Episode 23 – Freedom from Fear Leading to Love

As we spoke in our last communiqué, Dear Hearts, we would like to continue talking and writing about this topic.

Our dearest Carolyn, who has been working upon ridding herself of fear for some good time, knows of what we speak. Do you not, dearest?

Yes, I do know of what you speak.

And, pray tell, dearest.

Fear was the number one factor in my life. It controlled all my thoughts. It was the basis for all of my decisions. Naturally, I wasn’t consciously aware of this. However, this was the case.

It controlled you, dearest?

Yes, it certainly did. As I said – I wasn’t aware of this, at the time. It was natural for me to question everything, to be confused by everything, to be unsure of myself.

And now, dearest?

Now I have a certainty about myself, and life in general. One thing that springs to mind is the lack of fear I have in regard the future. I was always concerned and worried about what the next day would bring, and whether or not I could deal with whatever came my way.

And this is not the case today, dearest?

No, not at all. Firstly, the animal reflections upon our website ‘ABC of Spirit Talk.net’ gave me great insight into life and how to think and, in turn, act in a way that would not only hold me in a surety of mind, but also helped to create calmness of thought that brought great understanding and, with that, resilience.

I am aware that life has its ups and its downs. However, the difference between me of now and me of yesteryear is the knowing that whatever life brings my way I will maintain my composure, and deal with life with the knowledge and understandings I’ve invested within, these past years.

And what, pray tell, do you mean by invested within?

I haven’t always been consciously aware that I was investing in myself as I diligently worked to remove the fears, the negative thinking that was my norm. However, in retrospect, that is precisely what I was doing. I was putting myself first as I systematically sought out those thoughts and deeds that were harming me; that were making my life difficult.

And did you succeed, dearest?

I believe so, yes.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart.  Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Chaplin: “Our brother Dennis always had a lot of fear too.”
    Charlee: “He had a rough start in life, being abandoned in a canyon out in the desert and all, poor guy!”
    Chaplin: “Of course, he did overcome it for a while to become a star athlete and agility and the Fastest Vizsla in Flyball, but eventually it all got to be too much for him and he had to retire.”
    Charlee: “Still! He had a lot of accomplishments!”

    1. Well done to Dennis; he (and you) must have had a lot of fun after that awful start to life. And a star athlete deserves the best.
      Our Beau didn’t become a star athlete, but he is a star dog. He was rescued as a very young dog from a puppy mill. He had ‘parvo’ and nearly died. He too was full of fear. We didn’t know if Keith would ever be able to get near him or cuddle him; Beau was mortally afraid of all males.
      Just goes to show what ‘love’ can do. Your Dennis overcame all that scariness and became a star; and our Beau is the soppiest, lovable, cuddliest little ten year old there ever was.
      Being around love is the happiest place to be!

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