The Brain of Man 1

The Brain of Man – Text 1 

Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

(Listen while you read) 

By now you will be thinking that there is more than enough material written about the brain. However, dear ones, they (the books upon the subject) have been written by the brain. This gives good reason to doubt the content of such writings.

To be sure, there have been eminent personages writing the so called brilliant passages of note. However, dear hearts, we hasten to say that until now ‘all’ material written upon the brain has been written from the confines of the brain. This small text will be the first writing upon the brain ‘of note’ which will be proven in time to be the first authoritative writing upon the subject.

Now to begin.

We are spirit, dear heart, having an earthly experience. This is true, dear ones. We are spirit having an experience of limitation. As spirit we are perfect and in need of no-thing. We have evolved to a state of perfection. Within this perfected state, however, there is a by-product of boredom. This is true, dear ones; within the state of perfection is the state of boredom. This we alleviate by having experiences of limitation within many illusions which we create for our enjoyment.

The limitation of the earthly experience is magnified by the apparatus ‘brain’, which we have mastered to be one of falsity, lack, stupidity, unknowingness, fear-ridden and base. Indeed this is the case.

For our enjoyment we harass, belittle, demean, degrade, frighten, cajole, manipulate, decry, destroy, man-handle, ridicule, defame, etc., etc., all good.

Indeed this we do. Why? We do this in order to defray the state of boredom. 

Too many hear our words yet do not act upon them. We are perfect. This has been written ad-infinitum. We are perfect. What does this mean?

Perfection is a by-product of striving to be the very best that one can be. This takes millennium to achieve. Perfection creates perfection creates perfection; just as boredom creates boredom creates boredom. We achieved perfection throughout time and when we became perfect we got bored with the perfection. So what did we do?

We became bored, indeed we did. And what did we do with this state of boredom?

We alleviated it by creating illusions in which we could enact boredom. What is boredom?

Boredom is anything other than perfection.  

                        Are you saying that once perfection has been acquired a natural consequence of this ‘state of being perfect’ is to then become bored with this state of being?             

Indeed, dear one; as a natural consequence of perfection we become bored.

                        Then if this is true one must be conscious of the consequence of perfection and be ready to alleviate it as it is becoming manifest.

Indeed, dear heart.

                        And this is leading me to think that as a consequence of the releasement of ‘the lack of self worth’, which you (spirit) are offering to us. Without expansion into other fields of endeavour. Without stretching ourselves to venture into other realms of experience within our earthly state of being we are also in danger of this state of boredom, which could ultimately lead into the state of negatives, which you have just explained as being a natural part of the state of boredom. That is, falsity, lack, stupidity, harassing, decrying, demeaning, etc., etc.

                       Is this so? The state of perfection brings about boredom, which has inherent within it the natural progression onto boredom and negative thinking if one does not continue to expand one’s experiences/challenges which alleviate boredom? And this is what you/we/spirit are doing by creating illusions into which we can project ourselves, and continue to challenge ourselves, and continue to seek of ourselves the state of perfection which, in its very nature, will continue to alleviate the state of boredom.

Well done, dear child. Indeed you have thought it out well. We, as spirit, are perfect. As perfected beings we need to be continually challenging ourselves in order to defray the state of boredom. Only by doing this are we able to maintain the perfected state without progressing into the state of boredom and its natural consequence which is negative thinking.

                       Some twenty two years ago I had an experience which I would like to relay. I was coming to the end of a marriage. I had become very ill, both physically and emotionally, and I wanted to end my life. I cried out to Lord Jesus and asked for his help. In an instant I was out of my body and in the arms of a spiritual being, which I deduced at the time to be Lord Jesus. We conversed for some time in which he soothed my aching needs. He then told me that he was allowing me to see the perfected state. Again, in an instant I was amongst a sea of consciousnesses. They appeared to me as a sea of blobs, bubbles or grains of sand cleaving together for as far and as deep as was imaginable. This I understood to be the perfected souls/consciousnesses who had returned to be a part of the One Perfected Being. 

                        Although this was the most exhilarating, benign, loving, expansive state of being I had ,to that date, experienced, I also had a more lingering feeling of which I was very ashamed. I felt and remember thinking very guiltily that I hoped that I was far from perfection because, although it was gloriously wonderful, and the bliss I felt whilst in that scene was beyond any words/superlatives available to my mind, it also made me yearn for the ability to experience an active sense of challenging experiences. In other words:

                       Eternity was going to be a long time to be just sitting there, so to speak, knowing everything being without any needs, enjoying my comrades all about me, but without a need to converse with them. It seemed wondrous; yet boring.

Indeed, dear heart. Many have been the experiences given to you to bring you to this stage of your life upon earth. As with all souls experiencing a physical experience within matter, yours too has been a programmed edition of a life or quest to obtain an experience pre-ordained. This has brought you a life (or experience) which has taken you from the boredom of perfection into the limitation of an experience based upon boredom.

We repeat ourselves in order for the truth to slowly permeate your being, dear heart.

