LSS-Lathail – I Could Tell Some Stories..!

Want to see some really great photography? Scott Marshall’s photography is just that.  His blog ‘Land-Sea-Sky – Lathail‘ showcases his images which include his favourites; landscape, seascape and skyscape photography.

Scott has offered this image as inspiration. My first love are the animals on our planet. A close second is our planet. Scott’s images are proof positive; we have an incredible home. Please visit his website to see more of his wonderful images.


‘I Could Tell Some Stories’
Image by Scott Marshall
Copyright © Scott Marshall 2012

She reminded me of that old rust bucket.

What fantastic times we had; just me and my old girl traveling the waterways of home.

Seems like an eternity ago now. Yeah; things have changed for me, as they have changed for others, too.

It was grand sailing in those days. We had a core of us blokes, all the best mates.

Yeah; we sailed on and on over the same route from dawn to dusk; that is, until she was scuttled.

Yeah; we scuttled her like a dead fish, right up her gullet. Put her to rest, we did. Yeah; a bunch of us did that. We gave her a grand ceremony befitting a girl of good standing.

Our hearts melted that day. They melted just as sure as she sunk.

What a grand old girl she was. Never to be seen again. The water as her grave. The fishes for her company. My tears a reminder.

And now this old rust bucket needs a rest too.

But, no watery grave for her.

No; no watery grave for this girl…

Carolyn Page


  1. I thought it was an image of some sort of water tower or whatever! I love your story…you sound like a drunken ole nostalgia-soaked Aussie sailor!

    1. Yes, it’s a great photo; to be sure… I love Scott’s images; they are so ‘real’, so ‘balanced’…
      Thank You for the compliment… I enjoy being an old bloke occasionally…
      cough, spit, hack, hack… 😉 ha hah….

  2. Ha ha brilliant and so quick – I even find myself reading with an accent. I fancy a go at this myself – but time is my enemy struggle to keep up with work and posting images. But I will put that idea on the back burner and when I have a little spare time I will allow my imagination to run wild……….

      1. You’ve got to wrap your mouth to the left and talk out of pursed lips to get the accent just right…! 😉
        Glad you liked it, Scott… I wanted something not too deep; yet still interesting…!
        Yes, I’m certain you have a few tales in there; what with all the travel you do to get your images you must meet up with all types of folk…. Gold… That’s a first…! 😉

    1. I can see them now, Mark. A collection of gents with their heads bowed low quietly sniffing into their weathered hands; each avoiding the eyes of their fellow nautical brother…. Brings a tear to me eye…! 😉

    1. Happy to introduce you, Maddie. Scott’s imagery is wonderful; it never ceases to bring me to a state of awe…! Some photographers have that knack; Scott’s one…!
      Glad you enjoyed the ‘little piece’….

  3. I find the ending both funny and sad 🙂 But I love it Carol, just like your other stories they are all inviting… you just go to finish them once you started reading them. Keep on writing my dear and what amazing pictures Scott has in his blog 🙂 Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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