Keith’s Upcoming Surgery!

At last, Dear Ones, we have a date for our Dear Hearts knee surgery. Is he looking forward to this? No, he is not. However, as with all things, time brings the eternal happenings to fruition.


April 14th 2022 is the date given by K’s specialist for the second knee surgery; enough time for K to either embrace the inevitable, or succumb to dread. Hahah… I’m hoping he will embrace the possibilities that surgery offers. He deserves the best.

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


      1. Glad to hear that! My surfboard shaper got his shoulder joint replacement surgery last year. It takes little time healing but he started to go back to ocean and is super happy now😆👍 Those surgical technologies are amazing 😵

        1. Yes, it is quite amazing what is possible these days. We truly are living in an exciting tech world.
          I really have little idea of whether or not my man will go ahead with the surgery! We have been to two Sunday dance socials and intend to go again this coming Sunday. K is dancing and exercising with very little pain and is weighing up his choices.
          Because I have noticed the progress he’s made I am not encouraging him either way! The choice must be his – of course.
          It will be an interesting challenge for both of us over the coming weeks, no doubt.
          I’m so pleased for your surfboard shaper! Just writing that makes me a little keen to see you surf… hahah…
          Maybe one day! 🏄‍♂️ 🏆

    1. Hello Anita,
      So good to see you!
      Yes, I hope so too. It’s worth going ahead with it. The current limitations are so restricting for Keith. As he says – If he doesn’t do anything about it, it won’t get any better..
      Kisses and Hugs

    1. Yes, Dorothy, I agree!
      No-one likes to have surgery. However, the results can be life changing. This is possible and, hopefully, will prove to be so for Keith.
      Thank You for your optimism! 💕

  1. He has a lucky date; April 14th is my mum’s birthday. I can imagine he’s anxious about it and it’s easy to think of the things that could go wrong. But with a knee surgery, the odds are in his favour for the best of outcomes. There’s a world of possibility at the other side of the surgery and he’ll have his comfort, movement and joy back as a result. I’ll be sending my best wishes his way for the 14th! xx

    1. I can only agree with your sentiments, Caz.
      Yes, surgery can be scary! However, as you’ve said – there’s a world of possibilities on the other side!
      K says – Thanks for your well wishes! And I say – You are such an incredible woman.

    1. Hahah… A little wry smile crept across K’s face when I read him your comment, Barbara. Sort of like when it’s ‘too’ soon to see the humour! I know he’s in the throes of indecision.
      Yesterday we had a glorious afternoon/evening of social dancing with some of our besties. They were all so supportive of him undergoing the surgery. So many of our dancing friends have either had this surgery, or similar; or know of someone who has – with great results.
      After that wry smile he then smiled and chuckled. Maybe he can just see a glimmer of humour!!!

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