Saturday Flashback – Q6b. A Synopsis of Life as a Consciousness

Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Ask a Question Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.  The following is a continuation of one such question.

To be human, flourishing or suffering is a choice. Humans are still trying/searching, experimenting to perfect the fantasy.

We are a consciousness, Dear Heart, enjoying a fantasy. Some of us are enjoying the fantasy, whilst others are here for other purposes. You will recall in a recent post, Dear One, answering your initial question: Why are so many people starving and suffering from natural disasters we spoke of the breakup of those consciousnesses here in human form. In the previous post we alerted you to the many trillions upon trillions of consciousnesses here to fulfill other aspects of the fantasy. Such as, Dear Heart, those who perform the multitude of fantasies available within other forms: The trees, plants, animals, etc. We have a fully functioning fantasy offering many the joy and boredom relieving properties to be gained by participating within the fantasy. This is a small synopsis of the Earth Fantasy, you appreciate, Dear One.

We have also spoken in regard to your particular role within the fantasy; i.e., a Light Worker. This is a role you have chosen for this particular occasion, you understand, Dear Heart. Just as others have chosen to be an accountant, a farmer, a bridge builder, etc., who may also be Light Workers.

Then, Dear Heart, there are those here purely for the sake of entertainment. They form the approximate 2 billion (within human form) whose sole purpose is to have many and varied experiences, relieving the boredom of our perfected state.

Then, Dear One, there are those, within human form, who are perfecting themselves; i.e., their consciousness, you appreciate. Yes, Dear Heart, the Earth Fantasy was initially created in order for those consciousnesses not yet perfect, to perfect themselves; violence being a form of instruction, you understand. It is envisaged that those, here for this purpose of circumnavigating our innate negativity, will have achieved this state within 3 centuries from now; the first century, and the last century bearing little resemblance to each other. As we have written; the last of the three centuries will see only minor incidences of violence as those here for this purpose will then be a small number yet to achieve perfection. Another brief summary, Dear One, but one which we hope will increase your appreciation.

Our dearest asks that we speak a little in regard to the daily negatives we suffer (in human form). Yes, Dear Heart, there are many incidences of grief, dishonesty, distrust, greed; suffering in one form or another that we. as humans. suffer. Do we not have an opportunity to expand our consciousness whilst experiencing these particular concerns? Indeed we do, dearest. Do we not engage fully within the fantasy as we gingerly learn to circumnavigate those energies within ourselves and others? Indeed we do.

Part of the reason for the Light Workers, the 4 billion Light Workers participating within the fantasy, is due in part to boredom. Yes, Dear Heart, boredom is something we all suffer whether within the fantasy, or as a consciousness. The choice to relieve such boredom is open to all and is the number one reason for participation within any fantasy. To give a greater appreciation of this think of the number of times you, as a human, relieve your boredom whilst engaging within fantasies of the mind. Yes, Dear One, as above so below, as the saying goes. This is an example of that which we suffer as a consciousness, and endeavour to relieve such boredom with fantasies.

A second and pertinent reason for many choosing to be Light Workers is because of the current position in which we, as consciousness, find ourselves. That is; the degree of perfection achieved. We shall not go into this too deeply here, Dear One, the writings are available for those who choose to read.

We have a mandate to change the Earth Fantasy from its original beginnings, i.e., a fantasy in which to perfect ourselves as consciousnesses to a Fantasy to achieve such perfection whilst in human form. This, as we know, is not and will not be an easy task. However, because the original intent shall soon be defunct it is now appropriate for the evolution of the Earth Fantasy to begin. This is an agreed upon condition requiring the 4 billion Light Workers to awaken from their slumber and remember their agreement of beginning the process of perfection. A daunting task for many; yet an agreed upon task requiring effort, sustainability and an eager heart.

It will be those sufferings such as the inherent greed, dishonesty, distrust, etc., and the emotional states of grief, sadness, longings for wealth, etc., that will play their part in the overall perfection stakes. The Light Workers who overcome the negatives inherent within will be those thrusting forward and succeeding to become ‘all that they can be’. Yes, Dear Heart; be not afraid of the negatives, but think of them as friends who will assist you in your goal of perfecting yourself.

Our dearest sighs as she recalls a recent negative. She now realises the growth potential achievable by overcoming; indeed she does.

We shall leave this with you, Dear Heart, and thank you for your participation.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart.

Should you have a question we would love to hear from you – Ask a Question

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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