Wolf (General) Reflection

Wolf  (General)   (Listen while you read)

Dakota, a Grey Wolf at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, howling atop a snowy hill.
Dakota, a Grey Wolf at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, howling atop a snowy hill.

What is this for? Do we know? Are we to be led, or are we to lead?

These, and more, are the questions we need to ask of ourselves as we journey along life’s path. For, without the answers we are but leaves in the wind. Are we not?

There are many questions we need to ask of ourselves as we venture along the road. Many of these questions go unanswered. Indeed, many are not often thought about.

Why is this so?

This is so, my friends, because we often do not slow down sufficiently for these questions to surface. Indeed, many of us are so busy directing our lives, we fail to take note of the many signposts along the way. Signposts that would (should we allow) ask of us to deliberate upon many of life’s pressing needs.

Indeed, we say ‘pressing needs’ for many of us fail to realise the seriousness of our lives.

The wolf is indeed a wondrous example of one who recognises these ‘signposts’. Were it not for ‘checking for signposts’ the wolf would fall into many traps; both mental and physical.

Therefore, we would ask of you this day to watch for the signposts that will ask you to alter your course; whether that be physically, mentally or spiritually.

Yes, my friends, the wolf  seeks this from you this day.

Will you listen, or will you fail to see?

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. What a great post! I love wolves. My husband’s family has a typically Nordic tradition of naming the children after wolves! His father’s name means wolf, as does his aunt’s 🙂

    1. What a wonderful tradition. I know there are a number of ‘old norse’ names for Wolf.! It certainly is a brilliant animal to be associated with; there is so much ‘wisdom’ associated with this incredible animal… 🙂

    1. Thank You, Rose… I’d like to be able to take all of the credit, however, as I remind my readers it is my association with my spirit friends, i.e., The Collective Consciousness who give me the ‘lessons’ with pictures and words and understandings….!
      However, that being so I Thank You for letting me know this; it’s so good to get feedback, though, the truth keeps me humble… 😉

  2. Time is an interesting commodity because we only see it as being limited. You see it as something far more powerful. I especially like your suggestion to slow down to receive the maximum benefit, which is counter to all the voices that tell us to speed up. It goes to the point, “less is more.” Brilliant….

    1. So true, Rebecca…. Indeed most voices in our world do ask us to ‘do more’, and that can be quite valid. However, there is also a need to ‘slow down’ and savour the moment. It is within these moments that understandings come to mind; appreciations of life not consciously met (plus alternatives and answers) can have their way, which I’m sure you know and do.
      It does take a certain ‘openness’ for this to occur; and this can only happen when there is an ‘opening’…

      1. Yes, an opening. How well said. And within that opening, time seems to shift, to take on more depth and reality. We remember those moments so clearly. Everyone can remember the time they were on a special holiday, but to remember a day in the ordinary daily routine – very difficult. I will continue to look for those openings.

    1. Yes, Marsha, I hadn’t thought of that: “Great post to have at Christmas time!”
      I know I generally ‘reflect’ and slow down more at this time of the year…!
      Thank You for that lovely compliment too…. 😉

      1. I don’t think its that good, I missed the comma after life.. Which raises another question, is there comma after death? 😀

  3. On looking back at my life, every time I’ve ignored the signpost, I’ve gone down a dark and windy road…
    Then again, I think it’s human nature – if we did not sometimes go down the dark and twisty roads, we would never learn to look out for the signposts, and we would not know what we do now…

    1. Indeed, a catch 22 in a sense…!
      I know it has been those dark and windy roads (as you say) that have brought the awareness of the darker aspects of life to my attention; to be sure. They have been wonderful teachers in that sense. Now though, the Wolf’s advice to me is to be watchful of those dark and winding roads; I no longer need or want to travel down and through them. With an older and wiser head on my shoulders (so to speak) I can side-step and make choices based on that greater wisdom of experience…!
      Since this morning (after writing this post) I have been able to see a few ‘signposts’ in my life and have made choices that will circumnavigate a number of possible dark and winding roads (albeit only slightly dark and slightly winding). However, this posting has benefited me; it has caused me to pause and consider a number of attitudes and the possible consequences.
      A wonderful aspect of my posts is that I learn and enjoy and ‘take to heart’ the meanings and learnings inherent within them… I am a lucky girl… 😉

  4. Oh Carolyn, I love this post. We studied wolves quite a bit when we were in Yellowstone for two years and they are fascinating creatures. How true that we all need to slow our minds down and see the signs presented to us. I failed to do this for so many years. Meditation and yoga has helped to calm this Type A personality tremendously. The animal kingdom instinctively knows this, don’t they?

    1. They (the animal kingdom) are certainly more ‘measured’ in most instances…!
      LuAnn, that must have been a great experience you had. I’m sure it would have gone a long way in helping you to appreciate the need we humans have to ‘slow down’. Many in the animal kingdom instinctively do this, as you wrote. We are indeed very fortunate to have discovered what works for us; to be sure…. I’m so pleased that we both found avenues to a better life (which does allow more opportunity to see those signposts…..!) Well done to us… 😉

  5. Thank you Carolyn! I’m not much one for slowing down, yet I know it is an important thing to do. I do see the signposts go by, but heeding them is another thing altogether. Since I first read this post I have made more of an effort.

  6. I was just speaking to Mr. Wolf. He showed me a signpost that said: “Go to ABC of Spirit Talk for wise counsel and advice.” So true. I’m glad I took his advice… : )

    Many thanks, my dear Carolyn, for sharing your wisdom and beautiful spirit.

    1. Indeed, fellow blogger (yep, it has a nice ring to it) to you a wonderful Christmas filled with whatever brings you joy.

      I’ll second that ‘Fabulous New Year, Scott.
      Here’s to it…! Cheers…… 🙂

  7. Hi Carolyn, I love the inflections in your voice as you read aloud. The images really come alive for me and makes it all the more special. Thanks for sharing and putting so much heart into every post. Cheers for the holidays!

    1. Thank You; that’s really good of you to say…!
      Christmas time sees so many of us ‘putting our best foot forward’, so to speak…
      Your name ’1EarthUnited’ has an even greater meaning for many at this time of the year.
      Here’s to many more keeping more of that energy for themselves during 2013…
      May we each experience the Wolf more and more in our daily lives….! 🙂
      I know I will be trying my best… 😉

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