Sugar – Not at all Sweet!

Our dearest wishes to explore the relevance of removing sugar from the diet; yes indeed she does.

We salute you, dearest, for continuing to locate the realities of life utilising the best diet possible.

Sugar has become, for most, the bane of their existence. This may be a known value, though most will not be cognizant of this reality. Indeed, Dear Ones, they, most, will continue to suffer ill-health not knowing the reason why.

Yes, this is a bold statement. Our dearest has suggested this to us as we speak.

Yes indeed, dearest; this is most certainly a bold statement. However, dearest, it is also a true statement.

To continue Dear Ones:  Sugar remains the substance that causes the most harm to the body structures, including the brain. Remove this substance and the entire structure benefits. Is this not true, dearest?

Our dearest agrees, Dear Hearts. And why is this substance abhorrent to the bodily structures?

This is true, Dear Ones, it, sugar, the refined white sugar is without a nutritional benefit. It is bereft of nutritional benefit. It clogs the pores, so to speak, of your innards. It refuses to budge. It binds to the structures of your cells clogging and preventing oxygenation to have its way. Yes indeed, Dear Ones, oxygenation cleanses. Without this cleansing system what do you have? That is right, Dear Ones; you have a system of pungent, putrid pooling of waste; you get the picture.

Our dearest wonders why we have used the definition of ‘refined white’ sugar.

We have used this definition, dearest, because many sugars have some nutritional benefit. However, dearest, we hasten to add:  No sugar, refined or not, has an ultimate positive reaction upon the body’s structures. There is always a deficit in the negative; you understand.

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    1. Like so many harmful conditions prevailing upon Earth there are proponents of destruction whose sole purpose is to deceive. Thank You, Dear Kitty for this link. It sets out chronologically and in detail an account of what man can achieve in the negative sense; in this case in relation to the manufacture of sugar; the debauchery used against the less powerful, and the conscious ruination of those under control, namely; the naive.
      I believe we are now each responsible to see beyond the dross and dishonesty of those in power; writings such as these are available to all. We may keep our head in the sand, or choose to rise above the propaganda fed to us; it is ultimately a choice each must make.
      I was particularly interested in the article in the Huffington Post regarding new guidelines for sugar intake by Kate Bratskier (Food & Health Editor) – quite alarming indeed.

    1. I have taken quite a few shots at this, Megala. Like any habit/addiction it is not easy to overcome.
      If I can offer any suggestion it would be to start small, any reduction is going to be of benefit.
      I wish you all success. My thoughts will be with you.

      1. Yes, when I stopped taking sweets all of a sudden, I started having more craving than ever. I think it would work for me by reducing gradually, let me see. Thanks so much for sharing your suggestion.

    1. You are a true Renaissance man, Charlie. You continue to surprise me with your down to earth take on life, your humour and the diversity with which you live your life. And, as shown in a recent post of yours, the truth is seen in the svelte figured image portrayed.
      You are a marvel, Charlie. If you have any tips……. I’d love to hear!

      1. Thank you Carolyn, I believe this started a young age as I can still recall my mum saying to her friends ‘ You’ll never guess what he’s done now!’ 😜 My training routine has never changed drink red wine, smoke only rolled tobacco and run and keep running. Not in any order and not generally at the same time 😀😀By the way can’t wait to see your Sally Pearson in the hurdles 😀😀

        1. It must have been fun to be your mum… I can see her shuddering in awe at your next…. adventure… hahaaaa… 😀
          Red wine… when only the best will do.. 😉 😉
          Tobacco… hopefully not too many, Charlie; your lungs are needed for running!
          Running…. I can see the results of this in your images… 😀
          Sally Pearson….. Unfortunately she had to withdraw. What a shock for us all; she truly is such a champion.. But, at least this way she doesn’t further complicate her injury and gets to run another day… Shame!
          Indeed, Dear Heart, your mother’s heart thumped quite hard at times. Yes?
          We ask that you investigate the diet a little more, Dear One; there are variances that can increase the nutritional aspect. Yes?
          Many Blessings, Dear One

