Raccoon (General) Reflection

Do remember (when reading the reflections) the personality of the reflection (in this case the Raccoon) reflects not only the personality of the Raccoon; but also the personality of those attracted to it…  Please enjoy…..

Raccoon (General) Reflection  (Listen while you read)

Imagine the scene


(The music) Bee Gees ~ Massachusetts…

The lights all went down in Massachusetts. They bring me back to …..

(A vision)

Dreamy, Romantic, Raccoon!
Dreamy, Romantic, Raccoon!

One Raccoon; one five-piece band; one microphone; one Raccoon swooning into the mike.

 A would be star; a performer; a hopeless romantic!


And this is the adorable quality of the Raccoon personality.

Yes, my friends, for those who enjoy the antics of this active nocturnal creature, we say:

Allow the love you feel for life; yes indeed.

Allow the beauty of that which you feel within to shine; that is right, dear friend.

Allow all the loveliness inside to be seen. For, dear heart, yours is a love so deep, indeed. Yours is a love so wide; all could bathe in the light of your love.


Do we understand? Indeed we do. Do we herald that which is yours? Indeed we do, dear friend.

Know that we know. Know that others know; that is right, dear heart.

Know that you are known for that which lies within, and, do allow your light to shine……..

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk 


  1. ♫ ♫…They brought me back to see my way with you… ♫ ♫
    Thank you for sharing the most unpopular racoon, dear Carolyn! I only wish I could make one my pet, but they insist on roaming into trash cans to feed themselves & the cats go nuts when they see one through the window.
    The only thing that makes the cats (& my hubby) crazier are the adorable pigeons.
    LOL! I remember seeing a sweet little raccoon’s face and paws peering through the crack in my open door. I held out some food, calling here little raccoon..here!
    The happy creature entered the kitchen, and entered and entered seemingly ad infinitum.
    Lol! The body seemed to go on and on, bigger & bigger, and all attached to this sweet little head & paws.
    Well, maybe he was the drummer. 😀
    Love you! xoxoxo

    1. Hahaaaa, Resa… I’ve heard and read about their ‘antics’! 😉 😉
      So many creatures, whose behaviour has been changed by encroaching humans, are now on the ‘disliked’ list…
      Be that as it may, the reflection is as it stands; and you, my Dear Resa, are Raccoon personified…
      How I would have loved to be there with you enticing the little critter come! I’m going all green!!! 😉
      Love you… ❤

    1. Hahaaaa ~ Another Raccoon Lover… Wonderful…! 🙂
      They are smart, Lynn, and mischievous; just like you…
      You’ve made me smile a huge smile…
      Keep that light shining.. ❤

      1. baby squirrel? That is very kind. And dangerous. They sometimes have rabies. Never bitten by a raccoon but I know. Been bitten by a variety of dogs, a hyrax, a cat… 😉

          1. Oh. Quite a few bites. Actually a cat bite is extremely dangerous (my own cat bit me a few months ago, not her fault, the vet’s fault) because they have very potent bacteria in their mouth and saliva. I had to take immediate antibiotics. 😦

  2. This is awesome — my sister and her husband had a family of racoons visit them every day on their deck — even snuck into the house to steal cat food when the cats weren’t looking! And then the neighbours complained…

    1. I can believe that of ‘your’ sister, Louise. She would be, as you are, understanding, accommodating, loving and gentle.
      How I would love to be in a position to enjoy their antics. Nature is so wonderful..! ❤

  3. You describe a very charming raccoon, Carolyn. I enjoyed a story told to me by a ranger woman at the salt marsh. She had to put a small ladder to the large trash container at the park HQs because she got tired of rescuing the raccoon every morning. He had balanced on the edge and fallen into the deep container. So raccoons need rescuing too at times, unless they have a ladder handy 🙂 XOXO

    1. That has me laughing out loud, Helen. 🙂 🙂
      What a wonderful ranger (even though it benefited her enormously) she accommodated a deserving, and smart little creature. What mischievous little souls they are!
      I’m absolutely loving these tales. We don’t have Raccoons in Oz; except, of course, in our zoos… The nearest likeness would probably be our Possum (not to be confused with the Opossum).
      Though these little fellows will become tame enough to eat food left for them and, over time, become familiar with human contact; they have not the dexterity of finger grip, nor the overt cunning required to steal from ‘kitchens’ by opening doors, that is apparently enjoyed by the Raccoon… What wonderful intelligence! 🙂