We, as spirit, have experiences in matter premised by the notion of boredom in order that we achieve perfection by stretching ourselves to become all that we are; which is perfection. This premise of boredom, upon which lies our foundation for the experience within matter, is the known state which is derived from the state of perfection. Yes, dear one, we purposefully place ourselves within a known condition of boredom in order to create, by expanding ourselves with rich experiences, into a state of perfection; whereby without further continuation of rich experiences of expansion, we degenerate into the state of boredom. This is the state of being which we, as consciousnesses, are eternally geared to endure.

                        What I hear you saying is that we, upon Earth, are shadows of ourselves as consciousnesses. What I hear you saying is that what we experience as perfected consciousnesses who, without constant expansion and stretching, end up in the state of boredom and its natural consequence of negative thinking.

Is that which we, as human beings, are to experience also? As above so below; so to speak.

Precisely, dear heart. As above so below; a parody of our life as a soul, indeed.

                       This then leads me to think that life, or consciousness, is not all that I thought it to be. By this I mean that I thought that life was something to be enjoyed, and somehow without too much effort; a little like angels playing harps; that sort of thing. What I am perceiving now is something quite different. This new concept is giving to me the idea that life, or consciousness, is a constant act of conscious thought and hard work to remain positive and effectual. It now seems to me that if effort is not put forth in order to remain above the negative, life would not be worth living. Pardon the pun!

I am also beginning to think that life, or consciousness, is not something which we can just opt out of. If we ‘are’ there does not seem to be an out clause, so to speak. This then makes me think that it is better to gear ourselves to the notion of making life the best that we can, once we appreciate the understanding that you are giving, because this is all there is. I don’t really know just what I presumed life to be. However, I did not expect it to be as full of self responsibility as it appears to be.

In one way it is good and yet in another it is a bit of a let down inasmuch as there are no harps playing, and no eternal peace, as such. I am understanding that all that is to be achieved in the peace stakes, and the playing of harps and all that that implies, is dependent upon the continual desire for the highest good, and the constant effort to ensure this is what prevails.

Good, dearest, your thinking is good. Indeed it is up to the individual to decide for themselves as to whether or not life for them will be grand. This is not a matter of collective consciousness, but individual consciousness. Each to his own, so to speak.

                       Then are you saying that there are certain consciousnesses who decide not to put forth the effort to maintain the highest good?

This is precisely what we are saying.

                       And what becomes of them?

Just as upon earth there are those who choose not to put forth effort into maintaining the highest good, and experience the consequences of their actions, so too as spirit there are those who choose to sit out time in this fashion. They choose boredom and the resulting negative thinking.

                      What becomes of them?

They atrophy, dear heart. 

                       Does this upset the balance? Does this affect the overall smooth running of the One Being? Does this cause discomfort for those consciousnesses that choose to put forth effort into maintaining the highest good?

You have certainly caused me some confusion and overwhelming of my being by this concept which you have placed before me. I am struggling to accept this concept. It seems so unworthy of something which I have considered above reproach; the life, or consciousness, or individual souls who are an integral part of the One and Only One. I find it difficult to comprehend that there are souls who choose not to put forth effort into being and maintaining perfection!

Indeed, dear one; this was always going to be a difficulty for you, and for many upon earth within matter, to comprehend whilst within the state of matter. However, dear heart, this is as it is. We are not perfect. Not all are perfect. Not all want perfection. Not all desire to put forth the effort required to become and then maintain perfection.

As we have said, dear heart, life upon earth is a parody of our existence as a consciousness. Some choose to be all that they can be, and many choose otherwise. A disappointment to you, dear one, we understand.

                       Are you then saying that the collective consciousness, which I have believed is responsible for the overall happenings; the resulting behaviour of all things, is not the case? Are you suggesting that life as a soul/consciousness is just as chaotic as life is here upon earth with all the varying degrees of love, hate malevolence, etc? 

Slowly you are coming to see the parody of which we speak. This is that which we have protected you from. This is the truth.

We as spirit are not perfect. Some choose perfection, and some choose otherwise. Those who choose perfection choose to have experiences upon earth, and within other illusions, in order to maintain their individual perfected state by expanding and stretching themselves with experiences which will guarantee their never ending survival.

However, dear one, there are almost as many who rather ‘sit out’ eternity in the confines of their thinking. This naturally is a limitation which brings its own state of negativity.

However, dear heart, this is their choice. No, dear one, they do not disrupt the overall. They do not disrupt the balance, as you wrote. No, dear one, they do not desire to do harm; as you thought. No; this is their choice and they atrophy, dear one. They become as cells in your body that do not perform in the best interest of your being; they atrophy and perish ultimately. They are no longer alive, dear one. They perish; they atrophy and perish. They no longer exist.

                       You have stated elsewhere that we are a collective consciousness and, unlike the fantasies which we project, we are all loving, all nurturing caring body of the one and only one. Are you suggesting that we are cells of a being; just as we, in matter, have cells making up our bodies?

Why do you think this so unusual, dear heart?

