The Rewards Following the 90/10 Principle

We have given our dearest the next step in the rewards section of ridding one’s self of fear. That is right, Dear Ones, there are many sections, so to speak, spiralling upwards to greater and greater rewards for the effort maintained in ridding one’s self of fear. This our dearest and The Daughter have been experiencing, to some degree, of late. However, neither, until today, understood the reward in full detail.

Firstly, Dear Ones, we shall remind you of the 90/10 principle. This, our Dear Hearts have been practising for some time. However, this day we have enlightened them to the reward that presents once the 90/10 principle has been taken to heart and enacted within your daily happenings. Yes, that is right, Dear Ones, beyond the 90/10 principle comes yet another reward. And what is that reward?

The reward we speak of is the reward of ‘enjoyment at all times’. That is, Dear Ones, no matter the task, no matter the event, no matter the purpose; you will find yourself enjoying every moment of every day.

Our dearest is currently suffering a ‘tummy bug’. Yes, indeed, our dearest and The Daughter are both suffering a slight illness presented by a virus that has infiltrated their bodies and is causing some discomfort. However, Dear Ones, this slight discomfort has not affected them. No, Dear Ones, their mental attitude remains buoyant and of a positive vibe.

And this is the example we present. No matter the consequences, no matter the event, no matter the circumstances in which you find yourself; you will not be affected. We hasten to add, however:

Our dearest and The Daughter have worked hard for the rewards of today. Yes, indeed, they have worked hard at ridding themselves of the fears that cause aging, ill health and premature death. We also hasten to add:

The infiltration of the virus that has caused discomfort for the two will be removed swiftly. It has served its purpose. And what has been its purpose?

Its purpose, Dear Ones, was to show our two stalwarts of that which we are writing.

No matter the events, no matter the circumstances, no matter the consequences of actions from without; providing one is working to remove the fears that bind – you, Dear One, will not be affected.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. This is super! I am elated for you and yours further fulfillment of….life. (words fail me for our “new” ways of being) You know what I mean, right? Hugz

    1. Lovely to hear from you, dear Christy. 🙂
      I hope for you, and your loved ones, a wonderful Christmas filled with love and good cheer.
      See you in 2021 – bright eyed and bushy tailed… hahah..

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