Snake (General) Reflection

Snake (General)   (Listen while you read) 

Snake Picture
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What ya doin’? Time for a change.

Time to let everything go.

Time to begin again.

(How very beautiful are snakes!

Each species has a unique energy however, underneath this energy is a general energy that all snakes (all species) possess.

This energy is the energy of change. Yes, my friends, when we are attracted to the snake world we are being attracted to constant change within our lives; within our minds; within our attitudes; within our hobbies; within our circle of friends; within and within and within goes the energy of constant change. Upgrading; one may say, to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

When we are constantly changing there is a need for us to realise that ‘what we were’ before the change is ‘still with us’; still with us in the sense of ‘energy’; and, this energy needs to be released else it do us harm.

When we release old energies such as old attitudes; old patterns of behaviour; old friends, etc., etc., there comes a need to grieve.

Yes, even when the releasement is for the better there is still a time to grieve. We must allow grieving to occur else we suffer the pain of undiagnosed emotional hurt remaining within us.

Too many of us are burdened with the pain of old energies. They may be stuck in our tummies, our backs, our hearts and indeed, in many a nook and cranny.

Yes, my friends, we each harbour old energies within if we do not recognise that old energies linger, and need to be released.

Yes, constant change is what we shall experience when we are attracted to the snake world.

And, isn’t ‘life’ constant change; if we allow it to be?

Life; constant change; life.

Are we going to allow ourselves to ‘love’ or ‘fear’ change?

Are we going to allow ourselves to release the old energies?

Are we going to ‘live’ life to its full?

These are some of the questions we may care to ask ourselves when we are attracted to the ever changing snake family.)

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Happy New Year, Sheri…! 🙂
      Yes, I too love change. I need to be challenging myself and meeting the challenge. Once met, I then need to further challenge myself; it seems to be how I work best…!
      That is so sad about your friends; I know for many around the world snakes can be quite a deadly aspect of life. Perhaps you may be able to see this fear as something you could ‘release’; it must be causing you some physical injury as well as emotional pain..!

    1. Good to see your ‘avatar’ appear on my page in this New Year…! 🙂
      Yes, constant movement, constant change…
      Thank goodness, I say: ‘Twould be so boring otherwise… 😉

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Michael…. nice to see your smiling face…! 🙂
      Yes, Thank You; all is very well with me. I am refreshed and looking forward to 2013..!
      May we all have a good year…! 🙂

  1. Great to see you back Carolyn! I hope you had a great break. As for snakes, well…they give me the creeps, but as I read this carefully, I realized that it is probably because change gives me the creeps! I know that everything in this world is a metaphor and our feelings towards things speaks volumes about how we really are. So you’ve brought out a hidden issue in me. I thought I kind of embraced change, but now, I’ll have to re-think that one. Thanks for this Carolyn, and have a happy new year!

    1. Thank You, Yaz… Yes, I’ve had a great ‘break’..! I’m feeling refreshed and raring to go again… 😉
      You may be afraid of change, Yaz however, you sure aren’t afraid of embracing ‘truth’; you take it by the wings and fly……! 🙂
      Yes, everything is a metaphor. The snake is so symbolic of change, and the love or fear of it….
      Happy New Year to you too, Yaz…! xoxoxo 🙂

  2. Great post Carolyn. I do believe that holding onto all the old fears (being afraid of change) and all the old energies is what causes disease quite often.

    1. Yes, LuAnn…. In my world, it has been those thoughts that have created many a pain…! It’s so good to recognise that we have some ‘power’ over what, without awareness, could become crippling victim-hood. I do hasten to add though, there are also those sicknesses and physical maladies over which we hold no power – these are governed by our genes and environments. None-the-less, a wonderful advantage to hold…. 😉

  3. I often find change quite daunting however, recent changes in my life were for the best and I regret nothing! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog !

