Rabbit (General) Reflection

Rabbit (General)   (Listen while you read)  

Go away! Please go away.

I don’t want to make a nuisance of myself; so please go away!


 I’m a little shy; you know.

Well, I think you know that…. Yes, I think you know that I’m a little shy, so I’ll tell you some things about myself you may not know….

Ahemmm, ahemmmm. Right; where shall I start?

Well, I think I’ll start with my favourite things. Yes, that’s a good place to start.

Well, my favourite things…. My favourite things….!

Well, I like to feel cosy. Yes, that can be number 1. I like to feel cosy.

Do you? Do you like to feel ‘cosy’? Yes? Good, that’s one thing we have in common.

Now, number 2. What is my number 2 favourite thing?

I know; I like to have plenty of good things to eat. Do you? Yes? Good; that’s 2 things that we have in common.

Now, number 3. What’s third in my list of favourite things?

I know; I like to take long walks. Yes, that’s right; I like to take long walks. Do you? Yes? Maybe? No?

Well, we may have to disagree on that one. But honestly; how many things there ‘are’ that we both like to do, will certainly outweigh the other side of the ledger.

Don’t you think?

So what is it you are saying?

It’s really very simple.

We represent the energy of likeness; a likeness between you and me. We’re not so very different you see.

We both need rest, food, shelter, clothing; well YOU need clothing.

We need to feel loved. We need to feel needed. We need our happiness to be taken care of.


Yes, happiness. We all need to take care of our ‘happiness’. Who will if we don’t?

So, yes, we need to take care of our ‘happiness’.

So you see; we’re not so different really. The bottom line is ‘the bottom line’ for each and every one of us.

No, we are not so very different, after all.

Carolyn Page

Image Credit:  Nataliia Melnychuk / Shutterstock.com


    1. Indeed. It’s all pretty simple, really… Not always an easy thing to achieve however, I believe it’s all worth working towards…
      Got your cozy (with a z) love, and will indeed pass it along to all…. xoxoxo

        1. I just found out that you have a ‘few’ blogs. I actually have had one of them sitting in my ‘window’ since yesterday waiting for me to take a leisurely stroll…! It is called ‘Lady Budd’, at least that is the one I’ve been inspired to look at first… Hopefully, over the weekend when ‘time’ is more friendly… 🙂

  1. I love to walk long distances, so I am very rabbity! Thank you for all your lovely blogs this year Carolyn. They really have been so lovely, so meaningful, and thank you for all your support during the November blogathon. You are really special, and I’m glad you are part of this community. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year, and I look forward to more of your contributions in the new year! Lots of love.

    1. Me too, Yaz…. I love long walks; especially with my little Sweetie dog..!
      Thank You, Yaz; I’ve loved your visits and your wonderful, joyful comments. I am so pleased we’ve met.
      As for your November blogathon; each post was a joy to read and held an enormous amount of information for the good of those fortunate enough to read. Well done to you..!
      May your Christmas and New Year be filled with joy, peace and love.
      Like you, Yaz, I look forward to ‘your’ contributions in the New Year…! xoxoxo

  2. I love how in personifying the rabbit, you have shone a light on our humanity, our sameness and our differences.

    What a delightful gift your words are this morning. Thank you.

    1. It’s good to be reminded how sweet life really is. The animals of our world highlight our hopes, our dreams, our nature in general… They certainly have much to tell…! 🙂

  3. We all need to take care of our ‘happiness’; who will if we don’t? very true, wisely spoken. and i like all those things too, except for the long walks part ^^ lol

  4. WHO will take care of our happiness if we don’t? Exactly. You know, I only came to work on that in my 30s. Obviously no-one was going to give a sh*t about my wellbeing, and so I started making moves to do that myself.

  5. Indeed; we are not so very different after all….!
    Such a simple truth, Jamie; and yet one that we can so easily lose sight of…!
    I’m reminded of the old saying: KISS… Keep it simple, sweetheart… (For some reason I’m visualising Humphrey Bogart. I think he would have said that quite well…!)

  6. My turned up bunny nose was wriggling with delight Carolyn. My bunny loving heart beat faster. I’m smiling with delight. Thank you for sharing this. Virginia

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