Coffee, Anyone…!?!

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It’s all about ‘Coffee’; something up until 2 months ago I would have had to decline because until then I didn’t drink coffee…..  Well, maybe I’d had half a dozen cups over my lifetime…!  😉





Renee of Rendezvous With Renee has ‘tagged’ me……!

1) How many cups of coffee per day?   1 cup per day except Tuesdays….  😉

2) What is your favourite caffeine delivery system?   Probably chocolate…!  Eek, someone help me; I luvvvvvvv chocolate…!  It’s gotta be ‘dark chocolate’ of course…  Preferably ‘Nestle’…

3) What was your best cup of coffee?   As I mentioned, I started drinking coffee only 2 months ago (it is part of a new ‘healthy diet’ I’m following). 6 cups per week are suggested so I commenced to follow it to the letter, having a cup made with Soy milk…  Yum, yum, yum…

4) What was your worst cup of coffee?  Before 2 months ago any cup of coffee would have been a ‘worst’..!

5) What does your favourite mug say?   Oh, I am soooooo boring…  I haven’t got a favourite mug saying anything…  However, my favourite mug is white with huge torquoise coloured spots…  It’s too, too cute…

6) How do you take your coffee?  Straight…!  Just Soy milk and coffee.  I am definitely sweet enough…  wink, wink…   😉   😉  😉

7) When was your first cup?  My parents loved their coffee; they had a coffee maker in which they’d brew up their favourite. I absolutely loved the smell of it however, I found it realllllly strong to taste, which probably set up an aversion to coffee right there and then.

8) Have you ever gone on a coffee tea date? Not specifically…!  Oh, I have so much to look forward to….!  😉

I shall now go on my first coffee date and will invite

















LuAnnLuAnn and




JamieJamie to join me….!   I think we’d have a wonderful ‘get together girls’; there’d be so much to say and do…

Positively mouth watering..!  🙂



To all who visit my little blog I’d like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, and wish you everything for 2013 that you wish for yourself.

I’m still not out of Holiday Mode; my man’s home for another week, and family are still visiting…!

So please excuse my lack of attention to your blogs (you know I love you)…  I’ll be back just as soon as there’s a clear path in my hectic days…

Carolyn  xoxoxo


  1. You just started drinking coffee?? What a savings! However, there are excellent antioxidants in coffee! I am a true coffee snob, it has to be good coffee, and dark, whole milk and two Stevia packets. If you ever need to break your new found coffee addiction, try the Dollar Tree brand. That will take care of that! 😉 As an aside, my parent’s coffee was like dish water. It no wonder I never took to it at home. 😉

    1. Absolutely true, you wonderful woman, you…! Yes, I have just started drinking coffee, it’s true…! I don’t exactly know why I decided to however, I am really enjoying it so much…!?! (I think it’s more the soy milk I like, but don’t tell anyone…!) 😉

    1. Thank You, Rebecca…
      I must admit to feeling a little disappointed.. Life is somewhat hectic, at the moment leaving me a little ‘stretched’….! Not that I’m not relaxing; more that I wish there were more hours in the day…..! 🙂

  2. No coffee? Ever?
    I can not imagine a life devoid of dark roast and full cream milk and cuppochino’s and latte’s.
    I refuse to drink bad coffee, life’s too short for that, but I’ve got to have my coffee!!
    Glad you decided to join the caffeine imbiber’s league 😉

    1. I hear it’s good for the old brain cells; something about improving memory, or such like…
      Don’t think I care though now; I’d enjoy a cup regardless… Oh dear, that’s sounding like I may be addicted, or at least somewhat hooked…! 😉

    1. And you, Joe….
      I’m afraid I’m here and there and somewhere else recently, and I’m missing lots of posts… Oh well, next week should see me with more time…. Good to see you, Joe… Take care… xoxoxo

  3. Hectic days, tsunamis – they all come then go. See you when yours are done then 🙂

    Glad you included Yaz. I think she’s wonderful.

    1. Noeleen, we went to Sydney today; just arrived home a little while back (about 9:30).
      I think our ‘world’ friends would be surprised to know it reached 43 degrees/109 Fahrenheit…!
      I hope you stayed cool; I know I was actually happy to be in an air conditioned car for 5 hours….!

      1. Well, air conditioning at work is cool, YES.

        I find it amazing, the 43 degrees. I actually like it. I’m sorry, I just really do.

