Live & Let Live

What shall we speak about? Shall we speak of the need to reinforce the argument for and against our beliefs? Or shall we just accept the inevitable and continue on with our lives? Our dearest has an idea of what we are alluding to. Do you not, dearest?

Yes, I believe I appreciate the gist of what you are saying.

Which is, dearest?

I have reached a state of mind that does not need to pursue the ‘for or against’ argument upon any subject, so to speak. I remain open to the knowing that there is not one line of thought that embodies sufficient completeness to denote the thought processes, upon any subject, that aligns itself to an unquestioning roundness of understanding.

What you are saying, dearest, is that it is impossible for any two to agree upon a subject without there being variances of opinion. Yes?

Yes, and more. I also don’t believe that we are capable of fully understanding any given subject. There will always be a deeper, more profound appreciation around the corner, so to speak. Throughout history this has been the case. With further investigation and greater knowledge comes change. To think that we ‘know anything at all’ is to limit ourselves to a moment in time.

And you prefer to remain open, dearest?

Yes I do.

And this requires patience, dearest?

I wouldn’t say that patience is required. Perhaps a degree of serenity is needed.

Serenity, dearest?

Yes. When the mind is quieted the need to feel that one understands anything at all becomes irrelevant.

Irrelevant, dearest?

Yes. The sense that I have today could be likened to a river that flows ever onward. It does not have need to cater to those who live within it; nor does it try to understand those who live within it. It knows that its course will continue. It will encounter new possibilities here and there. It will also encounter many varied responses to similar experiences that it has had; and will allow all their own particular fashion of thinking.

Are you talking about the ability to live and let live, dearest?

I do believe that sums it up quite nicely…

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    1. Be my guest, Barbara, do with it as you like..

      I must admit to having a smile on my face as I read your comment. Not quite the reaction I would have expected, but, nonetheless, very appreciated.

      Have a great day
      Many Blessings

    1. Yes indeed, Moushmi, it would.

      In the meantime, though, we can develop the attitude of not being affected by those who are not yet capable of doing this; which is, in itself, a wonderful ability and a powerful self protective measure against the high and lows of being human.

      Many Blessings to you, Dear Moushmi ❤

  1. Hmmmm, so this explains why, as I have aged (open to debate which way) that I am much more tolerant. But, is ‘not caring’ what politicians say or do anymore the same thing? 😘😂 Great post Carolyn x

    1. Hahah Charlie; it is great to be able to be philosophical about human nature. We know we can’t change the nonsense we see, and we enjoy not being affected by it.

      Doesn’t mean we are apathetic, in my book. I believe it’s more a case of knowing when and where to spend our energy.

      Hope you are having, or have had a really great weekend.
      Many Blessings

  2. “I also don’t believe that we are capable of fully understanding any given subject” – a good point. Differences in opinion and the inability for anyone to fully know everything are things that, I think, make the world and us in it so incredibly interesting. It gives us diversity, makes the world so brilliantly colourful. We need to acknowledges all the variation, the inability to know everything, and accept that with serenity. We can still be as opinionated and passionate as we wish, but we shouldn’t force those opinions on others, nor be negative towards those with other ideas, so it’s far from a state of apathy. ‘Each to their own’ and ‘live and let live’ are mottos to live by in my book. Nicely said, Carolyn!

    1. Absolutely, Caz, it is far from a state of apathy; as you’ve said. It (the diversity of the world) is interesting and keeps me wanting to investigate all and sundry! The more open to this I am, the more enjoyable life is.

      Thank You for your amazing understandings of life. It is such a pleasure to know you.
      Many Blessings, Caz

  3. The river/live and let live analogy is perfect.
    Live and let live has always been a good guide in my life.
    For some reason, I Am A Rock popped into my mind. So, I went for a listen.
    You are such a positive person, I wondered why this song? Is it because rocks and islands are in rivers?
    Somehow I believe I am seeing a positive light from a negative side. As you say, it takes the 2 to tango! wonder what Carolyn thinks? I just thought CP from the CC.

    1. Indeed, Dear Heart, we hear you. Yes indeed, we appreciate what you have said, Dear One. There is a little of a Rock and an Island in those who have traversed the best and the worst of life.

      The element of both are precursors to an effective solution of keeping an arm’s length from the, shall we say, poorer aspects of life. This was not the lyricist’s intention. However, Dear Heart, you (and our dearest) do appreciate the deeper tones of the words.

      Many Blessings


      Resa, I’m so pleased The C.C. came in there. I saw something of what they have described, but didn’t want to explain it, as it would not have come off as eloquently…

      Love to You
      Bye for now

    1. I hear you, Scott.

      You’ve touched upon two attitudes that really begin, I believe, with ourselves. That is: When we can respect and have tolerance for ourselves we can begin the process of having respect and tolerance for all. Every change really does begin firstly within ourselves. It can’t be any other way!

      I am so pleased you’ve made comment, Scott. It is a delight for me to see you upon my post…

      Have a great weekend… Many Blessings

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