An Epiphany All Shall Have

Our dearest has had an epiphany; indeed she has. And what is the epiphany recently experienced by our dearest? The epiphany, Dear Ones, is the knowledge that ‘all’ shall reach in their journey to Love and Perfection. That is, Dear Hearts, the cessation of needing to help others; yes indeed.

There will come, for all, a time when this will become evident. Yes, all Light Workers have the desire to assist others upon their journey; this is true, Dear Ones, and this is intentional. All Light Workers are tarred with the same brush, so to speak.

In helping others to attain Love and Perfection, Love and Perfection is attained.

Our dearest no longer desires to write the words of love. However, we would like to explain to those who are interested.

Although the burning desire to be of assistance no longer sustains our dearest, she will, when inspired, write the words of love. However, this will be done as an honour and a duty and not, as it has been up to date, a pleasure and a joy.

No, Dear Hearts, our dearest will experience joy by other means. Indeed, our dearest’s capacity for joy will increase exponentially over the coming months as she continues to backwards age. The pleasures she will enjoy will be mostly from the inner momentum as she accelerates toward Love and Perfection within herself.

We wish all Light Workers this same speed toward their goal.

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. Joy is what we are, when there’s joy there will be love and it seems that we’re all in a fast train to accomplish that goal, Granny says that too. Let’s Enjoy the ride, Carolyn👼💗Pawkisses for a Happy Thursday🐾😽💞

    1. Yes indeed, Binky… All aboard… Toot Toot.. 😎 🚉

      Hahah.. I’m sending both you and Granny lots of joyful love.. 🥰 🐾 ❣️

      Many Blessings to us All

    1. Thank You, Dear Caz.

      I feel like a little girl after being given the freedom to express herself in ways not known before. Hahah… It is excitement tinged with anticipation of new things to come.

      On the other side of this shiny coin lives an adult who has realised a greater degree of maturity; certainly a dichotomy I am willing to explore.

      And, just like that proverbial penny I know that I will be posting about all the changes to come. No, there’s no stagnation involved here!

      Much Love to You, Caz, and
      Many Blessings

  2. So, one would think “a pleasure and a joy” is where inspiration would come from.
    Yet, I see that doing things for reasons of “a pleasure and a joy” could confine one to the duty of always being such.
    “Honour and duty”, sounds like work, yet, it does not involve the exhausting giving and giving to those in need of assistance. Rather, it is cerebral and does not tax emotions, which can drain one of energy.
    It has a backwards ring. Yet, it makes sense to me.
    Yes, joy is found in other places. As I don’t worry about what anyone thinks about the learned perfectness of my art anymore, I am free to express, as I feel. That feels perfectly joyous, as opposed to struggling with perfection.

    OH, do I make any sense?

    1. Dear One, we celebrate your cerebral involvement.

      Hahah… We are jesting, Dear Heart; yes we are. However, there is always some truth in these words.

      Our dearest Carolyn has, to a major extent, been involved in the cerebral sense. We shall explain:

      Our dearest is, as you are aware, able to ‘hear’ the words of Love. This she has transcribed to the page, as such, for the Light Workers of the World to read.

      Although this has been a pleasure for our dearest, it has also contained much hard work on her behalf. We talk about the completion of our free books and our published books as well as the many articles we have written upon the many subjects associated with gaining the imperceptible qualities needed to attain Love and Perfection.

      This has been a joy and a love for our dearest, and this, Dear One, will continue in a fashion that will no longer tax our dearest, but leave her free to entertain the many rewards of her endeavours.
      This she will write about, presenting videos and images of the changes to come as the acceleration toward Love and Perfection continues.

      Our dearest will also, as is written, Dear Heart, continue to write on our behalf as she is inspired by us. Yes, Dear One, do not fear; our dearest’s work will continue. The difference being:

      Our dearest will enjoy greater freedom to pursue the many qualities of the state of Love and Perfection.

      Many Blessings, Dear Heart, Many Blessings

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