Episode 29 – A Consideration Has Taken Root

From our last podcast to today our dearest has had a remarkable consideration. And what might that be? It is, Dear Hearts, the understanding that all has been planned.

Not an unusual consideration, you may say. However, as our dearest has said. This was, until today, only a mental consideration, a thought that pervaded her mind. Not now, Dear Ones; now it has taken root and forms the basis of much of her thinking. Is this not so, dearest?

Yes, it is so. Before now it was something I entertained now and then. It was a part of my thinking, so to speak. However, of late, I now categorically know that whatever I, my soul has planned for this lifetime, will be the case. That is:  I will experience the plan as arranged.

Indeed so, dearest. And does this negate life in as much as you can ascertain?

No, not at all. I do not know what my soul has planned for this lifetime. Therefore, I will experience it without prior knowledge, so to speak. I must add, though, that I have, as a clairvoyant and clairaudient been given a lot of information throughout my life as to what the future holds for me. However, there are always surprises!

As you, The Collective Consciousness has always advised – there must be some surprises.

Indeed so, dearest, yes indeed so.

As I look back over my life I see many instances when life was hard, especially throughout those times of illness. And yet, with retrospect, I can also see how those times strengthened me. During those times of great negativity within my life I can also see the character building scenarios that, at the time, were very hard to bear.

You are saying, dearest, that life has taught you a thing or two about life. Yes?

Yes, I do believe that is what I am saying.

And do you have regrets, dearest?

I have regrets about not maturing as quickly as I would have hoped. However, overall I do believe I handled all things as best I could with the understandings and knowledge I had at the time. So, bearing that in mind I would have to say that I have no regrets, no.

And the future, dearest?

The future holds many surprises for me, I’m sure. With the mindset I currently have I do believe I will accept whatever comes. This resolution, I have, demands this of me.

Demands, dearest?

Yes. How can I possibly not accept the happenings to come if I truly believe that all has been planned?

Many Blessings, dearest. Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Rebecca, Veronica (the daughter) reminded me yesterday, as we spoke about this, regarding the 51% aspect of the game! Life is full of ups and downs. We are subjected to many changes within and around us. How we are affected by these changes is entirely up to us. We can either be the masters of our game. Or we can be forever a victim of circumstances.
      I prefer to maintain my security and stability within the game by being forever mindful that 51% of any outcome is dependent upon the effort I exert. I am not without choice and personal involvement. I realize that self responsibility becomes even greater with this understanding. Certainly not for the feint hearted… 🌹
      Thank You so much for your always thoughtful contributions. I love that we have this connection!
      I’ll place a link to The Game of Love & 51% should you care to read.

      The Game of Love & 51%

      1. Thank you, Carolyn for your lovely comments. Last week, we traveled to Victoria, BC to meet up with my siblings. We were celebrating my youngest brother’s early retirement. While we wore masks and followed protocol, we came back with colds. My husband tested positive for Covid, so we are in isolation and taking care of ourselves during our recovery period. I agree wholeheartedly that we cannot be forever a victim of circumstances. Even now, I am filled with gratitude that we are safe home. Thank you for the link!!! Sending hugs!

        1. I am so sorry that you are both in this position, and yet I know it is an opportunity to remain your own master.
          I wish you strength of mind to overcome any negatives that will obviously present during your recovery period.
          One thought I find useful in times such as this. It may seem trite, however, it is true.
          ‘Everything passes!’
          Take good care of yourselves in the meantime.
          Sending many hugs across the waves.. 🌹

  1. Charlee: “Remaining our own master … That’s something we cats are good at.”
    Chaplin: “Yep.”
    Lulu: “What about us dogs?”
    Charlee & Chaplin: *exchange glances, then dissolve into hysterical laughter*

    1. Hahahahahah….. 😂😂😂
      I don’t mean to be rude, Lulu – but.
      As much as we luv, luv, luv our puppy dogs, we know for certain that Charlee & Chaplin’s reaction is spot on!
      You had me bursting into laughter with you.. 😂

    1. I agree, Dorothy. The challenges of life are those times when we are presented with insights into ourselves that, without such times, would not see the light of day.
      It is a marvelous feeling, and a strengthening one, when we overcome.
      Your comments are always such gems, Dorothy! 🌹

  2. Great post! Fantastic insight! And I need some clarity please.
    Early on, you said, “That is: I will experience the plan as arranged.”
    Does this mean we do not transition until our soul’s plan is complete?
    Thanx Carolyn

    1. Hi Ren,
      Yes – in answer to your question.
      The C.C. has mentioned the term ‘End of Plan’ – meaning when the plan is through!
      These days when I hear of someone’s passing I think to myself – their plan has ended.
      Seems a much nicer way to think of death. It is a known happening, regardless of the manner in which we pass.
      None of us is a ‘victim’ of death.
      Lovely, as always, to see you. I do hope you are well… 🌹

      1. Love your answer, thank you. Some hours after posting my question to you, I was in the shower and started laughing. Why? Cuz the answer (as you just gave) came to me and it seemed so obvious. I had to laugh.
        We are not victims of death, so true. I tend to look at death in a joyous way and not many can understand this. That’s ok!
        Thanx for your kind words. I am doing very well. Surprisingly well actually and I love it!!!

        1. So many fear death. When it is seen as the ending of the plan they (their soul) planned, much of the angst (or all of it) falls away.
          And when we realize that we are truly living the experiences planned, there comes acceptance of whatever prevails. Doesn’t mean we have to ‘like’ it; particularly when we are ill. However, without the stress of fighting against an inevitable reality there comes calm and peace – a much better way to live, I’ve found.. 😉 😉

          1. Yes indeed and thank you for being an example to all. Forgive my delay in responding, I overlooked this comment. Hugz

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