Who Said Anything About Living Longer?

Yes indeed, Dear Hearts. This comment our dearest made in reply to a statement made by a follower of her blog; yes indeed ’tis true. Our dearest has been wondering whether or not she and others following her journey of becoming younger (Backwards Aging) will indeed live longer than would otherwise occur.

As a premise, Dear Ones, we need to advise that living longer has been occurring now for some decades. Yes? Yes, we believe most would agree to this statement. And, Dear Hearts, living longer, for most, will certainly be a future occurrence. However, we shall get to the point, Dear Hearts, of our dearest’s latest thoughts.

Living longer due to Backwards Aging.

It is inevitable that for those experiencing Backwards Aging will come a more healthy life and lifestyle; this is paramount to achieving Backwards Aging. Yes?

Yes indeed, Dear Ones. Backwards Aging is a reward for ridding yourself of fear. Remove fear and Backwards Aging will be the result.

Does it not stand to reason that as a result of a better frame of mind that the body will have a better frame; a frame that will be more resistant to ill health? Does it not stand to reason that a frame that is more resistant to the vagaries of aging; i.e., ill health; will outlast those bodies that are not resistant?

Indeed, Dear Hearts; it is inevitable. Living longer will indeed be the case for those who Backwards Age.

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  1. All of us want to live, longer if we can do any thing about it. The best way to live ‘longer’ is to find good partner and have contended, limitted and reasonable ambitions. Relatively short but happy lives are far ‘longer’ than LONG miserable ones.

    1. Hahaaaa.. Shakil; a most profound comment indeed.
      Though I agree with your words, Shakil: “Relatively short but happy lives are far ‘longer’ than LONG miserable ones.” Yes indeed I do agree wholeheartedly! What The C.C. are saying is: “It is inevitable that for those experiencing Backwards Aging will come a more healthy life and lifestyle; this is paramount to achieving Backwards Aging..”
      I can only imagine, and with the experience of Backwards Aging to date, that life will continue to improve in all manner of ways.
      Ideally, we all want better health. I know, from my life of having many ill health moments, how important good health is. With this as one of the cornerstones of Backwards Aging; i.e., better health; it stands to reason that one would have a more enjoyable life, able to fulfil one’s hopes and dreams with a more robust body and mind.
      I cannot end my reply without commenting on your achievements. Your mind is one of the examples of fine function into ‘older age’… One only needs to visit your blog to discover this. 🙂 This, though, is not the case for the general public. For most, a deterioration of both body and mind is currently inevitable. A sad state of affairs indeed; and one I want to avoid.. 😉 😉

      1. Dear Carolyn you are so kind about my mind etc. About backward aging I should comment as this is the main theme of your post but can’t because I do not it at all. All I know is forward aging.
        About long life I leave you a joke again. Doctor, I do not smoke, do not drink, do not do other bad habits, never do back bitibg, never fight. Will I have a long life? No, not necessarily, but it will feel long to you.😅

        1. 😂 😂 😂 This IS funny, Shakil… 😀

          Doctors’ Notes in ER as typed by Secretary:
          1. Patient has two teenage children, but no other abnormalities. 😂
          2. Mrs. Evans slipped on the ice and apparently her legs went in separate directions in early December. 😂
          3. She stated that she had been constipated for most of her life until she got a divorce. 😂

    1. Yes, me too, Resa; another step along this little fine line of knowledge gathering.
      This already presents me with further thoughts I’d like to have answered. However, The C.C. have always reminded me that knowledge, before the seeker is ready, can be detrimental.
      Therefore, I will wait upon The C.C. to inspire me to ask… As is always the case!
      Yes, indeed; Shakil is a man of honour; a man I admire..

