Art Game – Wk 36 – Moon Over Ghouls

Art Game Week 36
The Cemetary
Bat Moon over Ghouls

Hey Ghouls and Bogies…!   Come join in our fun at the Cemetery…

There’s plenty of room for you..!  😉

To join the fun click on Dolly’s link below to see all the instructions for Halloween Delights…!

The moon’s looking really Batty, man..!

I love BATS…  Yeah…!  🙂

This was good fun Dolly…. my little bats are happy to join in…

Which one are you…!?!

Dolly’s Art Game

Dolly’s Art Game

26 thoughts on “Art Game – Wk 36 – Moon Over Ghouls

    1. Oh wow; that’s really sweet… Thank You so much…!
      I opted for the ‘Community’ widget because there are so many deserving blogs that I visit and love. This way I also get to see your colourful faces in my sidebar 😉
      Thanks again; that’s really lovely of you to do that…!

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