    1. That is so good to hear, Helen. 🙂
      Did you have any flu-like symptoms or body aches and pains as you eliminate/d the sugars. I do believe I’ve had some physical reactions like body weakness, some aches and pains that lasted for a few days. Nothing overly problematic, though, I felt, at the time, my body was adjusting and gave it the time it needed without concerning myself overly.
      Now this new way of eating has become the norm and is really a joy. I’ve added green smoothies and fermented veggies, and am limiting grains. Last night I made a bolognese sauce and instead of spaghetti (wheat) I had mine over zucchini strips.
      In regard to looking after our health it seems as one door closes another ‘fresher’ door opens.. 🙂

  1. I do find I sometimes crave it – and that’s not necessarily a good thing, as you share here! I am glad you share both physical and emotional health tips here, dear friend ❤

    1. Thank You so much, Dear Christy. Like you I craved sugar too. Though for me, it became a daily (almost every meal event). When I realised I was seeking a ‘magnum ice cream’ and chocolate biscuits at night this really was the beginning of being alarmed; I decided I ought to do something about it, and quick… hahaaaa…
      What I managed to do was to ‘replace’ my evening cravings with something I enjoyed. I knew I would rebel if I didn’t give myself something I love, but, something of a nutritious nature. Hence the buckwheat sliced bread (buckwheat isn’t wheat it’s actually a seed of a plant cultivated for its grain-like seeds) with cheese (yum) grilled on top. This I felt was quite a treat to have with a cuppa after dinner. It made me feel good to be giving myself something I enjoyed. Within a few days I didn’t miss the magnum and choc biscuits. Then, over the next couple of weeks I introduced the green smoothies and fermented veggies (yum again). With all this added nutrition I believe my body ‘settled’, so to speak. I felt more ‘at ease’ and even more calm!
      I do believe the cravings are our body’s way of letting us know that a particular nutrient is in short supply. We ‘feel hungry’ but alas, reach for the nearest thing to eat (our blood sugar is probably low) so we find a sugar hit, which satisfies us for a very short time. Then the whole process begins again… Uggggggg!
      I’m realising that ‘nutrition’ is the first key. Fix that, and multiple body dysfunctions correct themselves.. Just a beginning, but a really good beginning… 😉 😉
      Love seeing you here. It’s a joy for me.. ❤

      1. How wonderful to get your feedback here, Carolyn. You really are making a difference in peoples’ lives and we’re so happy to have you doing so ❤ Smoothies are on my to-do list!

  2. I see what you are saying but…gummy bears! I take some on my hiking adventures and sometimes a cold coke is good but other than that I try and avoid it. Black coffee, no sugar is always a favourite too.

    If we teach children from a young age to avoid it then hopefully the sugar epidemics will start to slowly wane.

    1. “If we teach children from a young age to avoid it then hopefully the sugar epidemics will start to slowly wane.”
      So true, Ste J. We’ve all been duped by the food companies for decades. But, time to put on our thinking caps, I believe.
      It is difficult to change habits, especially when food is involved. So much of our daily routines are centred around food. We ‘treat’ ourselves when we feel we’ve done a ‘good job’. We comfort ourselves when things haven’t gone well. And then we just have something ‘nice’ – because!
      I have certainly been guilty of emotional eating, as well as just plain not appreciating how bad certain foods are for the body.
      And the ironic part of all this is: Since I’ve changed my eating habits I feel really good about myself. My body is responding fabulously, and my whole demeanor is more calm. That’s really hard to articulate, but, I believe it’s because it (my body) is now receiving the nutrition it needs and it’s not spending precious energy trying to recover from the nasty foods I was putting into it…
      Thankfully, gummy bears were never on my agenda; I was more a cake/biscuit/ice cream kinda girl… 😉 😉

      1. I love Ice Cream, cookies and cream at the moment but the heat demands it sometimes, or the Mrs does, one or the other. In the UK if I recall they have banned adverts for sugary and fast foods being shown in the ad breaks between kids shows which is a start of sorts.

