A Reminder Regarding the Debilitating Effects of Fear

It was in response to a Dear Heart’s comment recently that sent our dearest Carolyn into a mind numbing and confusing quandary.

Why wasn’t she affected by the obvious distress those in the animal kingdoms, who have agreed to be a part of the human food chain, imposed upon those who care for them?

This confounded our dearest, and has been a constant thought over the past few days.

We decided to put our dearest out of her misery. We reminded her, via a past post, of the reason why. We shall, with your consent, copy and paste the said post here.

We shall remind you, Dear Ones, this post is part of our series ‘Love & Perfection’.

4. Maintaining a Lack of Fear

Love & Perfection Series – Maintaining a Lack of Fear

Listen while you read

Whilst ever we are harbouring negatives, there will be fear.

Oh yes, dear friends, negatives are a constant value of fear. And how do we remove the negatives? We remove the negatives, Dear Ones, by recognising firstly: They are fear.

Until we receive this understanding, Dear Hearts, as mentioned in our previous post, we will be subject to fear ad-infinitum; this is true.

And what is a negative? Once again, Dear Ones, this is an easy question to answer.

A negative is opposite to a positive. And what is a positive? Why, anything that is not a negative is a positive. We shall explain:

You, Dear Heart, are imbued with fear; this being an attribute of the fantasy of man. As such your every thought is tinged with this energy. When you can recognise this truth you are on your way to overcoming; this is true, Dear One:

When you can recognise the truth of fear you are on your way to overcoming.

We repeat ourselves, Dear Hearts, so as the truth can become embedded within your consciousness. Without this truth you are subject to the truth of fear being the number one energy with which you are imbued.

Simple is the truth, Dear One. Not so simple is the method of overcoming.

There are many and varied avenues to take, in the reduction and eventual overcoming of fear. Firstly comes recognition. Secondly comes a desire to be without the energy of fear. And thirdly, Dear Heart, comes repetition – repetition of your desire to recognise the energy of fear, and repetition of your desire to overcome.

This may seem a simple remedy and, in truth, this is a simple formula for success. However, Dear One, to maintain this simple formula will require every ounce of desire you can muster; coupled with a desire that can be maintained until you have ‘broken fear’s back’, so to speak.

Our dearest Carolyn can attest to this simple equation as being her life saver; indeed she can.

Yes, this is true. I can report that, these days, there is very little effort required for me to maintain positive thinking; I even find it difficult to dwell upon the negative. I believe the first port of call for me was objectivity. To explain:

The world is full of negatives. It is impossible to be insulated from the negatives and remain cognizant of worldly events without fear causing alarm within the mind; this was the case for me. Therefore, I realised I needed to adopt an attitude that would protect me from the negatives.

You, The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) taught me to ‘see’ the negatives, but, remain objective. This was to become a wonderful formula for me. It allowed me to be a part of the world, but not of the negative values within the world. Today I can read a newspaper or listen to the world news without being affected by the negative structures.

Are you saying, dearest, that you are free from the affects of the negative aspect of life as a human experiencing?

Yes, I believe that is what I am saying.

And this took time, dearest?

Yes, it absolutely took time and a great deal of work to achieve.

Work, dearest?

As you’ve said; it takes a great desire to be without fear, plus a constant monitoring of the inherent capacity for fearful thoughts, in order to prevent ones self from being affected by them. Then, as you’ve said, there is a tipping point into a new value, so to speak. Once this point has been achieved comes an almost inability to entertain the negative. It is as though the brain cannot respond; it is changed.

And to what is it changed, dearest?

It is hard to find the words. Suffice to say I am not affected by the negative. I see the negative; however, I cannot dwell upon it or entertain it. It is as if it doesn’t exist, even though I know it does and that others are affected, I remain untouched, so to speak.

We know this is true for you, dearest.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts, Many Blessings

Continue to Part 5 ~ Perfection as a Human Experiencing

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. Hello my dear Carolyn!
    Thank you for sharing with us your journey of going beyond the fear and not letting fear and the negative affect you. This is a great lesson and it’s worth the effort. I’ve been working on this on myself and I can understand how you feel.
    I also think this is an inspiring way to start this year.
    Have a beautiful day and an amazing year in 2020!
    Hugs and blessings!

    1. Dear, Dear Mihaela,
      I am smiling a huge smile and with a very warm heart; you really do make my little heart sing. I am so pleased for you. I know how hard this state of mind is to achieve; it takes determination and a great deal of effort. We really do deserve all the rewards that come to us.
      Thank You for your wonderful comment, and for just being the delight that you are.
      Lots of hugs and kisses for a fabulous 2020!

