Cassowary Reflection

Cassowary  (Listen while you read)

Cassowary (Flightless Bird)Photo Credit: Casuarius unappendiculatus-Northern Cassowary -head_and_chin.jpg
Cassowary (Flightless Bird)
Photo Credit: Casuarius unappendiculatus – Northern Cassowary

Tell me you love me, go on; tell me you love me….

The Cassowary is a bird; a flightless bird. It longs to fly. It longs to be able to spread its wings and fly. However, this is an impossibility for this creature. It will not fly now, or in the future.

Why? Why will it not fly?

It will not fly because it lacks an important ingredient.

And, what is that important ingredient?

That important ingredient it needs to fly is self-love. Yes, my friends. This wonderful creature lacks self-love.

And why does it lack self-love?

It lacks self-love due to a misconception. You see, the Cassowary often thinks it needs to be more than it is. Yes, that’s right, my friends. The Cassowary does not think itself good enough. Yes, sad but true. The Cassowary fails to appreciate itself.

Is this not sad, my friends? Is this not sad to think that something so unique, so unusual could think less of itself.?.! And yet, this is what it does. It does not see itself in the true light of day. It does not appreciate how wonderful it is. It does not appreciate its own essence.

Won’t you join with me in hoping for the best for our friend the Cassowary. Let us hope that one day he/she will see themselves for what they are, and not for what they want to be.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

November 31 2012


    1. He is an Aussie, Yaz, and also lives in New Guinea and surrounding islands.
      He is spectacular, and yes, suffers like us, the debilitating doubts and lack of self appreciation… Too, too sad..!

  1. Such a sad truth! Many of us humans share the same plight with this bird. We need to see ourselves from the right perspective. We can achieve our dreams and we have all it takes. We should love ourselves and everyone around us. Together, we are happier, more productive and more fulfilled. Lovely post!

  2. Reblogged this on Wise Counsel and commented:
    The Cassowary is a bird that cannot fly!
    Oh! How sad!
    The Cassowary simply does not love itself enough to fly.
    The Cassowary does not believe in itself enough to fly.
    The Cassowary does not trust itself enough to fly.
    Are you taunted by self-doubt, self-pity or inferiority complex?
    You are endowed with all it takes to be yourself.
    Love yourself enough to be yourself.
    Believe in yourself enough to be be yourself.
    Trust yourself enough to be yourself.
    Be confident! Don’t be like the Cassowary.
    Be yourself!
    Well, the Cassowary may just be cool not flying but I would rather beat my expectations than fall below my expectations.
    Aim high, strike hard and accomplish much.
    Reach your dreams and get beyond.
    Be yourself, don’t be a Cassowary!

  3. “…Let us hope that one day he/she will see themselves for what they are, and not for what they want to be…” and I would like to add that not for what other people think they should be.
    Oh, boy, I also know a few Cassowaries and wish they knew how great they are and that they just need to be true to themselves, their dreams, and their own truth.

    Man, it is a beautiful bird

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Dace… There is so much potential going wanting because we fail to recognise that we are ‘enough’ just as we are. Let tomorrow take care of itself by taking care of ourselves, just as we are, today…. So many strive to ‘become’, instead of allowing themselves to just ‘be’…. A wonderful appreciation; once we own it…!

      Too right, my friend…. it is indeed a beautiful bird…!

    1. Yes, Jamie, they are solitary creatures (except during mating season, of course) and one had better beware them should they anger. Their mating rituals are complex; their courtship dance is very interesting (females generally take a male for ‘life’), and she is generally larger and more colourful. A wonderful creature indeed..!

    1. (Nearly lost this comment, Rose; just found it in the ‘spam’ folder…!)
      Ha hah… We too had sports teams with animal names; seems to be the thing in Aussie Schools. Probably the ‘thing’ world wide….

  4. Oh mercy, what a tale. I had no idea of this. I knew they are aggressive – they frighten me! But yes – here’s to what they ARE, & may they love it…

    1. I must first say – I love your new avatar/handle, very nice indeed…
      I’m with you; I have seen people with great anger calm as they begin to appreciate themselves for what they are…! Just thinking out loud, Noeleen… Yours, and a few other comments, have me thinking along these lines… As I say, just thinking out loud…!

    1. Yes, sad and true. So many of us do suffer as this wonderful creature. It takes recognition and then we have the opportunity to make changes. Alas, not so with this little creature. He will never see himself for what he really is..! Such a shame….

  5. Fantastic post.Cassowary,and self- love very inspiring.Thank you for keeping i n touch.Regards.jalal

  6. Your photo seems to be gone. But I looked him up on Flicker and he is a beautiful bird. True to humans who constantly seek appreciation for themselves and their work. Lack of self confidence is painful.

    1. Painful indeed, Kim…! So many of us suffer from this human trait.
      Age, and experience helps; though there are so many who go their whole lives without finding this quality… Sad..!

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