from this example lies a myriad of similar health concerns. It is for this reason that research will begin to favour an individualistic health regime, depending upon the individual’s needs.

This is a little tricky for those of us facing these health concerns and related decisions now. How do we ascertain the grouping into which to place ourselves? As in the example of blood pressure changing medication for example. How do we presently do that, which is in our best interest?

Yes indeed, dearest, this is presently a tricky condition for many. Many die due to the taking of medications that are unsuitable. Until the medical fraternity are aware of and making good use of the evidence as will be available through the vehicle of DNA testing, there will be mistakes made. This is unavoidable.

Yes indeed, dearest, it will be in the not too far distant future when each individual will be medically assessed relevant to his or her DNA. The genome structure will be the affirming tool that will distinguish the needs of the individual, and not what is today considered the norm; formed by a limiting and restrictive viewpoint.

After pondering upon this for a short while this morning I can’t help but think that we, humans, are still, somewhat, in the dark ages in regard medicine!

Many great advancements have been made, dearest, particularly in the past few decades. However, yes, there is still much to learn before man can safely assume the credibility of their medical endeavours.

We shall leave this here for now, dearest.

Many Blessings, Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Disclaimer: The information contained within this podcast is for reference purposes only and is not intended to replace personal information you can and should discuss with your Medical Practitioner. If you have any concerns about your health, your Doctor should be your first port of call.


  1. Thank you very much for this. Over half a century ago, my mother planted the thought in me that we are all individual and should be treated so on a medical level. What is good for me is not always good for you. This idea has always been at the forefront of my mind and have felt it to be true. I truly look forward to these changes in the medical field.

    1. Yes, me too, Ren!
      As was mentioned in the post; medicine has come along with great advancements. However, as you’ve said, our bodies are so different, one from the other; and yet we are all given the same medications, in general.
      I too look forward to the day when my individual body’s needs will be known to the medical practitioner, and any medications given will be precisely what is needed.
      Thank You for your great comment…

  2. Java Bean: “Hey, Mama just sent away for DNA testing on Lulu and me. I don’t think it’s anything to do with medication, she just wants to see if I have any vizsla in me.”
    Lulu: “And I got tested because Dada said I couldn’t be left out.”
    Chaplin: “Speaking of blood pressure medication, our Dada didn’t used to be on it, but he is now, on account of that whole aneurysm thing.”
    Charlee: “No DNA testing was involved there, just a trip to ICU and a bunch of imaging …”

    1. Oh wow – Mama and Dada sure must love you all to bits to be looking after your inheritance errr ancestry as much as they are! I, for one, will be enormously interested in the results, too!
      As for Dada and that awful aneurysm thing. As long as he feels healthy on those pills then it must be right for him.
      Happy pill taking, Dada. You have good cause to do so!

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