Turkish Van Reflection

Turkish Van   (Listen while you read)


Picture me upon your knee with two for tea and tea for two, and you for me, and me for you alone…………

Oh yes, my friends; this little bundle of joy will curl up on your lap, and you will be smitten by its generous nature. Indeed, ’tis true.

We would suggest that you safeguard your heart if you wish to enjoy the presence of this little delight, for, it will certainly steal your heart away.

Yes, this is the personality of those who favour this most elegant breed of cat.

They, those who adore this little smoocher, will have energy to spare, and love to guide them. Indeed, we speak truth, dear hearts. This little chap and chapess, will delight you with their tales of adventure and prowess.

Oh yes, my friends; do not be deceived by outward appearances. This cat, and those who adore them, have great stamina and stealth. Indeed, this is true. Both stamina and stealth are required in order to pursue their multi functional love of life; indeed.

We find many such individuals engaged in relatively adventurous pursuits. Indeed; pursuits requiring health, happiness and great order, zeal and zest, if their heart’s content are to be achieved.

You would do well to listen to your heart a little more; those of you who enjoy the company of the Turkish Van; it will not lead you astray.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  linn_currie  / Shutterstock.com


    1. He does indeed… His tail is actually quite a bit longer, too… I cropped it off a little so that we could see his gorgeous face a little better…. What a beauty he is…!
      Thank You…. 😉

    1. Thank You so much… That is one of my greatest hopes; to do justice to these magnificent creatures we are all so fortunate to have and know.
      So pleased to receive your comment….!

    1. Yes, it’s a lovely picture, Susan, and a lovely personality to boot..!
      I’ve just sent it this morning for you. I’d be more than happy for you to post the reading on your blog. In fact; I am very flattered; Thank You… 🙂

  1. Didn’t I comment on this? Is it possible someone else I follow wrote about them too? In any case, stop me if I said this already, my folks and I had a Turkish Van. We named him Mike, and he was the sweetest cat ever! Always did a little roll in front of the door to get you to let him out, loved to play-fight, but was never territorial with the neighbour cats. They even came to our back door to ask if he could come to play. Ah, I miss terribly…

      1. Ahhhh, that explains that. Yes, they are an indispensable part. I remember when he passed how the other cats all clung to us like they knew something bad had happened. We lost another shortly thereafter and then said “No more of this! Two is enough!”

        1. Yes, it is very sad.
          I can fully appreciate what you are saying.. They each have a personality all their own. Mike was indeed an exceptional cat. He not only loved company he adored to be admired. He was a vain cat, in this way. He didn’t like to be ignored, and would bully you into submission… Quite a clever cat; to be sure. You would most certainly miss such a personable character such as he…

  2. Love your rhyme, Carolyn, & the way you read. Oh, I so love cats 🙂 You make me love them more!

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