Purva ~ Sunshine

From: Purva ~ The Daily Stroll
From: Purva ~ The Daily Stroll

Purva ~ The Daily Stroll ~ has nominated me for the

Sunshine Bloggers Award

for which I am delighted. I will not be carrying out the ‘rules’ of the award, only to Thank Purva for her generous gift, which makes my little heart sing!

Purva is a young university student with thoughts that take her readers into the dizzying heights of all that is good. It is such a joy to visit her blog; I always leave with a smile.

May I suggest Purva’s blog ~ The Daily Stroll to you.

Again, Purva, Thank You for your gift; I truly believe in you.  ❤


    1. Thank You, Jo… Lovely to see you… 🙂
      I hop over to your blog every now and then just to make sure I haven’t missed a post!
      Hoping all is well with you… 🙂

  1. Huge thanks to you!I haven’t ever thought of getting any appreciation like this..!! This is something beyond words. It remain unbelievable for me that I have anyone who made me smile like this. Thank you for being their…!!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses 💖

    1. Hahaaaa, Resa ~ I’m remembering car trips and singalongs..! 😉
      We, K and I, are off to the first of our new dance lessons today (Sat). Neither of us ever expected I’d be able to dance again (though The C.C. always said we would) I doubted. So your little tune is just the thing to get me ‘in the mood’… Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet friend… 🙂

  2. Yes! You are well deserved Carolyn for getting nominated for this award as beautiful soul like you are true sunshine in this world! Many congrats and may you get plenty more! 💖😊

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