90/10 Principle

The C.C. recently advised that, in time, our communication will broaden; i.e.

ABC of Spirit Talk will remain for now her only form of communication on-line. We can assure both our dearest and you, Dear Heart, of our intent to broaden our communication in time.

Having pondered this proclamation over the past couple of weeks I have come to this realisation. As they, The C.C., has always taught: We are not to give more than 10% of ourselves to/for others. In other words: We are to keep 90% of ourselves for ourselves.

I have not always been capable of this. Indeed it has been an ongoing condition of whittling away, more and more, the excess focus I have placed upon others and refocusing that energy and time upon me. Thus creating a life The C.C. has advised is optimum for good health.

Therefore, I will be more than happy to accommodate The C.C’s wishes of broadening our communication; provided it does not impinge upon the 90/10 principle.

I know now as I’ve always known: The C.C. will always be mentoring me in ways of which I know not. However, the result is always upliftment with progress to greater freedom.

Should you care to read/listen to the original reference to the 90/10 value; it follows:

Dog Family Reflection

Listen while you read

Ever true, faithful, loving, loveable; a true servant, humble and willing.

This is true for the dog family. However, are you going a little too far with your love?

Do you think that your love is being abused?

Could you be overindulging your loved ones?

These questions need your concern at this moment in time.

We ask that you investigate how much you are giving to others and see if perhaps (just perhaps) you are giving too much!

We can do this in life at times; give too much. We can overburden ourselves with the idea of giving away all of our love, all of our care. Do we not? Yes, indeed we do at times.

We do not want to see you giving all of you away. No, that would not be a good thing, ’tis true. For, when we give ourselves away what do we have left? You need not answer this question. However, you do need to answer this one.

How much do you think we should give to others and how much do you think we should keep for ourselves?

Now if you answered 50/50 you would be wrong, my dear friend. No, we need to keep 90% to ourselves. That’s right; 90% must remain with us. Does this surprise? Yes? Good; we thought it may surprise. We’ll tell you why it is best to keep 90% to yourself. Yes? Yes, good. We shall tell you why you need to keep 90% for yourself and give only 10% away.

You need all of your care, dear friend. Do you not? No? Are you saying that you do not need 90% for yourself? Well, if you think that, my dear friend, you shall not have 90% for yourself. And if you do not save 90% of yourself for yourself you will be doing yourself an injustice.

Think upon this for a while. Look about you at those who lavish attention upon themselves. Now look about at those whose attention is primarily on themselves and 10% on others. Do they look happy to you, dear friend? Yes? No?

Keep this in mind as you go through your days. Be aware of those whose self attention is greater or lesser. Give this some time before you reach your conclusion. We would be most happy to hear the results, dear friend.)

Many Blessings to All

Dog Image Credit: Petr Jilek/Shutterstock.com

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Thank you for explaining that it’s not 50/50 but instead 90/10! A lot of people (women especially) feel that it’s selfish to care for ourselves… but we cannot even give that 10% of energy if we don’t practice self-care. HUGS

    1. I completely agree with you Christy – when I first read “keep 90% of ourselves to ourselves” I thought “that’s quite a lot – surely we should be thinking of others first?” Once I finished reading, though, I completely agree with what you’ve written – if we don’t look after ourselves, how do we look after others?

      1. I believe we are all a little surprised by the number, Jess!
        My daughter and I were chatting about this recently. As I mentioned to her:
        Were someone to view my comings and goings throughout the day they may think I haven’t changed very much at all over the years. However, it is not what I do; it is how I do it. That is:
        My thinking is different. I may now still be washing the dishes, or cooking a meal; however, my mind is no longer thinking about others; concerned or wanting to make their lives better. My thoughts now are my own. I am quiet inside; enjoying the freedom 90/10 produces. (A simple explanation.)
        And then comes the 10 aspect. I enjoy this so much. I love to give; to be a constructive contributor to life. It is truly a joy. I am not drained, or resentful; as sometimes we feel when we are giving too much.
        As you’ve said: “if we don’t look after ourselves, how do we look after others?”

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