I Love Books

I wrote the following during 2012. I didn’t publish it then; but now I think I will…..


I Love Books (Listen while you read) 

I’m not a book reader…. I’ve become a blog reader over the past almost year; however, not books.

I really enjoy books – I really enjoy seeing them sitting side by side with their colourful covers. I love the smell of new books. I love to know that someone has reached inside themselves and pulled out words that offer solace, or adventure, or heart warming memories for another.

I love books; not to read. My partner, on the other hand, devours books. He reads everyday the works of his favourite authors. There are about 6 writers he loves to read. They are all of the same genre, which would bore me silly; however, he adores them. I adore buying them for him. I carefully caress the book to ensure that its quality is the best available. I ensure the salesperson doesn’t damage my purchase. I offer the book to Keith like a wholesome piece of cake fit for a king.

I love books. I love to watch him read knowing that he is devouring the words with relish. I love books…

We have many books decorating many shelves, nooks and crannies. I love books. I watch as the bookstores in my mall close down. I watch as small independent stalls spring up, here and there, offering books for $5 that once brought a princely sum of $29.95.

I hope that printed books will always be. I can’t smell a kindle, or caress a cover appearing on my screen. I love books. Maybe I will change. Maybe I will be inspired to read books, printed or e. I love books, and now I love blogging, where I can read the works of others like you. Isn’t that wonderful and mysterious…! I love books.

© Carolyn Page 2016


  1. That is interesting Carolyn. You love everything about a book except reading them. That is weird. I’m glad you enjoy reading blogs. I didn’t think I would like reading books on electronic readers but I learn to really enjoy my kindle.

    1. Hahaaa Kim… Yes, it’s true. I love books, but not reading them (fiction, that is). I love factual books; like history. I especially love reading about English and American history; in fact, history in general I find fascinating and can become quite absorbed in such things. I loved reading Shakespeare, as a young girl/woman (fiction, I know…..) I really enjoyed Sci-fi as a youngster, too, and some of the classics, but that was long ago. The last fiction I read was Harry Potter. Whilst ill, and when, toward the latter stages I had sufficient energy, I quite enjoyed the first 4 books. Had I not been ill, I wouldn’t have bothered! I loved the movies, though.
      It’s true, I prefer to look and feel, but not so much to read…..

      1. We have the same taste. I want to read the Harry Potter series. I read the 1st two books same with the movies. Hopefully they will have a marathon one day so I can watch from beginning to end. I would love to take a course to help me read Shakespeare. So good to connect today.

        1. Same, Kim… good to connect. You were missed!
          In responding to Helen, below, I realised I enjoy ‘snapshots’ of ‘real life’. Your poems evidence ‘real life’, and can be absorbed quickly on a ‘heart’ level. I get bored with writing that ‘stretches’, so to speak. Give me something that touches me strongly, instantly, and I want more.

  2. I think I understand how you feel about books…they look nice and smell great 🙂 I am a reader, of blogs of course and of books too, but periodically. I read like crazy when something factual grabs my interest, but literary works only for three-four months in a year…or two. And I can’t explain why that is, I guess I’m a “stretch reader” 😀

    1. ” I read like crazy when something factual grabs my interest.”
      That’s me, Helen; when a subject grabs, I’m all in, and I love it. However, to pick up a book without a functional reason behind it, does not equate for me. Yet, as I mentioned in the post, the idea of knowing that someone has gone to the effort of putting their thoughts to pen, I find so stimulating; yet without the desire to actually read.
      I believe I’m just a girl who finds inspiration in those things I can see and feel; like your blog for instance. I can imagine you going for your walks around the Salt Marsh. I see your wonderful images of the inhabitants going about their daily bread. The interaction of the human and bird life; the connection to their well-being in the building of the extraterrestrial looking dish/platform; are the things that interest me greatly. Plus the fact that this can all be absorbed in a relatively brief amount of reading time that keeps me interested and wanting more.

