1. It is, David, very nice indeed.
      It’s now 18 years since I began this gorgeous walking route to the Lagoon. It never fails to surprise. Even in these days of self isolation there are still so many beautiful things to see. I love the cows and the horses; the birds calling; the children riding their bikes.
      There are so many blessings!

  1. What a beautiful place. “Society waking up”, that’s what I used to love about the really early mornings, going out when it’s peaceful and calm but with a slight buzz of energy for the things to come. It’s such a different picture lately with everywhere almost deserted. Thank you for taking us on your morning walk with you! And I’d agree with the above comment – love the video, Carolyn! xx

    1. “a slight buzz of energy for the things to come.”
      I couldn’t agree more, Caz. I do love that time of day when only a few venture out. Mind you, Caz, a lot more can be seen, these days!

      Mums and dads with their young children are out walking, or riding bikes, some pushing prams. It would seem, for some, this self isolation period has brought a lot of families even closer. I guess it’s a real mixed bag!

      Great to see you, Caz. Lots and lots o’ love to you…

    1. Hahah…. Balle, I enjoyed this ‘walk’ so much.
      We are now in Autumn; it won’t be long before we have to rug up! Today was only 17 C/62 F. For you that is probably quite warm still. For me it is a taste of winter approaching. Brrrrrrr…
      Of course, I will still be out enjoying the fresh air. The difference will be a scarf and a cardy.. Hahah..
      ❤️🤗 ❤️🤗 ❤️🤗

      1. Dear Carolyn, it’s spring. This week has been a bit cool and temperatures have dropped to 15 ° C, but warm weather begins on the following days. I have to be honest, I don’t like cool weather at all … Spring and summer are the best seasons for me. Enjoy the warm and nice weather while it’s there.
        Kind regards and I wish you a nice weekend, Balle 🤗💖😇😘

        1. I will enjoy; Thank You, Balle.
          And the same for you. Spring is such a wonderful season. I will think of you enjoying the sunshine!
          And you – Have a wonderful weekend

    1. Lockdown, so to speak, has come and partially gone as we are now able to venture out a little more. Social distancing is still enforced, of course.
      Keith and I had our first meal out yesterday due to some restaurants opening on a small basis – only 10 people maximum being allowed. Next Monday cafes and restaurants (depending upon size) will be able to cater for (up to) 50 guests. Once again this is dependent upon the 1.5 metre distancing being operable.
      We have been able to venture out taking walks, etc., within our neighbourhood during the pandemic. This is also changing with travel to regional areas within our state now allowed.
      The borders are all closed, at the moment, interstate and, of course, internationally. Fortunately we, K and I, have no need to travel far so these limitations haven’t affected us!
      So to answer your question. Yes, everything is ok. Life goes on, and we, like all, adapt, accept and carry on! We are both enjoying doing less and relaxing more and more. The puppy dogs are getting a lot more attention, and the kitchen is seeing a lot more of me cooking new recipes.. Hahahhh..

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