      1. Thank you, my dear Carolyn, for your beautiful words that put a happy smile on my face. I also thank you for the beautiful vibes that you send out in the world and for encouraging us to choose love and good feelings over fear and negativity.
        Hugs and kisses and I also wish you a fabulous year in 2020. And I have a feeling that this is going to be a very good year…

  2. “…to maintain this simple formula will require every ounce of desire you can muster” that is so very true. As is recognising the fear and knowing the truth of which you speak being the first key thing to do. It’s only in more recent times that I’ve become aware of just how much fear has been a sneaky devil underneath my thoughts and actions. So afraid of loss, so afraid of change, so afraid things won’t be perfect, that I remain stuck. Acknowledging that fear and the role it plays it what helps you to know the problem so you can try to work it out, work with it and through it. A fantastic post and it’s lovely to hear from you again. I hope you’re been keeping as well as possible, Carolyn. Wishing you all the best for a happier, healthier & brighter new year with less fear and more confidence to live  ♥
    Caz xx

    1. Just wonderful to read your words, Caz.
      You constantly uplift me with your powerful approach to life. Well done you! I have nothing but a deep admiration for your tenacity, determination and maturity.
      It is so good to know you, Caz. May we both experience that happier, healthier & brighter new year!
      Big Hugs to You

    1. Yes, Michael, I hear you; it can be a hit and miss affair. After a while, though, fear becomes more and more recognisable as we realise we have the power to do so; as I’m sure you are finding!
      All the best to you. I truly do understand the ‘work’ that goes into this process, and congratulate you for putting yourself forward. I also hope that you are experiencing some rewards too!

  3. Happy new year Carolyn I will have to read this the full appraise my self of the benefits, I made the mistake of browsing through WP when im sat in my car between jobs but I will re-read tonight

    All the best Scott

  4. Interesting how you always seem to hit my head on a nail… (having some fun with an old saying)

    Here, the idea of entertaining fear… entertaining the negative energy is my take away.
    I am not a big birthday person. I rarely remember any, and I don’t care one whit if mine is remembered. I’m easy.
    Someone, whose bd, I had forgotten (I forget it pretty much every year) sent me a message dumping a lot of negative energy on me. I responded positively, yet, something gnawed.
    I recognized this as neg. energy that I didn’t need to entertain, and have now let go 100% thanks to this article.
    The fear was … what? That the person wouldn’t like me, be my friend anymore?

    1. “Interesting how you always seem to hit my head on a nail… (having some fun with an old saying)”
      Your sense of humour, Resa, always ‘tickles my fancy’!

      So good to read this, Resa; it’s a fabulous example of recognising fear; the beginning of its end!”

      When we can do this for all those little and larger negative events within our lives, and the world in general, comes a peace not known before.
      In my experience this scenario/negative may repeat itself, depending upon the ‘layers’ involved. When it does there is the need to repeat our conviction – until it no longer presents as a negative.
      I have always known when this occurs, because – I simply am no longer affected.
      Naturally, there is the need to be gentle with ourselves. After all, we are learning a new behaviour!

      As for what “the fear was… what?”
      I have always found a myriad of hidden negatives/fears behind my old responses to certain situations/conditions. I’m sure that you will discover the same. Even years later events I thought I had processed and completed will come to mind with a clearer understanding.
      Happily, there is no time limit involved – only rewards for the work achieved…

  5. It is so funny that every time I get a thought stuck in my head that I want to blog about, I get a feeling that I need to check your blog, and it never disappoints, Carolyn.

    Fear is a force to be reckoned with. It is the force that drives the majority of human decisions. Unfortunately, things that we are afraid of can’t be changed. They are either things and experiences in the past or things that are happening today or things that might happen tomorrow. We can’t change them but we can change the way we feel about life itself, good and bad, painful and enjoyable, destructive and innovative.

    All the fires in Australia are killing animals and humans but what has happened can’t be changed. Yes, so many species will be extinct and yes and so much devastation has been caused as I type this, but neither Universe is freaking out nor Animals themselves live in self-pity. Of course, it is horrible what is happening and our hearts are broken but if we dwell only on negative, nothing positive will come from it. No one can change what has happened and no one can change the effect of this but what we can do is to stay positive and do what is necessary to make sure we learn from this and turn this into a positive future.

    We all battle fear. It is everywhere around us and it does take a lot of courage and a lot of effort to ensure that we stay positive. Fear is something that will always challenge us and sometimes we will lose, but sometimes we will stay strong and tap into the energy of all beings and see beyond what we are capable of seeing.

  6. Hello Dace, so lovely to see you…
    Sitting here nodding and smiling at your wonderful thoughts. There is just one thing I’d like to mention about ‘fear’.
    It can be overcome!
    Yes it can, and I can tell from your writing that you have overcome many fears of the past. This is being done, my beautiful Dace, because (forgive me for being so forward) this is what you (Light Worker extraordinaire) have agreed to do……
    Little by little, inch by inch, small step by small step you, and I, and many more like us are realising freedom from fear.

    There will be a positive or two or three thousand from the devastating fires our dear Oz has/is suffering. It is my understanding that nothing happens that is not already agreed to on another level. This does not mitigate the profound experiences for those who are affected, however, it does allow those of us who recognise this as truth to allow all events to unfold without being bewildered and harmed by them.

    Once again, Dace, it is so good to be catching up with you again…

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