A Thought Extension

We surprised our dearest this day with an enormous amount of energy; this we did.

In the early hours of the day our dearest was given a ‘lack of energy’. This continued until the afternoon social dance when we delivered energy full scale. Our dearest, and her life partner, Keith, then danced the hours away; ventured homeward; ate a hearty meal and arrived home satisfied, safe and sound.

This is something I’ve come to appreciate:  We are given whatever is required in order for an experience to be had. I sometimes doubt this, and at other times wish this wasn’t the case. The reason for this is because to believe this to be true, is to accept whatever is the status quo. This means accepting that I have agreed to illness, health, abilities in certain regards and a lack of ability in others. It basically means accepting I am a consciousness having an experience, in so-called matter, at the behest of my soul who is directing me as an actor in a play.

Yes indeed, dearest, this is the case for you, and will be the case for many more such as you. Is it difficult for you, dearest?


Yes. Is it a difficult matter with which to come to terms?

Do you refer to the state whereby I have come to terms appreciating the understanding that I am a consciousness currently having an experience in matter?

Somewhat, dearest. The question we ask is:  Is it a difficult matter for you to appreciate your role as a thought extension of your soul?

I have had various mental positions, so to speak, in regard this matter. I originally felt quite annoyed and believed myself to be a puppet of my soul; one that was totally controlled by my soul. This really irked me, at times.

We know this to be true for you, dearest. And now?

It’s quite a strange situation really. As an example:  This morning, when I felt tired and lacking energy I knew this lethargy was given by my soul. I also knew that as I needed the energy for dancing it would, most likely, be given. I was not surprised when an overabundance of energy was given.

And why was this, dearest?

I know this is the case because of past experiences. But more than this; I know this is how the fantasy works.

The fantasy works, dearest?

Yes. We are a thought extension of our soul, our consciousness who is having an experience in so-called matter. Every action, every thought we have is a part of this thought extension. And yes; it seems incredibly real to us. However, I live my life with this knowing.

Does this interfere with your actions throughout the day, dearest?

Not really. At the back of my mind, so to speak, I have this knowing. However, I do not place a great deal of thought to it.

Do you mean to say, dearest, you enjoy having experiences even though you appreciate from whence they come?

Yes, I believe so. The experience of being a human experiencing is so very real. It negates, in a sense, the truth of its formation.

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. I also love the way you explain these things and I also believe that we are given more energy when we most need it. I felt this in my life. Have a beautiful, blessed day, with lots of energy and lots of beautiful moments. P.S. My dear Carolyn, I envy you, lovingly of course, for the dancing… We used to dance a lot too… I miss that… xoxoxo

    1. Thank You so much, Mihaela; your comments bring me such joy!
      So sad, though, to read that you are missing dance. I can thoroughly appreciate this! 😞
      Here’s hoping this changes; and very soon!


    1. Hahah… Helen, I couldn’t resist the little GIF – so cute! (Yes, I did think of you.) 🙂

      Isn’t it wonderful!? I haven’t felt energy like this EVER! Or, maybe I just can’t remember, but, it sure is great – to say the least…

      Keep running, my dear friend…. Halleluyah! 😀

    1. Hahah… Understood.. 🙂
      When I ‘get it’ I understand I need it…
      When I don’t ‘get it’ I understand it’s probably time for me to rest.
      There seems to be more of a ‘demarcation’ between the two lately!
      Hmmmmm…. wondering what’s next..!!!? 🙂

      1. Though, I must add, Resa: Even though, as I’ve said, I feel more of a ‘demarcation’ between the two energies of late; I must add that, overall, I feel a heightened degree of energy as an average! 🙂

  2. A fascinating way of looking at it, Carolyn, and you’ve expressed it as eloquently as always  ♥
    Caz xx
    PS. If ever you experience this – “I was not surprised when an overabundance of energy was given” – again, please send some of that energy my way 😉

    1. “please send some of that energy my way 😉”
      Hahah, Caz – If I can I will… I’ll give it a go; just for you! 🙂
      Now, wouldn’t that be interesting!!!??? 🙂

  3. You know, my friend, lately I have noticed that my thoughts are the ones that attracted my experiences. If I pay attention to something that upsets me, the Universe gives me more of that. If I find something positive in whatever experience I have, I notice that somehow the Universe manages to get me more of the positive. I am my thoughts and my thoughts are my journey.

    I definitely know that what matters the most in life is the journey itself, not the destination.
    So, let us see you dance, let us see you have more energy, let us see you love your life even more than you love it today. And you know, let us love you even more for who you are and who you will be tomorrow…

    1. “I am my thoughts and my thoughts are my journey.”
      Dace, you bring such wisdom with you; I am always so humbled by your comments. Not only am I humbled, but, I am also heart whelmed by your heart felt words.
      Thank You, my friend. May we both dance, have more energy, and love our lives more and more… ❤

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