Episode 15 – We Have Summoned You, Dearest.

Yes, you have. I was just watching the afternoon news and, as you do, I was inspired to sit at the computer.

Indeed, dearest, this is what we do. Can you describe for our readers and listeners the act of inspiration?

I can only say that I firstly feel that I am being summoned, so to speak. Then, usually, I have the knowing that my attention is required. This is sometimes accompanied with the words that shall begin our communication. In this case, I heard – “We have summoned you, dearest.” I know that these are the words that shall commence our communication.

And then, dearest?

Then I sit, open a word document and begin the writing with the words given.

Dutifully, dearest?

Yes, I am committed to write the words you convey.

And why is this, dearest?

I believe this is the choice I made before entering the Fantasy – the Earth Fantasy.

A choice, dearest?

Yes, I believe we all choose the particular circumstances in which to play whilst within the Fantasy.

This is not common knowledge, dearest.

No, it is not. I daresay that many would vehemently disagree with this understanding.

And why would you say that, dearest?

For many, me included, life meant hardship being in a physical and/or psychological position of want and adversity. Who, in their right mind, would place themselves into such misfortune? Even those who I once thought of as the lucky ones (those within the third grouping here for the primary purpose of interesting experiences), have many negatives associated with that grouping, as I now appreciate.

Indeed, dearest, yes indeed. No one ‘gets it easy’. Yes?

Yes, that appears to be true.

And for you now, dearest?

Times have certainly changed.

And why is this so, dearest?

There are many reasons for the changes. Possibly the greatest of which would be my association with spirit, so called.

As a child and young adult I had a number of ‘ghost’ encounters; the first of which was quite scary. However, those experiences broadened my view of life upon Earth. I began to accept that there was so much more to the Earth experience.

This view broadened over time to include the knowing that life went beyond the flesh. This was quite satisfying to my senses. It meant I didn’t have to suffer the thought that the flesh was all there was.

Then, during my thirties, I had a life threatening illness. It was at this time I was given a greater understanding of life after death; not quite as I now understand it today, but the upliftment I felt was glorious. I was told, by spirit, that I had a great work to do; that it would take all my love and effort, and would be a difficult road to travel.

This was told by whom, dearest.

I believed, at the time, the advice was give by Lord Jesus. However, I now know that was not so.

And why do you say this, dearest?

At that time I had been exploring various religions. I also lived in a country (Australia) with a Christian majority. The religion I had known was predominately the Christian faith. It was obvious that if I was to see or hear spirit of high intent it would most likely come from the Christian faith.

Are you a Christian, dearest?

No, I don’t have any affiliations with any faith in particular.

Do you believe in a God or Gods, dearest?

No, I do not.

What are your beliefs, dearest?

My beliefs are that I am a soul, or consciousness. I have endured millennia overcoming the innate fear that we, as souls, endure. We then, to overcome the boredom that follows the overcoming of fear, create fantasies into which to project our thoughts. As a consequence of this we enjoy many such mind fantasies; fantasies that appear solid and very real to the experiencer.

To the experiencer, dearest?

My personal belief of this became more grounded when I began to consciously backwards age during 2016. Without the experience I am having physically and mentally backwards aging I doubt I could believe. However, I cannot deny the fact that I have and continue to backwards age. This would not be possible if my beliefs were not true.

We shall leave our communication here for now, dearest. Yes?

Yes, of course.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Hahah…. Yes, Dorothy, it was a bit of a shock for me too when I started to ‘see it’. It really is a simple thing once it starts to unravel.

      And then it was as though, because I could see it, I could then have greater command over it.

  1. Coucou Carolyn
    J’essaie toujours de véhiculer des pensées positives bien qu’en ce moment c’est difficile
    Je suis ravie de retourner ici

    1. Hello Anita, it is so lovely to see you, sweet one!

      Your posts are always full of positives. I always enjoy them, and you.
      Yes, the times are challenging and yet the strong always find a way – such as you.

      Once again – it is lovely to see your face. Kisses and Hugs to you.

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