You Are Loved

Episode 22 – You are loved.

This statement we posted in our last communiqué, Dear Hearts; indeed we did. And what is meant by this?

As we have written: All is planned. All is agreed upon.

This we do before entering any fantasy. Yes, Dear Ones, all is known by your soul; all is agreed upon by your soul.

This we do for many reasons. One reason is for order to be the order of the day. We are constantly, as a consciousness, a soul, challenging ourselves.

We have spoken of the varying reasons that we, you and I, as a soul or a consciousness enter into varying fantasies. For the sake of order we shall keep our story relative to The Earth Fantasy. We shall, at a future time, speak in regard the multitude of fantasies we enjoy. However, as we say, for the sake of order we shall refrain from digressing.

(For those interested there are many articles for you to read upon our website; ABC of Spirit We advise, Dear Ones, for those interested in this and many aspects of our lives as consciousness, to visit our website.)

 Back to our story at hand: All is agreed upon.

This is a most perplexing statement for many. Why would we place ourselves into such a state as The Earth Fantasy? Indeed, Dear Heart, we hear this over and over again. Not surprisingly so!

The Earth Fantasy was created in order for our earliest beginnings of fear, chaos and separation to not be forgotten. There are also those consciousnesses that have not, at this point in so-called time managed to gain control of our innate core of uncontrolled fear. This can be best done when under a negative condition. And, Dear Ones, we all know of the negative conditions prevalent within The Earth Experience.

However, Dear Hearts, we hasten to remind you that only approximately one quarter of the inhabitants of The Earth Fantasy are here for the purpose of gaining command over their innate negativity. All others have either full command of the innate negativity or near enough to be either –

1. Light Workers (both positive and negative).

2. Those here for the purpose of interesting experiences. And:

3. The Fourth grouping – an offshoot of those here for the purpose of having interesting experiences but with the mindset of the Light Worker.

This last grouping was recently created by our dearest and her daughter by overcoming the negativity emitted by their respective negative light worker partners. Those who prove successful in this partnership will grace the Earth with their command of the negative; a will to progress in all manner and means; and for whom ‘challenges’ will become a constant.

We spoke of love; yes? Indeed we did. And now we would like to enlighten you in regard the greatest love known to man; indeed we will.

Your soul, Dear Light Worker, is your greatest love. We would ask that you take this information to heart. Your soul, Dear One, is the greatest love you will ever know.

Oh yes, Dear Hearts, we, those of us who have perfected ourselves, those of us free from the limitations of fear, love. We care. We hold each other on high. There are no words to describe the love we have. However, Dear Ones, know that your soul, your consciousness loves you.

When meditated upon a knowing will become yours. We shall, for those so inclined, allow you to feel the love your soul has for you. You, Dear Heart, will, over time, become love. You will not look for love, for you will be love.

We shall look forward to our next communiqué when, once again, we shall speak upon the value of freedom from fear leading to love.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk



  1. Your post is extremely interesting, I didn’t think about negativity in that way before. You are so right though fear is holding back so many of us, we need to stay positive so we can move forward and find love in life.


    1. Yes, I believe you are right. Until this is brought to our attention we don’t really ‘see’ it.
      I know it took me by surprise, too. Then I started to watch my thoughts and I was so surprised to find that they (many) were based in the negative.
      So pleased you found this interesting!

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