  4. Again you’re on another level when it comes to writing ! 🙂 i felt a sense of freedom and happyness to be myself while reading it. Not sure if it was the purpose of your text hehe

    1. You said it yourself, Bird. You felt a sense of freedom and happiness to be ‘yourself’…
      Not surprising you felt this! Your nature and joy express themselves to me, and, I’m sure, to all who are fortunate to come into contact with you…
      You needn’t be humble about this; it is a reality… 🙂

  5. Beautiful Carolyn,
    the Bee Gees song reminded me of another song, ( & the racoon washes it’s food … “in the river?” …

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Woo…. that was great, Luigi… I was a’boppin’ and a’movin’ to the beat… haha 🙂

      Yes, it seems the Raccoon just loves water. Whether to clean its food, or wash other objects, or just sit and, seemingly, enjoy being in the water; it’s little paws are so nimble and quick!

      Here’s a video I enjoyed!


      1. Thank you Carolyn, unfortunately I have to wait can. 12 hours to have a pc connection to see the video, I’m on the mobile at this time! It’s night for you isn’t it? A peaceful sleep to you my dear! Love to chat with you! You a little like me … explain and not just “abbreviate” … 😉

          1. The pleasure is all mine my dear friend! I am proud to have you! ( as a friend? May I say? … without any other … “thoughts ” ? If you get what I mean? God works in mistirious ways! … Last night my sisters in England called, my father (87) has landed in Hospital! Kidneys and potassium?Thank God they are there beside him … although I am his pride! My mother died as I was 18 months old … and wanted to give my father a son! ME! So one can imagine. That’s how the cookie crumbles!

              1. Someone better! I should be beside him! He needs me … and I have to be wise in my decisions … I have to overlook the “whole” picture. Thanks for your thoughts!

  6. We love raccoons, Carolyn, not that I know them, but Granny can watch them for hours when she is in a Zoo…I know, we don’t like Zoos either, but we don’t have not so much wildlife around us, so she has to go there to see them. She says in a way I look like them, they wash and clean and wash and clean…and I wash and clean and wash and sleep…and then I shine and Granny shines because of me. Pawkisses for a wonderful day and thank you for the light 🙂 ❤

    1. Together, Binky, you and Granny shine sooooooo bright; it almost hurts the eyes.. Yes, it does. But then, I do like bright lights, so that’s OK; especially when the light comes from wonderful hearts that sparkle and bring joy, like you and Granny…!
      Shine on bright lights! ❤

  7. Hi I came here from Christy’s blog – and this post was so fun – the raccoon is such a fun creature – but your words (and nice voice) are lovely and so encouraging. cool blog.

  8. Raccoon, they look so cute and adorable. You have penned it so well and your lovely words, A would be star;a performer;a hopeless romantic a great line.
    Loved the way you wrote.

    1. Thank You, sweet one… 🙂
      Hahaaaa, yes, a would be star; a performer; a hopeless romantic… very apt for this personality… 🙂
      Lovely as always to see you. 🙂

  9. Raccoons are as you say, it is indeed just so.
    And I like your point within a comment that their mischief is only due to human encroachment, very insightful, Angel.

    1. Thank You, my Dearest Genie…
      Yes, it’s sad to say; so many creatures have had to adapt to the human tide.
      I must tell you: A little dove like bird has made a nest in one of our trees in the backyard. We both feel so proud because we planted the trees, only 2 years ago, to give us more privacy and to allow the birds shelter and protection. I feel like a parent, at the moment, and keep looking to see if she is still there… Hahaaaa, nature is sooooo wonderful… 🙂

    1. I agree; they really do seem quite cute. 😉
      Thank You for commenting; I’ve visited your blog and find it’s images, especially, are wonderful; as are your stories of your travels… 🙂

  10. Taking or bringing the Raccoon in between which seems to be a lovable creature (of which I do not know much to be frank) the lines you have written are adorable and splendidly beautiful.
    Yes I agree every bit of those words, My Dear Friend. Spread the words. Let the world know of the the knowing to be known.
    You may in this context read my post “Know Known Knower” in “My Quotes” menu.
    My Salutations!!! Carolyn!

    1. Thank You, Dina… 🙂
      Yes, I can only agree with you! Though, I can’t recall having seen one (except on video) their intelligence and the smiles they bring, make them a treasure, to be sure!
      And welcome; it’s lovely to see you… 🙂

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