Just ’cause I love it…!

Rita Hayworth is Stayin’ Alive

I confess I’m a Bee Gees fan from way back…!  🙂

and who doesn’t love Fred Astaire and all of the wonderful actors/dancers highlighted in this great video..!?!

Okay, so there may be a few of you ‘out there’..!

Enjoy..!  😉


  1. This just made me laugh so much! It started off the day so wonderfully! I’m going to show it to hubby. He’ll love it. Thanks Carolyn!

      1. = ) im still grooving actually = ) it made me so alive = ) seriously, it is such a great post = ) lets keep grooving!

  2. Too much fun! I loved it. You can tell a lot of care went into the production of it, to really synch the steps to the beat. And it is so enjoyable to see those vintage clips – timeless artistry in dance. I’m still smiling as I type this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. a strange thing happened when i was posting the above reply, a box opened right above the comment box and the cursor was waiting there for the input- it did accepted the words i typed but knowing better i retyped the words in the comment box again.

    hope the glitch is harmless and temporary.

  4. This is GREAT – it gave me joy today 🙂 I love those long shorts and shirts the women wore, their hair curled down to their shoulders, their stature, their womanliness, shining eyes. Just gorgeous – & all with rhythm 🙂

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