Lazy Spring Daze

Yes, indeed, our title is a play on words, Dear Ones. Lazy Spring Daze means little to the uninitiated. However, to those who live in a land so wide (Australia) lazy spring daze, to many, is a well recorded history of heat, yes indeed.

Our dearest does not like the heat, Dear Ones. No, our dearest would much prefer to live in a more temperate climate; such as is the case further south. Aha, Dear Ones, our dearest, like many, believes the grass to be greener somewhere other than where they are. Do they not? Indeed they do, Dear Ones, indeed they do.

Our dearest has, for your enjoyment, a small collection of moments taken over the past few weeks as she travelled about her neighbourhood.

Do enjoy her offering.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. Hahah, Rebecca, I truly enjoyed filming our neighbourhood wildlife. Indeed, I had to cull much of the footage, else it become a ‘movie’…
      The kangas are such a treat to see. They are, thankfully, very much a part of our lives, though, housing continues to encroach upon their habitat. I will treasure their presence, and the smiles they bring, for as long as they feel comfortable to be amongst us.
      Your comment regarding Thanksgiving in Canada had me running to google. I wasn’t conscious of the earlier harvest season in Canada, which I now realise, due to the climate, comes earlier than in the US.
      I found a rather interesting article that suggested the first Canadian Thanksgiving may have taken place as early as 1578 – so interesting. Of course, I do not mean to preach to the converted, however, Rebecca, I found it very interesting indeed.

      1. Thank you so much for the great article on Canadian Thanksgiving. It is heartwarming to think that we have been celebrating Thanksgiving for almost 500 years in this country. So many stories… so many things for which to give thanks. Hugs and more hugs!

    1. Yes, Dorothy, they do sometimes just sit and watch. Not those in the paddock across from us, but, further along, in the bushland, where they probably feel a little less exposed they watch us walking along the road. I never tire of seeing them. Their ‘movement’ is especially lovely to watch.
      However, they are ‘wild’ creatures and we respect this. Those in zoo like sanctuaries are more tame and can be fed and petted and such. But, not the big guys; they have been known to be aggressive, especially to the male human population – competition perhaps?
      Anyway, I’ll continue to smile whenever they grace us with their presence!

        1. So true! I do know how special they are and am so grateful.
          It is Sunday morn here – 9am. There is a huge flock of white cockatoos (birds) that live down by the lagoon. They have an almighty screech, especially when they occasionally have spats.
          I began to hear them, so knew they were close. Opening the front door I could see them. Hundreds flying about; some attacking each other. I haven’t seen quite a melee as that before. It is mating season. Perhaps that had something to do with it.
          One of our neighbours couldn’t be seen, but I could hear her yelling out – SCAT – and the end of a broomstick became visible! Hahah..
          They’ve gone now and all is back to calm.
          Nature is so incredible,

  1. Lulu: “It has been crazy hot here in Southern California this year. I know Mama and Dada don’t like it, and neither do I, really, with all my furs, but I’m not opposed to going out sunbathing in the backyard from time to time!”

    1. I’m with you, Lulu; a little sunbathing is good for getting Vit D, but, when the sun shines relentlessly I can be found indoors, which is most of the time in spring and summer. Though, like you, I do enjoy a walk; especially in the early morn or at dusk when the sun doesn’t bite. We girls do need to get our exercise!

    1. We both lived in Sydney until we met in 2003. We then moved here to the Hunter Valley and enjoy the life of suburbia but with a little bit country too! Seeing kangas has become a normal thing for us. We love it. The video shows the kangas that graze on the open land opposite our home. We are truly blessed. My little heart sings every time I see them!💕 🥰

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