Don’t Look If You’re Squeamish

This is Keith’s knee two weeks after the surgery! The major bandages came off today.

Hoorah, Keith can now have a proper shower – hahah!

We just heard from a friend who has advised that another friend, who had a similar op nine weeks ago, attended a social dance and danced every dance… Great encouragement for Keith who is still very pleased he has pain killers to help with pain management.

However, he is walking exceptionally well, without a crutch; and is seriously performing all the exercises he’s been given by the physiotherapists.

All great omens for success.

Thank You all for your support and encouragement.

Lots o’ Love to All

Carolyn and Keith

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Keith says – “Thanks friend. That’s the plan! 🙂

      Hi Donald,
      Good to see you. Thank You so much for your support. Yes, it will be lovely to dance again. But, no hurry! This time I would like to see it ‘stick’. hahah

  1. Fundamentally, legs are for walking and hanging the shoes on – not for the sake of how they looks. 😀 Doubtless hard work and added lots of training and even more training. A sweat-dripping process, good luck – it’s worth it. 🙂

    1. Keith said – “Thank you for the kind and encouraging thoughts. I’m managing walking without sticks. Slowly, mind!” 🐌

      Yes, it is and will be a slow process, dear ledrakenoir. However, as you’ve said, it will be worth it, I’m sure.
      Keith loves to dance. This time around I’m hoping to post a few images/videos of our progress! I’m really looking forward to that. 🙂

    1. I too hope that you are all better from the injuries; it can be so debilitating. Life changes dramatically when we suffer illness and or injuries. It’s a matter of one small step at a time.

      I am so pleased with Keith’s progress. His attitude is marvelous, and he is so keen to keep up the physio plan, which is seeing him beyond what would normally be expected. His physiotherapist (most importantly) is very happy with his progress, saying the amount of flexibility he has achieved is wonderful. No counting chickens, but it is all looking quite good.

  2. Lulu: “Whoo, that’s quite a souvenir! Our Dada says that he has seen lots of craniotomy pictures from clipping surgeries in his cerebral aneurysm group on Facebook and this reminds him of those!”

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