Episode 24 – My Brain Was a Scattered Mess

There is a point at which all things become clear. Would you agree, dearest?

Yes, I do believe I can agree. There came a point, for me, when I stopped questioning and began to accept.

And to what do you refer, dearest?

I refer to life! I began to accept life, as you have written and spoken through me.

I would like, at this point, to remind our readers and listeners of our free books to be found upon our website – ABC of Spirit Talk.net. It has primarily been those teachings that began the clarity of thought I enjoy today. Previous to this, beginning in the 1990s, I received many of the animal reflections that now appear on our website. However, during 2014 through 2016 the free books had their beginnings.

You received insight into life, dearest?

More than any other readings or writings you have given through me it has been the free books that have, I believe, had the most impact upon me.

You took the words literally, dearest?

As you were speaking the words, i.e., as I was hearing them I was lifted mentally into a state of mind that could accept the concepts. This is always the case when, as a clairaudient, I am lifted mentally into an incredible high vibration, so to speak, whereby my brain is, for that time, silenced. In that silence of the brain there is the ability to receive understandings that are impossible, I have found, when the brain is active. This is likened to the state of meditation. The brain acquiesces, is silenced, and an opening into a higher dimension is possible.

And in this state, dearest, your comprehension is expanded?

Yes, that is exactly the process. My comprehension is expanded.

We know this is true for you, dearest; yes indeed. And would you recommend meditation for all?

I would, yes.

And why would you recommend meditation for all, dearest?

It was a life saver for me all those years past. I basically had no command over the thoughts in my head. My brain was a scattered mess. It worried and caused me enormous amounts of grief.

And meditation helped, dearest, put an end to this torment?

Absolutely, yes. I know that this was to be a part of the plan I’d agreed to before entering the fantasy. However, I still regard it as one of the major leaps I took toward my goal of having a good life. I didn’t want much. I just wanted to not be burdened by those thoughts that kept me a prisoner of worry and anguish.

And you have succeeded, dearest?

There are very few moments, these days, when I have the least concern, so to speak. Today I can listen to news broadcasts that speak of the horrendous happenings in our world today, and not be altered. That is:  I can and do feel great compassion for those involved. However, I remain mentally composed – something I always longed for but that had escaped me until I began earnestly to seek command over my brain and its wayward thoughts.

We shall leave this here for now, dearest. Yes?

Yes, of course.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

 © 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Yes, Christy, it certainly did.
      So good to see your smiling face! 💕
      It was way back in the early 80s when I first began. Meditation didn’t come easily for me. However, I persisted and eventually was able to calm my mind, at least for a moment or two. Hahah.. It wasn’t easy!
      By the end of that decade I was teaching and facilitating meditation groups. What an enormous leap of change that was. And it heralded a brand new and evolving life for me… So yes, it truly was an incredible hallmark in my life… Thank Goodness! 🙂
      I do believe I’ll be writing or, I should say ‘we’ shall be writing more on this subject. Most importantly how the energy of ‘fear’ can prevent us from meditating. As soon as we try to calm our minds those pesky fears rise up from their dens to obstruct our way! For this reason alone not fearing the energy of fear becomes integral to the marvelous benefits of meditation.
      Once again – so lovely to see your face

  1. Charlee: “We cats are most excellent at meditating.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, we can sit and meditate for hours at a time without moving.”
    Lulu: “I think that’s called ‘sleeping’.”
    Chaplin: “Maybe, when a dog does it. But we cats are having a long moment of zen.”

    1. Oh Lulu, I do believe I’ll have to agree with Charlee and Chaplin. Cats do meditate for hours and hours on end. They are so special.
      However, dogs, like you, are just as special. Who else guards the house and lets us humans know when someone is approaching?
      It’s you, Dear Lulu; and Pebble and Beau.
      We love you!

