The Brain of Man

You have something to say?

Yes, indeed we do, dearest.

Please go ahead.

Yes, indeed we shall, dearest.

Firstly, dearest, we wish to advise that many changes are coming for you. Yes?

Yes, you have advised of quite a number of changes to come.

Indeed, dearest, there are many personal changes to come, this is true. However, it is not the personal changes we wish to speak about. No, dearest, this communiqué, albeit of great interest, is not precisely of a personal matter.

Please proceed.

Indeed, dearest, we shall proceed.

There are many changes afoot within the world, so to speak. Many of the changes will have their effect, more or less, upon you personally. However, dearest, more to the point; the changes are having their effect upon all; yes indeed.

Those who have, like you, dearest, overcome many of the disturbances of the brain will have little change within their mind, so to speak.

We speak with the assumption that those reading have read our written material, particularly in respect to the brain of man. Without this basic knowledge, Dear Ones, this communiqué with have little meaning for you.

To continue:

For those who have not acquainted themselves with the information provided in regard to the brain of man we say:

You, Dear One, will evidence much strong mind confusion, panic, anger and pain without the truth as a basis for your thought processes.

There is only one truth, Dear Ones. Without the truth you will not survive the ravages of the time ahead.

We do not wish to harm, Dear Ones. Indeed, we wish for you to survive that which is to come. With the truth of the brain of man you will survive. Without the truth you will fail; this is a certainty.

Many Blessings to all who choose to know the truth  

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

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