        1. Yes, I googled and apparently the UK is amongst the toughest in this regard worldwide. It is a good start, and this will only increase, I’m sure…. Just in time for ‘your’ kids.. 🙂

    1. For me, David, it was just a case of investigation; I wanted to know how to be more healthy.
      I found proponents of various diets; ketogenic, paleo, low carb with high protein, high carb with low fat, etc., there are as many opinions on the ‘correct’ balance as there are people.
      Feeling my way through all of this has been both fascinating and beneficial. The outcome for me has been to find the foods that suit me. I believe this to be the case for all of us; we must each find the balance for ourselves.
      One thing I know for sure and that is what The C.C. have written in this post. Sugar has caused, and continues to cause more ill-health than any other so-called foodstuff known. What we do as individuals with this knowledge is completely personal. We can take this to heart, or we can discount it; as I had done for many a long year!
      But not today. I am committed to backwards aging. I am incredibly vain. And I want to be the best possible version of me I can create…
      I’m also quite surprised. Since committing to health it hasn’t been as hard as I’d imagined… 🙂

  3. Dear Carolyn
    Thank you do much for this great post and share
    I try not rating much sugar every day for health
    Have a very Nice week

  4. Ah, Carolyn & CC, I have many health challenges without eating sugar. Sugar would only serve as another hazard.
    I find it a wonderful thing that the CC is focusing our dearest on the health happiness of our physical selves. I look ahead to further wisdom!

    1. Nutrition, Resa, is my current mantra when I think of food. If we are doing that, and that will be different for everyone, it is truly the best we can do.
      I’ve been pondering how all of this came about. It really was when I realised I was eating way too much of the sweet things/I knew it had become an addiction/my body sought out the sweets. Then came the understanding that Love & Perfection was just that. I couldn’t create Love & Perfection in totality if I was eating foods that caused a negative reaction. This was then consolidated by The C.C.
      Next came a commitment to do the work of creating L&P not only mentally, but bodily as well. It has been relatively easy since making that commitment. I supercharged my body with nutrients, and within days the craving for sweets vanished. I was quite amazed.
      Yes indeed, Dear Heart, we assisted, naturally, in the overcoming. This is as arranged. When a Light Worker makes a commitment of health, health will prevail. And this we say to you, Dear Heart. There are illness/weaknesses that are prearranged and agreed upon. However, Dear Heart, there are always ways in which such illnesses can be micromanaged to bring the least possible disturbance; as you are aware.
      Many Blessings, Dear One

  5. This is a great post Carolyn and an important subject. Sugar is indeed addicting, which is why we often crave it. Lessening the desire is important and eventually we don’t miss it, although as any addiction, it’s tough to ‘say no’. I found that around the holidays I eat the most sugar, but once it’s out of site, after the first day or two of missing it, it can quickly become out of mind. Having the discipline you have is what we all need to inspire to achieve. Great post – thank you Carolyn!

    1. Yes, Joan, it had been a major addiction in my life over the past decade or so. Before that time I wasn’t a ‘sweet tooth’ as such.
      Thank You so much for your thoughtful words, though, I do need to clarify a point you’ve made.
      I don’t see discipline in my actions so much as a duty to myself; I have a great desire to be healthy coupled with an intense desire to backwards age.
      As the instigator of the premise of backwards aging it would not do for me to not follow the advice given by my guidance; The C.C.
      I, therefore, am bound not only by the desire to be healthy and an example of health, but also I am bound by my desire to follow the course of action required as a medium representing The C.C. and their/our teachings.
      What helps me to do this is a very healthy dose of vanity (a little tongue in cheek, Joan), and many memories of illnesses over the course of my life.
      And, as I am now realising, I haven’t done this alone. The following words were given to Resa above:

      “Yes indeed, Dear Heart, we assisted, naturally, in the overcoming. This is as arranged. When a Light Worker makes a commitment of health, health will prevail.”

      I can’t take (full) credit for this change in my eating habits, as such. I no longer crave, nor do I want to ingest anything created with sugar! It is certainly a wonderful change, and a great space in which to be…
      Thank You again, Joan. I truly appreciate your participation and love the work you are doing in regard ‘health’… I certainly advocate exercise along with healthy eating habits for a great quality of life… 🙂

  6. You are very welcome!
    Yes, as someone advocating health I’m sure you appreciate the debilitating effects that sugar has upon the body. Good nutrition is so important.. 🙂

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