    1. Hello Sophie; I have just found your comment in the spam folder…! 😦
      I’m so happy to hear that the changes hold no regrets. Sometimes changes can seem daunting, and yet they often bring many blessings that otherwise we would not know… 😉

  4. These are great reflections! I have always loved to embrace change but with time (and age?) I’ve noticed a tendency to stay more with the secure and familiar, so this year I’ll break that tendency and will again do stuff that takes me out of my comfort zone. Renewal is good. Happy New Year!

  5. An inspiring reflection. Change… for me, I embrace it fully. I need change. I’m still a teen and it’s soon time for me to unfold my own wings and become an adult. So this year, I’m going to undergo changes indeed!
    Hope you had a wonderful new year. All the best for 2013 🙂

    1. I’m looking forward to watching you change, Daph. However, I hope that ‘change’ for you is a constant. You have a remarkable mind capable of attaining your goals. My hope for you is that you will always create more and more challenging goals (and continue to attain them). After all, Daph, this is life; constant movement, constant change… 🙂
      A remarkable mind, indeed….!

    1. That’s probably a very balanced attitude to have, Resa…
      Neither/nor sounds pretty good to me…!
      Thank You… 😉 It seems I may be enjoying WP more than I ever imagined..! Must be because of wonderful individuals such as you… 😉 xoxoxo

  6. I’m not sure ‘attracted’ to snakes is what I’d call it exactly, but I certainly like them, and the one in the picture is a lovely creature. Letting go of old hurts is hard for me – but one tries!

    1. I saw a red bellied black one day on my way home down a ‘relatively’ country road, Rose, not far from where I live. He was ‘standing up’ with his red belly glistening in the sun. My first reaction was of pure amazement for his ‘healthy structure’. As I slowed down to get a better look at him I was awe-struck by his majesty; it was a glorious sight. I kept looking at him in my reverse mirror until I turned a bend and he was out of sight. Then the thought of carrying a snake in the under-carriage of my car crossed my mind. When I arrived home, I was very thoughtful when opening the car door and hopping out. I shuddered; basically because their was a majesty tingled with the realisation of what such a creature could do. In short, I am overawed by their ‘life’ and deeply respectful of their abilities….. The one showcased is indeed a beauty. I tried for a pic that showed their attractiveness, yet was not ‘threatening’; for those who may have an aversion to them. (I may or may not have succeeded…!)

  7. I agree in theory to the idea of change. It would be wonderful if we all embraced it. Unfortunately, even though change has advanced the human race a thousand times over since the first time a tool was made, the nature in all of us is to stay with what we have. Most of us do not want to change. We have to be dragged into it kicking and screaming.

    Coincidentally or not (myself included) most of us either fear or hate snakes.

    I like this post. It caused me to think a little, to ponder human nature.


  8. Yes, Tim; what you say is certainly true for most…! Kicking and screaming is an apt description; whether or not the change is for the better..! 😉
    Thanks for visiting….!

  9. Very interesting, Carolyn. I think I am not one for change. Even when it comes to technology, I am the last one on board. I am deathly afraid of snakes, no matter how beautiful, and maybe that is why I don’t embrace change well. I thought you wrote this beautifully though, and I wish I could love snakes, too. 🙂

    1. I’m with you on the ‘technology’ angle, Maddie; though for me it’s just plain ‘don’t have any more brain cells to think that one through’…. haha… When I have the ‘time’ though, I do sit down and explore the new… It’s changing so fast though, don’t blink…!
      As for snakes, there is a certain ‘respect’ I have for them. I have the same ‘respect’ for change. I don’t ‘take it lightly’; as I wouldn’t ‘take lightly’ a snake that wandered into my arena. I recall a few years back watching what I though was a lizard appearing through my glass French doors. Loving lizards I was delighted at the sight however, it kept coming…. I realised it was a brown snake (one of Australia’s most deadly) and my delight turned to respect. Change is akin to that for me. Some changes delight, whilst others demand my respect and contemplation…

    1. Well said, Kim… Yes, for me too change brings ‘freshness’…! Some changes are more challenging than others however, to fear change can cause stagnation; and there’s nothing worse than that…! 😉

  10. past shall never determine the present. Old habits should stay where they belong – in the past. Every day is a new day and we should start it fresh – like an open book

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