Mystery Managed. Or; Clarity Reigns!

We have seen the end of a time shrouded in mystery, Dear Ones; indeed we have. What is meant by this is:

Our Dearest has come to terms with the events of the past days. During this time, and with the added benefit of the masculine energies, our dearest has understood more fully the work to be achieved. Not only does our dearest now appreciate her task, but also the task of those closest to her; i.e., her life partner, Keith, and her daughter, Veronica; two major role players in the game of Love & Perfection.

This evening our dearest spent time with our Dear Heart, Veronica. During this time it was realised by both that regardless of their differing mental attitudes regarding Love & Perfection, and all that is entailed in the achievement of this new fantasy; the end result of Love & Perfection will only be obtained by doing the work.

Therefore, Dear Ones, regardless of your reasoning behind the work of achieving Love & Perfection; i.e., an absence of fear; all will follow the example of those such as our dearest Carolyn.

Love & Perfection can only be achieved by ridding oneself of fear. In this all are equal.

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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11 thoughts on “Mystery Managed. Or; Clarity Reigns!

    1. Absolutely, dear Vanessa… 😘
      It has been the case from the beginning! A new level unfolds! I know this is not the last. Hahah…
      It’s a wonderful journey… 😍 😍 😍
      Ever onwards…

  1. ‘…the end result of Love & Perfection will only be obtained by doing the work’ – Tearing down fear and taking action, even small steps, is always better than standing still.xx

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Caz!
      After living that life – standing still – for many years & suffering the consequences of that – give me moving forward with small steps, or any sized steps, pleaze!

      Always love your comments, dear Caz. They are a wonderful summation! 😘

  2. Doing the work is an ongoing devotion.
    I know I’m being …. funny… as I am bound to be now and again, but wouldn’t it be swell if we could buy a spritzer bottle of Fear Cleanser.
    You just spray it on what terrifies you, wipe with a paper towel and done!
    Okay, now that I’ve had a chuckle….. back to work! xoxo

    1. Hahah… Spritzer Fear Cleanser sounds fabulous, Resa. Only you could think of that, I’m sure! 😘
      Yet, in a fashion we do have a Fear Cleansing Spritzer bottle of a kind. I know it doesn’t work quite as quickly; however, we do have a Ask Your Soul / The C.C. to cleanse you of fear.
      I know it doesn’t always work first time. But, with time and practise it does get easier and quicker. Trick is to ‘catch it’ (the fear) as it’s causing the grief.
      Caught you, you little imposter! Now to eradicate you with my Spritzer Bottle Fear Cleanser & Wipe!
      Love it… Hahah…

  3. Dear Carolyn, I love reading your inspiring and inspired words. It is true that we’ve got to get rid of the fear… and we will be able to enjoy more and let joy fill our lives. Have a beautiful and blessed day, my dear friend!

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