Keith’s Knee Op!

Hurrah – Keith has had the knee op and is currently resting and recovering. He looks and sounds like Keith, but his left knee and leg look as though a fairy blew pink fairy dust all over him… Hahah.

Can you see the date 28/4/22? That is when the bandaging comes off!

We both want to thank you all for your support and encouragement. This has meant the world to us both!

Now it’s on with the physio; holding tight to patience and perseverance, of course.

Much Love to All

Carolyn & Keith


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    1. Thank You, Binky and Granny. 💕
      It’s lovely to have him home again. He’s currently taking his third walk for the day around the house (inside) – part of his physio plan!
      Lots of Love to you both 🌹

    1. Yes, it did go well, Thank You, Anjali 🌹
      The hard work has just begun. Physiotherapy will now take precedence. As the doctor and nurses advised – The more seriously this is performed, the better the long term benefits. And as Keith has said – This is why he went ahead with the surgery – for the long term benefits!
      Much love to You

      Happy Easter to you too.

      1. I understand dear Carolyn, he must regularly go for physiotherapy. I am hopeful that this time will also pass smoothly. Love and hugs to you too. Give my best wishes to Keith. Take care ❤️.

    1. Yes, I agree Hipsters – Hooray!
      Keith is doing very well. Just four days after surgery he’s getting about with only one crutch. He’s not setting any speed records – yet… 😎👍
      I can see your fluffy tail wagging, Lulu.. 🐕 💕
      Thank You so much

  1. This is the most excellent news to receive today, Carolyn. I am celebrating on my side of the world. Sending many hugs. Soon you and Keith will be dancing!!!

    1. It is excellent news, Dear Rebecca.
      The surgery went very well. In fact, I believe K is doing far better with this surgery (quite major surgery) in comparison to the ‘less invasive’ surgery of last year. His spirits are quite high as well. All in all – a good result. Just the first step in the process, but, a very good step.
      Many Thanks for your support and encouragement. It is very appreciated… 🌹

  2. Glad to hear surgery went well. It’s kind of ironic? that I left blogging as Keith knew he needed a knee op and returned to this!!! This wonderful news! Elated for both of you!

    1. Hi Ren, lovely to hear from you.
      Yes, Keith’s surgery has gone very well; his recovery is even surprising the physiotherapist. But then, he is very eager to do the exercises plus the amount of walking in the physio plan; and the rewards are coming nicely for him.
      Here’s hoping that you are feeling good too!

      1. How wonderful for Keith. With that strong desire of his, he will heal so fast and amaze many in the health field.
        Yes indeed, thank you, I am feeling good too!

    1. “Ta,” says Keith. “The drugs are helping…” 😉 😉

      He is doing so well, Christy. He has just left the house to go for a short walk around the neighbourhood. It’s mid morning here; the sun is brightly shining for the first time in a few weeks and attitudes are, once again, sunny. A wonderful day all round!
      Here’s hoping that you are also keeping well..

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