                       Well I don’t really. I have understood myself to be a consciousness which can manifest itself into illusions. However, I don’t believe that I have ever wanted to go deeper into this reality because of the limitation of thought, whilst in the body, and perhaps a degree of incredulity on my behalf that this concept could actually be true. For, if this was the case then I would have to consider the possibility of being an insignificant part of a greater being that could have mates out there! I would have to consider that if there is one being, in which I live and move and have my being, then there is no reason not to believe that there are more beings in which other cells are living, moving and having their being. Then comes the possibility that those greater beings, in which we live and move and have our being, are themselves within greater beings who are within and within and within; if you get my drift.

Why would this be so hard to understand, dear one?

                       If this is the case then I would have to appreciate that the cells within me are conscious, living, moving and having their being within me; and within them are cells or consciousnesses having their being within them and within and within and within. This sounds like science fiction!

Indeed, dear heart, let us explain. We are perfected beings, or consciousnesses, having an experience of limitation within the flesh (and others) in order to defray the limitations of boredom. Some of us choose this happenstance in order to defray the limitations of boredom; some do not. Those who do not, atrophy and perish, dear one; a natural consequence of atrophy. Those who choose to become and remain perfect have experiences/illusions to defray the state of boredom; which is a consequence of the state of perfection.

Many choose to disregard the prophesies of long standing experience and allow themselves to atrophy and perish. This they do. They are misguided, dear heart; some are misguided and some choose willingly to atrophy and perish.

This is always the case, dear one; all have a choice. In this way room is left for more to be created, and to evolve, and to make their own choices as to whether or not they wish to survive, indeed. This is a constant on-going condition for all of life, dear heart.

 Now that we have achieved this understanding, you want understanding in regard to perfection.

The perfected state is achieved by many, dear heart. We are a collective consciousness who choose to create illusions for our betterment. This we do to alleviate the boredom; as has been said.

Whilst in this collective consciousness we are an all loving, all nurturing band of the One and Only One Being in which we live and move and have our being.

Indeed, dear heart; there be many such as the One and Only One in which we live. This has been a falsity perpetuated upon man for eternity, dear heart; and this is to cease as of this writing.

We live and move and have our being within one of the beings of great intent. Within and within and within it goes. Yes, dear one; we are also a being of great intent. Within us are millions upon trillions of cells/consciousnesses/souls who live and move and have their being.

This does not surprise our dear heart, for we have planted this possibility within the brain. It has taken root and has been an integral part of the thinking, dear one. Has it not?

                        Yes, it has. All of my life I have had these thoughts and have tried in vain to remove them or at the least not dwell upon them, because they seemed too fantastic to be true. I haven’t wanted to believe in them because of the resulting feelings of; on the one hand, insignificance toward those who are greater, and a responsibility toward those who are within, so to speak.

And yet even as I write I am finding myself feeling great benevolence toward those who depend upon me, who are within, and a feeling of respect and honour toward those who are greater.

However, does this not mean that my life is dependant upon those, who are greater than me, choosing life? For, should the being, in which I live and move and have my being, decide to atrophy and perish, then so shall I and you and all within this one being. That is the scary part that I have not wanted to think about were the thoughts which, it is true, I have had all of my life turned out to be true.

We recall a time when we too were scared of such an event, dear one. However, the being in which we live and move and have our being has indeed been a constant for us for many a millennium, so to speak. This being is one of great intent and chooses life over the opposition. We have no way of knowing how long this shall endure, dear heart; this is true. However, dear one, history has been long and this one being has been constant in its desire for life. We see no end to this state of being, dear heart. It appears to be a constant.

                        From that I deduce that we are to appreciate the fragility of life, and resolve to be responsible for maintaining a positive outlook.

Am I right in thinking that we, as a collective consciousness, can assist the being in which we live and move and have our being, by being all that we can be; which would have the beneficial effect of positivity within this being’s body. Therefore, giving this being encouragement to be all that it can be?

Precisely, dear one; we are all interdependent. The more love engendered within, i.e., the more healthy a being is, the more that being enjoys life, the more encouragement it has to continue life. So yes, dear heart, we each bear a responsibility toward the being in which we live and move and have our being, and to those who live within us.

So to those who choose not to evolve to the state of perfection we bear no grievance. However, we must encourage them to be all that they can be for the greater good.

                        This must be a difficult position in which to be. On the one hand allowing all to have their independent choices; and yet should the status quo become one of overbalance on the wrong side of the ledger, we could all perish. It seems like a great threat to our existence and yet a challenge to allow the greater numbers to decide our fate.

I am feeling a sense of inner resolve occurring. I am feeling a sense of fate stirring within me. I am understanding that I may perish along with all, should the status quo change, and yet, for the first time ever I am feeling a state of equilibrium which I have not felt before. The lack of this equilibrium was the reason why I have not been able to think this through before.

This inner resolve, understanding, equilibrium and lack of fear have allowed me to process as never before. It seems okay to me now. I almost feel compassion toward those who choose not to survive/live. I would like to be able to free them from the apathy. However, I also know that freedom of choice allows all the dignity of independent choice; and this needs to be honoured even at my own expense.

So from this I understand the need to encourage, assist and openly participate with those who are evolving and making choices. They need all of the assistance as can be given them in order for the continued survival of our being.    

September 2005

© Copyright – Carolyn Page 2005

 The Brain of Man Text 2

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