  2. It’s funny but I was thinking about you today and wondering if WP had unfollowed you as is it’s want on occasion. There again I have been conspicuously absent recently.
    Interesting post (as always) I have tried meditation on a few occasions but in the end I decided it possibly isn’t for everyone. My mind is so full and mischievous it doesn’t allow me to switch off. It’s a blessing an a curse 😂.

    It reminds me of when I did my diving test. After a particularly strenuous part we were allowed to float for 3 mins to recover. The guy testing me said I might like to carry on as I appeared to be using more energy trying to float than I would doing the next test 😂 Take care, Carolyn xx

    1. And I’ve been thinking of you, too! So much so that I occasionally check on your blog to make sure I haven’t missed anything – FOMO… hahah… 😂😂

      Hahahahahah… you and me both! It really was a laughing matter when I first started to ‘try’ to meditate, Charlie. But, persistence is my middle name. (Not having one, a middle name that is; I’m pleased to use anything…) 😉 😉

      Here’s a little anecdote that comes from my meditation of so long ago – I don’t really meditate, as such, these days; it really has become a part of who I am and how I behave! Here it comes – the anecdote!

      I truly dislike (very much) the commercials on TV. Keith will often say: “Did you see that.” He knows my reply will be something like, “See what?” You see, Charlie, I can ‘tune out’ – stop my brain in its tracks. I don’t think of anything else; I simply stop it from thinking. The freedom and relaxation this gives me, whenever I do it, is simply marvelous. Meditation offers so much more than one would think. I love it, I use the benefits all the time; I simply wouldn’t be who I am today without it.

      Be still my beating brain!!! 😂😂

    1. Oh Anjali, I know precisely what you mean.

      Without taking that time for ourselves, without that deep sense of calm we can experience from the meditative state, life can race away, with us chasing it from behind. As you know, the meditative state can put us into the moment whereby we are a part of each moment in a clear and immersive way. We are not fighting nor are we in flight, as can happen in our daily lives.
      This not only benefits us, but all around us is touched as well – unconsciously gaining some of that peace and calm.
      I’m so pleased to know you meditate. It is so good for us!
      Many Blessings

      1. That’s integral part of our life Carolyn, and I also want Kyaraa to make meditation as part of her life. Today in her school work, she also wrote one passage on meditation. Sometimes I feel that school’s should teach kid’s importance of meditation and with everyday morning prayer meditation should be there.

        1. I agree with you, Anjali.
          Here in Australia there are some schools that have included meditation/mindfulness into their curriculum. What a wonderful start to a student’s day!

            1. There’s still a long way to go before it is accepted by the majority. However, Anjali it’s a great start.
              I believe that the US is also trialing meditation/mindfulness in its public schools as well. Unfortunately, there is still a bit of confusion about meditation/mindfulness. The old fashioned belief of ‘gazing into one’s navel’, or using this process as a means to avoid life’s difficulties still exists amongst those less informed.
              Once gently educated, many realise the benefits of a life blessed with a calm mind that can, more easily, maneuver through life and its challenges.
              Hopefully, you and I will see this valued ability more and more accepted in the mainstream. Until then we shall continue to benefit and thrive from its affects.

              1. I am Indian and what I understood about meditation is that it’s not what people think of it. People believe that meditation is to just awake kundalini but it’s similar to mindfulness….when we keep our mind blank and pay attention to our breathing then automatically we started cleaning our thoughts and our innerself. We believe that meditation is to find our innerself and our innerself is God. So of we find out innerself we find God automatically. I am glad that like me you want meditation to be part of mainstream. Much love ❤️🤗.

                1. A wonderful explanation, Anjali. 💕
                  The philosophy I hold is similar to yours; it differs only in interpretation. When we meditate we find our inner self; call it God or our Soul or Consciousness. However, it matters little the concept we hold. What matters is the doing and the way in which it grants us the ability to be far more than we are. We find that part of us that is greater, loving and able to bring calm, peace and clarity of mind that is beyond our human self.
                  We are so fortunate to know and to have this experience.
                  And yes; mainstream acceptance is slow, but it is coming more and more.

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