        1. Wow; lucky you…. I’ve never been a ‘heat’ lover; I’d rather be ‘cool’ and rug up…! 😉
          When we arrived home our poor little Sweetie (our little dog) was very much worse for wear…. She has stopped panting now… The air conditioner plus a fan pointed at her has helped; (plus some ice cubes in her water). Oh, you are so fortunate… Enjoy…! 🙂

          1. Oh yes, the animals… poor darlings!

            I saw on the news in the Zoo they gave carrot ice blocks to giraffes, and a big ice block to the lion. It was so gorgeous 🙂

  4. Welcome to the coffee club. I think I’ve started drinking more in the last few years than before. My favorite mugs are one I made myself and a really ugly one with a gecko on it that I bought for a dollar at a flea market. Not sure why 🙂

    1. That sounds positively delightful, David… (The one you made yourself plus the one with a ‘gecko’ on it)… I’ve seen some rather large mugs that had little geckos on them… I think I’m hooked. I’m realising that to truly be in the coffee club one must have a mug (or two) specifically for the purpose…! 😉

  5. Wow, thanks for the invite, Carolyn, and we’ve got great company! Thanks to Renee, Noeleen and yourself for saying nice things about me. I include all three of you in my favourite blogs list, as it happens! What does the coffee club do? I’m a bit dense…

    1. Hi Yaz….. Yes, we all love you… 🙂
      And yes, we have great company…. not just those I’ve invited but also all of those who have commented…. We are very fortunate to have connection with so many wonderful personalities…. I’m rambling, Yaz…..! 😉
      Good to see you….! 🙂 (And no; there wasn’t a funny song with horses……) 🙂

  6. I just cut down to one cup a coffee a day, and then I go to tea. I am new to tea drinking and am starting to really enjoy it. Anything warm here in this cold feels good…but if I was in your weather I’m not so sure. I’d be drinking cold beverages!

    Loved your coffee post. Enjoy your lingering holidays, Carolyn!!

    1. I have just had two large glasses of very cool water, Lori…. This may or may not be a good thing, as I’m just about to go to bed… help…! 😉
      It’s been incredibly hot today (well, yesterday; it’s just past midnight). When we arrived home at 9:30pm it was still 39 Centigrade / 102 Fahrenheit…. Thank goodness for air conditioning…!

      1. We are opposites, I guess. I just got up not long ago, and it’s brrrrr cold here. 23 degrees F. Time for my one cup of coffee. I always try to do some blogging first. Sweet dreams.

  7. oh, the coffee! You should drink it not because you are addicted but because you like the taste of it.

    Welcome Carolyn to the coffee madness..ha..ha..Yeah, and the dark chocolate addiction. You are my kinda gal!

    1. I believe I am enjoying the taste, which is such a surprise! However, Dace, I am having it in soy milk, which I love… I’ll do as you suggest though, and just enjoy it…! 😉

      As for chocolate, that’s a completely different animal, so to speak…. I only eat it at home, which restricts me to a few squares most days, and I’ll over-indulge occasionally, and luv it…! This is my one and only food indulgence; a girl has to have some food fun…! Right…!?! 🙂

  8. What a lovely idea and thanks for the invite, Carolyn. I hope it’s okay for me to play here since my blog is now strictly poetry. 1.) I used to sip coffee all day, but now I haveone, maybe two, cup a day. 2.) My love mug, pink with flowers and a big heart. I take my American coffee with coconut creamer and my Turkish coffee with sugar. 3.)Best cup: is my every morning made by me cup. 4.) Any restaurant coffee. It’s rarely freshly made. We make ours one cup at a time. 5.) Fave mug described above. 6.) As above. 7.) Seven years. After First Holy Communion. “I’m a big girl now!!!” – as if that was what it was about! 8.) No! But it’s an idea …


    1. Absolutely okay, Jamie; glad you could make it…! 😉
      It would seem you are a connoisseur of good coffee, judging by your responses… I love the sound of your mug; it gives you away, Jamie; a big softie with a mellow heart..!

    1. That’s so sad, Smak; sorry to hear it…!
      I’ve just gone a’googling and found this:
      Seems the researchers are ‘on to it’… Darker roasted blends are apparently better for the stomach having components within them that tell the stomach to produce less acid.

      “the researchers report, espresso, French roast, and other dark-roasted coffee may be less hard on the stomach because they contain a substance that tells the stomach to reduce acid production.”

    1. I love pics, Maddie; and I’m also a ‘visual’, so pics help me to appreciate personality..! 😉

      I know; quite unusual… The diet is vegetarian (though I’m adding 2 or 3 fish meals and 1 red meat meal each week). I’m absolutely loving it (I was vegetarian for a decade, a decade ago). The coffee addition is regular (not decaf), and even more odd is that I’m enjoying it immensely. Yesterday (Sunday) I forgot to have it. This pleases me in a strange way because I am a little concerned about becoming addicted…. I do loathe the feeling of ‘something’ having power over me… except chocolate…. Having this little delight in my life is fine by me; providing I don’t feel I ‘have to’…. Though sometimes I think I enjoy it tooooo much…!

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