      1. Thank you for your kind words about our bird friends, Carolyn. I am happy to tell you that the dish will be installed very soon…I am waiting to learn which day exactly. Blogs are very interesting reading, we can be transported somewhere or just come to internalize a thought that proves important … and anything in between 😲 I find the blogging world fascinating and that of course includes your blogs. XX

        1. Well said, Helen… Yes, I believe I’ve found my reading material right here on my PC. For a girl who prefers ‘print’, it’s a little ironical. But, if it’s interesting, the medium matters little… xoxoxo

    1. Lucky animal shelter, Mel. 😉
      I appreciate what you say; they do take up a lot of space – looking inside the robes in our bedrooms proves this point… Although I think of them as a decoration in themselves, excess shows its face every now and then. I’ve mentioned this to my man. His solution: His mother’s home with her spare bedroom. His reasoning: He may want to re-read them!
      Yeah sure… 😉 😉

    1. Ha Ha, Christy… Yes, me too. There’s no getting away from the ‘e’. Heavens; if it weren’t for ‘electrical power’ we wouldn’t be conversing; and how limiting that would be!
      As for my man; I always have a cherished gift, or two, or three, to give him every birthday and Christmas… and he loves it… 🙂

    1. I’ve been thinking, Maverick; maybe it has something to do with memories. Some of the magical times I’ve had involved reading to my daughter at bedtime. With each turn of the page came excitement, and little squeals of delight, or shudders of apprehension.
      I also love to physically ‘feel’ everything. If I’m in a dress shop I ‘have’ to feel the fabrics, and my choice will depend upon the sensual quality just as much as the visual…

      As you say, though, there is the downside to the physical; an ‘e’ device certainly does have its benefits….. 🙂

  3. Carolyn, this post is interesting to me since I share some points expressed in your post. I am an avid collector and reader of books – primarily those of non-fiction. I find print books a better choice for me. However, we sometimes download digital books on to Kindle or IPad if the printed version is not readily available.

    1. Hello Jo, good to see your face.. 🙂
      There’s something very rich and welcoming in the printed medium; it’s almost a tangible emotive sensation, unlike any other I’ve experienced. The books don’t necessarily have to belong to me, either; I can feel this contentedness/satisfaction even when passing a book store! I believe it has to do with the author, and the work they have put into bringing the book to fruition; whether that be fiction or non-fiction. Perhaps, as a lover of ‘writing’ and putting my thoughts to print, this isn’t such a wide stretch to understand. A little like your daughter and her love of fashion. I’m sure she would experience similarly were she to be at a fashion show. All in the eye of the beholder, so to speak.
      Yes, I agree, Jo. I have kindle on my PC and it sure comes in handy. We can have the best of both worlds… xoxoxo

      1. You are right. And my affection for printed books runs deeper. There are shelves after shelves of books in our house – stacked up horizontally according to topic and in alphabetical order – all evidently there to be enjoyed without batteries. Carolyn, I can picture the shelves in your house, too – and of course, the pleasure in exploring their sleeves and titles… Have a great evening. Jo

  4. I love books, their cover, their smell and especially to read the content, haha. I have 325 books in my shelf and many more to come. Yes, some good writers do not need to devour books, they have the talent to beautifully expressed themselves, just like the way you have done. Only a great book is needed to turn someone into books love, and hope you will soon reach to that one.
    Enjoyed the post 💕💋

    1. I’ll pass that along, Resa; book lovers united in the enveloping weave of language within print and ‘e’ mystery! A friend within a friend within a friend. They touch our hearts, our minds, our souls; all within the framework of words… How very powerful… 🙂

  5. People have told me that I don’t read books that I devour books, it’s because they know that I’ve read thousands of books, generally, I read two books a week.

    1. Hahaaaaa, I can see you devouring them!
      It’s a funny thing ~ The knowing that there are those who love to read and read (like my man K) is so exciting to me; and yet, I don’t have that desire myself. Guess it is what it is. I’ll just enjoy knowing that you love to read, knowing that you get so much enjoyment from doing so.
      I think I may have stumbled upon another reason! I really love knowing that people have a great love, and act upon that love, that gives them so much satisfaction… Enjoy! 🙂

  6. Ah a lovely post Carolyn, I love to read and I love books. Ooh I wouldn’t ever want hard copy of books to be replaced by electronic. A good book, to be able to hold, touch and smell it is not equal to a reading device.

