Episode 16 – You Are Not a Christian, Dearest?

We spoke, in our last communiqué, dearest, regarding the issue of religion. Yes?

Yes that we did.

And, dearest, you answered our question of whether or not you are a Christian. Yes?

Yes, I did.

And, once again, dearest, what was your answer?

I answered that I am not a Christian, as such. However, I hasten to add that I adhere to many of the personal beliefs that Christians, indeed many of the world religions favour.

Such as, dearest?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, springs to mind. I dare say that most religions have this tenet as a premise for their followers.

Indeed, yes dearest. This they do. And when asked if you believed in a God or Gods you answered in the negative. Is this correct?

Yes, indeed this is correct.

Have you always been of this belief?

No. As a youngster and young adult I believed in the God of the Christian faith.  I also channelled, whilst in spiritual circles in my fourth decade, who I thought, at the time, was Lord Jesus.

And when did this belief system change, dearest?

As the decades passed and my experiences with spirit widened I began to have inklings that the ideas I had formed were not quite as I’d thought. To explain:

I had been able to see spirit from an early age, about eight or nine. I became clairaudient, able to hear spirit, in my third decade. As the years went by I gave messages to loved ones of those who had passed; during counselling sessions, meditations and other spiritual groups.

Then during the nineties I had a beautiful little cat, Bluepar, who, at four years of age needed to be euthanised due to an irreversible debilitating illness. When I arrived home from the vet, spirit showed me a couple in spirit, so called, who would be his foster parents on the other side, as it were.

The vision I received was, to explain as best I can, a ‘tongue in cheek’ appreciation; one that I may have been inspired to advise someone who, after a similar situation, came to me for spiritual understanding. (This advice would have been given as a means of solace, you appreciate.) I knew consciously that I was being shown that the ‘spirit world’ was somehow not as I’d thought it to be. This became the first ‘chink’ in a belief system I had held for decades.

Meaning, dearest?

I began to gain glimpses into the understanding that I was a part of a play, as it were. I can only use William Shakespeare’s words:  “All the world’s a stage.”

And this was the beginning, dearest, of a change for you?

Yes, it was. My relationship with spirit began to change as of that moment. I was confused, to say the least. I began to question all things of a spiritual nature.

Suffice to say, dearest, that life took on a different hue. Yes?

Yes, you could indeed say that. Another condition that had me questioning was:

During the nineties I was stricken with an illness that caused me to have times when I could not use various parts of my body. One day it would be my legs. There would, sometimes, be days on end when I could not walk. At other times I would be totally bed ridden unable to do very much at all.

I have spoken on our website, ABC of Spirit Talk, at length regarding being given instruction by Sathya Sai Baba’s emissaries, during meditation, to go to India so as to meet with God and be healed. It is a long story; however, eventually I flew to Sai Baba’s ashram in India where I was healed.

Once again, I was under the influence of yet another experience that brought confusion to my mind.  One thing that stood out was the advice that I would not need to pack clothing for the journey; only smalls. Sathya Sai assured me, during our telepathic communications, that I would be provided with clothing. I also wasn’t to pack a toothbrush or toothpaste; this was also to be provided.

Upon my arrival at the ashram, and wearing my only western outfit, I was taken to a tailor’s shop where I was measured for two saris and under blouse. During the second week I was inspired to buy a further two saris.

I learned, throughout my time at the ashram, that not all Westerners were sanctioned to wear the Sari during their stay. This was an honour given to few.

I also spent many hours of the day in mental communication with Sathya Sai. He called me ‘mother’; another honour. Here was yet another experience that brought confusion to my mind. I did not then, nor do I now see myself in any sense as was expressed to me whilst in India. This experience did, though, cause me to question the reality of life as I understood it.

When I asked Sai, telepathically, if I would come back to the ashram he replied that it was not going to be needed.

 I loved my stay. I have never returned, and I have never again had the symptoms of MS.

Shall we leave this here for now, dearest?

Yes, of course. Thank You

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. It has been quite fascinating to live it, Dorothy. Hahah….
      It’s only now as I’m being inspired to write about it that I can now ‘see’ the amazing (at times) ride my life has been. Sometimes, I just ‘shake my head in wonder’. 😅

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