    1. Thank You, Michael. This is my experience; one I am enjoying very much.
      I now look forward to seeing others enjoying the fruits of their labours. My daughter, Veronica, springs to mind. Just as I am able now to dance more freely with a younger frame, so too she has taken up an activity long forgotten; now because she is physically able. These physical changes, and many other changes such as the releasement of fear/s, are the basis for my assertions regarding Backwards Aging; facts that cannot be explained otherwise…
      Thank You, once again, for your comment, Michael. I do appreciate your engagement very much… 🙂

    1. Yes indeed, Megala, they shall. 🙂
      It has been a slow journey these past few years. In the beginning, the Backwards Aging seemed so slow. But then, it is aligned with the releasing of our fear/s, and this was slow to start.
      Today I immediately ask for help to release fear when and if I sense it. This is probably the reason why I feel a ‘quickening’ of Backwards Aging these days.
      I have the sense of so much to look forward to. Without fear to hold us back, and a stronger, healthier body, life becomes more and more a joy! 🙂

    1. Yes indeed, Moushmi; it is becoming more and more reasonable (for the Light Workers of the World) to accept this thought; this is as is arranged; you understand.
      The more we accept this, the more easily will become the steps to achieving Backwards Aging, such as the releasement of our fear/s.
      Much Love to You… 🙂

    1. Wonderful to read your comment, Barbara; Thank You so much.. 🙂
      Something I’ve come to learn about ‘fear/s’, and that is, it/they take some licking!
      The C.C. suggest taking it slow, and one at a time; individually, so to speak. Then, when it returns, which it generally does, repeating the process again and again until it does not return.
      Yes, vigilance is required.. Hahaaa… . 🙂
      I’m so pleased to see you..

    1. Hahaaaa… SD! I haven’t seen this movie; I’ve never been a fan of the horror genre, per se!
      However, if your connection is in regard to ‘reading minds and clairvoyance’.. Shine On! 🙂

  2. I love you, Carolyn, you know that. It has always been true and it has also been sort of proven that the age of a person depends on what they believe in. If you believe that you are going to die when you reach a certain age, you will die. If you just live and love life, you don’t pay attention to age or common beliefs, which sort of sets you back in time, you will do, what you call it, backwards aging.

    Age is not a number that is determined by your birth certificate, it is a number determined by your beliefs and your attitude. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just live and enjoy every minute – dance, laugh, tell jokes, and look forward to new adventures. As less you think about the age and getting old, as younger you will be.

    1. We shall speak directly to you, Dear One. There will be many who will feel as you do; this is expected and accounted for in the overall scheme.
      Our dearest’s work has only just begun. She will evidence more Backwards Aging with each month until she reaches the agreed upon age of twenty seven. This will be evidenced by medical reports by reputable medical authorities. We will publish the evidence when it is obtained, Dear Heart.
      Until such time, Dear One, we suggest following our dearest’s posts with an open mind. You are a Light Worker, Dear Heart. As such you too can be one who achieves Backwards Aging as you consciously work to remove fear.
      Many Blessings are to be yours, Dear One, in time.

        1. Hey Dace, great to see you! 🙂
          About ‘fear’… Whilst transcribing The C.C.s reply to you, the fear I have regarding the event they spoke about (the medical report to be published at some future time) showed its little head. I have found that ‘fears in relation to future events’ are like the proverbial onion; they have deeper and deeper levels.
          I then did, what I’ve been taught by The C.C. to do. I asked for help in its removal. Some hours later I feel, once again, balanced and lacking this fear. However, I will not be surprised to find yet another layer to be dealt with at some future time!
          So pleased to read your comment above. More power to you! 🙂

          1. no worries, Carolyn. I kind of realized that my tone in the comment might have come across as a bit too arrogant and preaching. That’s not my intent. We have known each other for a long time and I know that you have such an amazing light in you that sometimes it is impossible to capture in words what I feel about the meaning of your words. You talk and it is almost like you have been in my head.
            Fear is one thing that we all struggle with. Fear gets the best of us. Fear and beliefs mess with everything we know to be true. I also know that with some manipulation of our own thoughts we can change the world around us and reverse illnesses and even the age of our physical bodies. Nothing is impossible.

