Brush Turkey Reflection

Brush Turkey     (Listen while you read) 

Brush Turkey
Picture Credit: Wikipedia
Author: Licence: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Well, hello, hello, hello….. How are ya? How ya doing? You might say we have a knack for knowing what to say.

Yeah. We’re pretty good at that.


When in the company of a Brush Turkey type, you will feel ‘at ease’.

And, why will you feel at ease?

That’s easy to answer.

You will feel ‘at ease’ because the Brush Turkey personality is an ‘easy’ personality to like and admire.

And why is the Brush Turkey personality easy to like and admire? We’ll tell you.

The Brush Turkey personality has a way with words. Indeed, this is true.

The Brush Turkey personality not only has a way with words, he/she has the uncanny ability to know which words to use at any given moment in time.

We all know a Brush Turkey personality. They, the Brush Turkey personality, can be seen in all walks of life, to be sure.

They can be seen digging trenches, or scaling tall buildings in a single bound. That’s right.

They can scale tall buildings in a single bound, for, most Brush Turkey personalities are ‘larger than life’.

They are larger than life because their vocabulary allow them to scale any object, any mountainous region in which they find troubled water.

Indeed, this is also a magnificent trait to be found in the Brush Turkey personality. They not only have an uncanny ability to know what to say; they say it with ease, generosity of spirit, and joy.

Indeed. To know a Brush Turkey personality is to know sincerity.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I love the look of this one. He’s an Aussie, though he’s closely related to the American Turkey… I’m sure he’s found his way on to many a plate with baked potatoes and gravy; to be sure…! 🙂

        1. This one has ‘better luck’ than most. He is not a ‘farmed’ turkey; he is a ‘wild’ turkey. My partner K and I were out and about last Sunday when we saw a Brush Turkey with its mate in some bushland. We immediately took a few snaps however; they weren’t ‘good enough’ to post. Hence; this post requested by K…. (I’m sure though, he’s met many a bushy’s frying pan…!) 😉

          1. We have them roaming wild here in NZ too, I would not be surprised if the flocks decrease around Christmas either 😀

    1. Yes, he’s gorgeous, Resa. We were able to get very close to a couple last weekend that were scratching about in the grass close to the roadside. Their colouring is so bright! I don’t know how easy it would have been to ‘catch’ one though; I’m sure they would have taken off had they thought we meant them harm.
      I was a veggie before I met K. I’ve never felt sooo good as when I didn’t eat meat. Maybe one day again! 😉

      1. Dad gave my sister and me a Turkey for a pet once. We loved that Turkey. We were even allowed to have it in our room sometimes. (Yes, a bit messy!) Turkey disappeared near Thanksgiving.
        Dad said the skunks got him.
        20 years later … I realized we’d eaten Turkey for that Thanksgiving dinner. xoxoxo

          1. I became a Veggie at 17, so if Turkey was a reason, it was subliminal. (Turkey was dinner when I was 16)
            However, yes, having livestock for pets (on Aunt’s farm) then eating them was a huge force.
            Anyway… it has all worked out great! I love being a Veggie.

  1. I do know a few of these turkeys and it is such a blessing to be around them. You never know what amazing things will come out of them at any particular moment.

  2. AH I thought I commented! The last line—love it “To know a Brush Turkey personality is to know sincerity” I just wish I had the same personality :)! beautiful words !

          1. Carolyn over the past month literally you have given me so much confidence, and the courage not to be scared to write—I can’t even begin to say how much this means and how grateful I am, thankyou so much—I’m so happy I can connect with a great writer :)!

    1. Words spoken very ‘sincerely’ my dear Mark…. And, I believe you…!
      After all; who else would we find so like the Brush Turkey other than our very own Mark Armstrong..!?! A Brush Turkey if ever there was one…! 😉

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