Greater Freedom From Fear

We have recently advised our dearest, Carolyn, and our Dear One, her daughter, Veronica, to expect even more relaxation to become a part of their days. Yes, Dear Hearts, this we have.

In conjunction with this advice came the appreciation that the two were experiencing greater freedom within the moments of their day. This had become evident to the two in various ways.

Our dearest spoke of freedom of thought, Dear Hearts, that prompted our Dear One, Veronica, to speak in regard to freedom of dress. We shall not explain in too much detail, you understand.

However, our dearest’s thought processes no longer carry the desire to please others. This has lifted a somewhat heavy burden from our dearest’s shoulders; a burden that many carry unnecessarily.  

Our Dear Heart, Veronica, is experiencing freedom in regard to a lessening of a somewhat stiff mode of dress. That is to say, Dear Hearts; Veronica no longer carries this same burden of wanting to please. The result for both is a greater freedom of thought and subsequent action.

And this we have advised our Dear Hearts will continue as they progress toward the ultimate – Love & Perfection or, Freedom from Fear.

Many Blessings to All

We would like to add a postscript, Dear Hearts:

Our dearest questioned whether or not she was to publish this post. You see, Dear Hearts, our dearest now questions whether indeed it is appropriate for her to continue in the vein of assisting others. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, this is true.

We hasten to advise our dearest. It is with this attitude you will be of greater benefit to all. It is an objective mind that garners the greatest success.

Many Blessings, dearest

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. An extension of that is to learn not to create fear. This has taken me many years. However, today fear is not something I think about, so to speak. It doesn’t appear as a reality for me.
      This sometimes surprises me, for, I was once so very fearful.

  1. It’s a great battle to overcome fear but we forget that it’s all in the mind and it’s easy to do it but our mind is never on our side to overcome it, that’s why it makes it harder to… Great blog!👌👌👌

    1. Indeed, yes; your words are true. Overcoming fear is a ‘battle’, as you’ve said. However, it can be overcome given sufficient desire and determination.
      And we mustn’t forget the ‘rewards’ we gain throughout the process; inner strength; a continually expanding approach to life that only calmness can offer; a clearer mind; peace, patience; the list is endless. 🙂

      1. EXACTLY. That’s why it’s necessary to learn the way to overcome fear. It’s all psychological even if it might seem as nothing sometimes but the moment it’s done, we can conquer anything…

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