Episode 28 – DNA

Our dearest has asked a question; a medical question. In order to answer we must first have a premise from which to work.

The premise has to do with the bodily functions of the human being.

To this end we will need to firstly convince our dearest that hers is not the same as her neighbour’s body, so to speak. That is: Each individual has the body agreed to before entering the fantasy.

The reason for this, Dear Ones, is to guarantee that each individual will have similar but not identical experiences.

For instance:  One body bearing the medical experience of ‘stroke’ may have, at its core, a chronic disorder; whereas another may experience a stroke without any such evidence in question. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; it may be a sudden onset, seemingly mysteriously manifested.

We do not need to venture further into examples. Suffice to say:

Whatever medical condition is present, is as a consequence of the decisions made prior to your arrival, so to speak, within the fantasy.

It is within your DNA. All is within your DNA. If you are to develop a medical condition it will be present within your DNA. And what is DNA. It is the map of your life, Dear One. Yes, that is right. It is the map of your life’s journey; medically speaking.

More and more appreciation is being discovered within the DNA. Is it not? Yes indeed it is. In the not too distant future your life’s medical journey will be foretold even before you disembark the womb.

More on this on another occasion, dearest. Yes?

Yes please. However, I do have a question regarding the backwards aging I have been consciously experiencing since 2016. If what you have said is true, then the backward aging aspect of my life must also be within my DNA. Is this correct?

Indubitably, dearest.

This being the case it seems obvious, to determine the accuracy, the existence of backwards aging I need to acquire a DNA test of this nature. Is this possible?

Anything is possible, dearest.

Is it in my future to pursue such a test?

Do you doubt the accuracy of your experience, dearest?

No, I do not. I believe this to be accurate. I have and continue to backwards age. However, you did say, some years past, that medically based tests would, some day, prove the accuracy of my experience.

Indeed we did, dearest. Yes, indeed we did.

To answer your question, dearest, we say in the affirmative you will be provided with DNA testing of this nature. Is this to your liking?

Yes, it is. It will be quite confirming and, I believe, quite revolutionary to have proof of this kind.

Many Blessings, dearest

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I’m sadly lacking in this education, Dorothy.
      Since receiving this communiqué I have been studying various literature plus watching videos available on YouTube!
      I’ve come across a handful that are extremely interesting. One I am eager to watch more of and learn from is Prof. Robert Plomin. His research goes back 45 years! So very interesting, and his manner and speech make him easy on the ear and eye!
      Ever onwards, ever upwards…

  1. Lulu: “Wow, that DNA stuff can tell you all kinds of things. Dada took a test and it turns out he’s more Irish and less Italian than he thought. And they even have tests that can tell you what kind of dog I am!”
    Charlee: “Yeah? What kind of dog do you think you are?”
    Lulu: “The very good kind.”

    1. I know you are the very good/best kind, Lulu, for sure! 🙂
      Top o’ the mornin’ to ya.! Yes, I’m finding out a lot about what’s possible with DNA testing.
      Harvard Medical School are cautioning that if you don’t want to know certain truths about possible life expectancy and diseases such as Alzheimer’s one ought not to venture forward with some of the testing. Food for thought… 😉 😉
      However, I’m an adventurer, and up for a challenge!!!

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