Dinosaurs Became Extinct!

Dinosaurs Became Extinct  (Listen while you read)


Why did Dinosaurs become extinct?

Are we to write upon this subject? It would be quite enlightening to understand, from reality, why we chose to do this.

Indeed it would, dearest, yes indeed it would. Shall we tell the tale?

Yes, I’d love to.

Right; on we go…


As a rule, we, spirit, invest in fantasies in order to entertain ourselves.

(This information can be found within our Free Book Series upon our website ‘ABC of Spirit Talk’. We hope you take advantage of our earlier writings, Dear Ones; they shall bring you ‘up to date’, as it were.)

Returning, Dear Hearts:

Yes indeed, we, spirit/consciousness, entertain our otherwise dreary existence via fantasy. This we do, Dear Ones, by extension of thought. That is right, Dear Heart. You, and all that you see, is/are an extension of thought by your soul, or consciousness.


For some this is an easy concept to appreciate. For others there will be rejection of the words, yes indeed. For those for whom this concept is not new, we say:

Allow the love, Dear Heart, and know that love leads the way.

For those with rejection by their side, we say:

Do not harm yourself by reading further, Dear One. We do not wish to alarm; we do not wish to harm, indeed. For, without a modicum of belief you will indeed do harm to yourself; yes indeed.


Returning once again, Dear Ones.

Yes, we entertain our otherwise boring existence by engaging within mind fantasies.

Our dearest, Carolyn, has tried, on many occasions, to imagine what we ‘look’ like. She now appreciates this is an impossibility. Consciousness cannot be seen, Dear Ones. We are consciousness; not a body. No, Dear Ones; we are neither solid in form, nor can we be seen by each other. However, Dear Ones, we enjoy camaraderie, as you, within our fantasies, enjoy camaraderie; yes indeed.


Dinosaurs were one of the many fantasies in which we have engaged.

There is an end to all things, Dear Hearts; i.e., all things become boring eventually. And this occurred to the fantasy of the so-called Dinosaur; yes, indeed it did. So, Dear Hearts, we put it to a vote and the result was an end to a much loved fantasy for many. Much loved, yet jaded fantasy, to be sure.

Our Dear Heart, Carolyn, wishes to understand how we managed to ‘kill off’ the Dinosaurs. We shall tell you, dearest.

We stopped thinking about them!

Yes, it is that simple, dearest. We stopped emitting our thoughts; i.e., we agreed to end the fantasy by not emitting our thoughts.

A fantasy exists in our consciousness only, dearest. It does not exist, so to speak, in a physical reality. We are souls, or consciousnesses extending our thoughts, our complex thoughts, in a manner that appears to the extension (you, dearest) as a solid construct; so is the complexity of our thought ensemble.

Souls in unison, yes indeed. We are a collection of trillions upon trillions of souls who agree upon a known end. To this end we place ourselves, in camaraderie, in order to engage in many thousands of fantasies; all of which bring much delight, dearest.

We shall leave this here for now, dearest. Yes?

Yes, Thank You…..

© 2016 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness – ABC of Spirit Talk


22 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Became Extinct!

  1. We think we are, therefore we are. We think dinosaurs were, therefore they were.
    I cannot help but like some fantasies more than others. For example… street art is a beautiful today fantasy, as are movies. Movies are fantasies of fantasy.
    Our thoughts are our reality, and vice versa.
    We love! xoxoxo 😀
    (I might be wrong, but I try!)

    1. I love your thinking! 🙂
      I agree, Resa; I think there are some fantasies we enjoy more than others. For you it is definitely street art; for me it is dancing…. 🙂
      “Our thoughts are our reality, and vice versa.”
      Couldn’t have said it better myself… 🙂

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