  3. I’m one of those who does not want to live longer, not in the world as it currently is. I agree with The Who in “My Generation” – Hope I die before I get old. I’m prepared to live, but if I lose my health insurance, my Social Security, my medicare, and have a catastrophic illness, I’m prepared to give up my life.

    1. I fully appreciate your voice. There is so much violence in our world; and, as The C.C. advise: This is to continue, unfortunately, for some time.
      I take the view that, as a Light Worker, I do not have to be affected by the negative, if I so choose. Therefore, Russel, I choose to be objective, yet compassionate regarding the negatives. This attitude I’ve developed over time. It didn’t come naturally nor easily.
      Today, though, it is a mainstay in the principles I live by. I see the negatives, but, choose to remain unaffected. This allows me to live as I choose to live with a positive view. Not easily developed, but, makes my life most enjoyable! 🙂

    1. What a wonderful comment, Vanessa –
      “one lives longer for the amount of life that is added to one’s days. ❤”
      Yes; even if this was the case we would have so much more enjoyment in our days.
      Now that would be enough, in itself, for me… ❤

    1. Yes indeed. Here’s to living more fully; embracing the challenges and the fear that accompanies them. Naturally, though, I can only say that, these days, because I now have the wherewithal to deal with ‘fear’; it is not the all encompassing brick wall of yesteryear! 🙂

    1. I hear you, Joan, loud and clear. I also agree with you 100%; I would not want to live ‘longer’ unless it was with better health, both in body and mind, from that which is currently the norm.
      I will try to be as succinct as possible; I’d like to mention a few past facts I believe to be extremely pertinent:
      During August/September of 2013 I had flu-like symptoms. Late September saw me in the ER with a blood pressure reading of 275/180. I probably should have died, or in the least, had a stroke. My family doctor advised me later that he was surprised to find me alive! The following is from a post I published during February 2016:
      (“Then began a series of nine hospital emergency events over the next three months. I was, over that period, subjected to every test available, from scans to blood tests. Nothing. Absolutely nothing could be found. Two MRI scans of my brain confirmed I hadn’t had a stroke. My kidneys, liver; in fact, all my organs were in good working order, and blood tests displayed a very healthy profile. My family doctor, the specialist cardiologist, and neurologists were at a loss.
      The dizziness grew worse, and eventually I couldn’t stand. Everyday chores became impossible. I became dependent upon Keith (and my daughter, Veronica) to wash my hair and to help with other personal tasks. Keith became house cleaner and cook, whilst I spent days in bed; many days numbering into months.
      Looking back, Keith mentioned the first year had been the worst; the second year had been easier. During the second year I couldn’t stand easily nor well. The neurologist had found that my balance system was out of sync. That is; my eyes, ears, and all balance receptors throughout my body were working; however, they were not talking to each other correctly.
      Then began physiotherapy exercises, which helped immediately; though insufficient for me to regain normal life. One year later, with a vastly different view of life, I began to feel somewhat normal.”)
      I’d spent 8 months confined to bed, Joan. The C.C. advised I would live and the illness would not leave me vanquished. This gave me hope; though, no-one expected at age 66, I’d be able to return to dance. In March 2016 Keith and I attended our first social dance.
      The C.C. had introduced me to Backwards Aging during this period of illness with the understanding of how it would be achieved. Since then I have worked hard to remove fear from my life, and today am on the lookout for any fear remaining plus those fears I feel regarding some of the future events in regard to my role as the example of Backwards Aging, and all that this entails.
      Joan, I expect to be dancing for the remainder of my life. And, not just dancing, but, enjoying life and continuing to gain strength.
      I must add: I feel stronger now than I did previous to the illness. In fact, Joan, both Keith and I are physically stronger than ever.
      I’m no longer surprised by this; I actually expect to continue gaining in all ways as I Backwards Age. And this is available to all Light Workers, Joan. There’s so much for us to look forward to.

      1. Carolyn, you are a very strong person. I am so sorry to hear about your health issues and your story is inspiring and shows what is possible. I wish you all the best and truly hope you dance and live and laugh for many, many more, happy years to come. You are an inspiration! Hugs 😘

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