The Game of Love & 51%

The Game of Love & 51%

Do you want to play?          

Should you want to play, a smattering of knowledge is firstly required. Yes?

Yes, Dear Ones; a smattering of knowledge of The Brain is firstly required before you can embark on your mission.  Why?

Because if you don’t firstly understand the rules of The Game, then you will fail.

Yes, Dear Ones, you will fail because your adversary is strong and has the power to overwhelm. This we know for this is as we have created it. It is a master of disguise. It will ‘woo’ you into the belief that it has your interest at heart. Surely it will do this. You think not? You think that your brain is not capable of such deceit? Have no fear, Dear Ones, however, know that the brain is most certainly capable of such deceit, and expect the brain to be troublesome.

Now, if it is to overcome the debilitating energies of the brain that you desire, we suggest that you read the following:


The Game of Love & 51% is a process; a process that asks us to be all that we can be at every moment. And how can we achieve this? There are certain rules to The Game and they must be understood from the outset, otherwise failure is certain.

We, as spirit, create for our enjoyment illusions such as man/woman, and are enjoying watching this giant illusionary show. This is very difficult for the human brain to comprehend. However, the brain has been created as a machine-like instrument capable of receiving from the flesh; the physical understanding, which is limited in nature. It will kick, squabble, jerk, spit, and, in general, misbehave; which is the nature we, in spirit, have given to it to add enjoyment to Our Game.

When it is manipulated by spirit with the energies of love it is then capable of joining with the soul, the heart centre, and being managed. We say ‘managed’ because it does not ever lose its rebelliousness; it will always seek to control the vessel. However, love can and does control it to a degree whereby it acquiesces; it is quieted, so to speak. It allows a more powerful energy to guide it; namely, the soul or consciousness.

The old adventure was to be burdened by the limited nature of the brain. Our new adventure is to be free of the limitation of the brain.

Over the coming months more and more love will be engendered into the brains of those who choose this path, and they will experience the expansiveness of their spirit/soul/consciousness and their brain will slowly and surely acquiesce to the promptings of their soul.

Spirit, when asked, will enhance the brain with energy of great magnitude to help assist in the expansion of it.

It will not like this demand; know that this is true. However, ask and spirit will assist.

There is another aspect to the game:

We must all do 51% of the work before spirit will allow the love to do its miraculous work.

Yes; spirit asks that each and everyone do 51% of the work upon ourselves, then they shall instigate the manipulation which shall bring about an end to the distress.

There are many aspects upon which we are required to work, if indeed our wish for perfection is to come true. Each nuance of perfection must be dealt with individually.

We each have various areas of concern, which currently plague us. One may be that our judgement is poor in a particular area. If we have worked upon this aspect of our character to the degree that 51% of the work has been achieved then, and only then, shall spirit manipulate the brain so as to give relief from the pain.

This will be done instantly. We will begin to feel the effects, in some cases instantly; in others within a few days to approximately one week.

This is The Game; play it well. Spirit invites you to play The Game of Love; remembering that:

  1.  You need to have done 51% of the work before spirit can intervene.
  2.  You need to have a sincere desire to progress along the path to perfection.
  3.  Be all that you can be at all moments; remembering that the brain will not enjoy your new found freedom and shall strive to take back control.

There is a need for constant vigilance; this is part of The Game.

Do well… Enter The Game with diligence and calm.

If you care not to embark on the journey of self discovery and attainment, then so be it.

We await your decision.

© 2009 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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