    1. Hahaaa, Sobia; I can only agree with you!
      My lovely man and I have just returned from shopping. Whilst there, as I looked for clothing, my man spent time in a bookstore, doing one of the things he loves most ~ browsing the book shelves. I had to remind him that we, my daughter and I, had quite a number of books for him for Christmas! He reluctantly put back the few books he was holding, and like a little boy who had just lost his lollipop, walked out of the store with his little head hanging down…
      He’ll be delighted to receive his gifts. Books, books and more books… 🙂
      Lovely to see you here… 🙂

      1. Aaww that’s wonderful to hear and I must agree, I understand his pain as I would feel exactly the same. Lovely gifts, nothing like books as gifts.

        I’m looking forward to the worlds biggest book fair in Egypt in January. I’ve always wanted to travel to pay it a visit, my wait has finally ended and I shall be there in mid January to enjoy the wonderful view of books.

        My pleasure dear.

        1. That is so wonderful. What an extraordinary event. Are you going to be taking pictures? I’m sure I’d love to see some; as I’m sure others would love to enjoy, too!

  7. This was beautiful, Carolyn- and my mil said something similar with her four book shelves – which are decorated with a few trinkets – she noted the beauty of their display!
    And even tho we cannot smell and caress an ebook – they have some perks – like highlighting – look ups – and ease of device viewing – not the same – but can be nice.
    I hope the printed words never go away either.
    And I know some places where those thirty dollar books are a buck! Yeah!
    And my favorite way to read books is in spurts – my preference is in fiction and is it the kind of material you can jump in and out of – and so I have some books I never finish – others I end up going through a couple times.
    Fun post

    1. Hahaaaaa, yes, Yvette, we are all so unique with our special little quirks of character that make us all so different, yet so similar, too!
      You haven’t happened to read a sci-fi about a character (I think his name was Alvin, but can’t be sure). He was a ‘unique’ whose work was to find a way out of the sphere in which he (and the inhabitants of Earth) were living. The sphere was created because the Earth had become inhabitable by man’s abuse. It was thought that, in time, the Earth would rejuvenate, and the ‘unique’ (one was born every so many years) would find its way back to repopulate Earth.
      I read this book when a teenager. I can’t remember the author or title, and no-one, to-date, has known about the book… Just a wild swing…. Maybe..!!! 😉
      My man, K, often reads special books a couple times, too. I can’t say I understand that, but, I do enjoy some movies more than once. Guess that’s the same thing, really. When something touches us; it’s nice to re-visit… 🙂

          1. thanks- I mean merci – it is French and I heard it means “archer” – and I like Carolyn for the three syllables and it has an amiable vibe…

  8. I feel this same way about certain TV shows! I stalk the reviews for Game of Thrones. I know exactly what’s going on and who everyone is, but I just can’t bring myself to watch the show. I think it’s more about fear for me. I know it’s going to be graphic and sad and that good people die, so I just avoid the visuals and read the reviews instead.

      1. Thanks! I’m really excited to make some new contacts and read great blogs! Thanks for following mine as well! You are my first official follower 🙂

    1. Yes, they certainly evoke feelings like no other ~ A friend who gives and keeps giving!
      And yes, Mick, I agree with you; the smell of new books can be intoxicating… 🙂

    1. Yes, there’s just something about books that make some of us go all gooey inside ~ if you know what I mean!!! 😉 😉
      I have visited your blog just now. I would have left a comment or a like; however, you haven’t allowed for them as yet.
      All the very best with your new adventure.. 🙂

        1. I have found my way by trial and error! Take it slowly; you’ll get there! 😉 😉
          A good, and necessary thing to do is to go to your ‘Dashboard’/’Admin’ section. Go to ‘Settings’. Now click into each sub-title and enter your preferences; remembering to ‘save’ your entries.
          You can open the posts you’ve already created and scroll down to the bottom of the window. There you will find little boxes to ‘tick’ regarding likes, etc.. On the other side will be ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ functions for each post. Play with them; you can always change whatever you don’t want. Remember to ‘update’ your changes at the top of the window.
          Have fun! You’ll get used to everything in time…

          Good luck! 🙂

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